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The Beast . Within

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imagine reading peoples minds while you slept, their dreams, fears or crippling nightmares. This is my story of how the Mafia and others agencies ... Jillian had told Jessica what to expect so Jessica had prepared herself, however the reason Jillian had brought Jessica here was twofold, she wanted Jessica to see if she could enter Andrews mind and help him, but the other reason was Andrew had a grandson, named Dennis and who also had the abilities of his grandfather, only it had been kept from the world and only Andrew and Jillian knew of his abilities. Jillian had taken over as Andrew’s handler when her predecessor was killed from cancer, she was only a new agent fresh from training and this had been her first official non field assignment. Andrew and Jillian bonded and although he was older than Jillian, they became as one and when Andrew refused to work for the intelligent services unless Jillian was permanently assigned to him, he forced the NIS hand, at first they refused until Andrew entered the head of Securities mind, and planted the suggestion of allowing them to be together for national security reasons. After that it was officially sanctioned, and rules were bent with no one even realising what had happened. ..........

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter One.



Introduction. Book Two to Follow:

They say we all have a beast thin us, and that it is just a matter of keeping in control.

Jessica Willis although now an adult Jessica from aged ten years had suffered with nightmares as far since she could remember, only they were not her dreams or nightmares but that of other peoples, and some were truly offensive, wicked, torturous, brutal and downright scary, and until now Jessica had been unable to do a single thing about them, well that was until her cycle started and a hormonal change started taking place.

Just five days later her life changed, and Jessica realised she was able to focus her thoughts during her sleep, and for the first time since she was born, her mind sectioned the nightmares, and focused upon one individual, her stepfather.

He was having a recurring nightmare from his military days, and after having his unit bomb a village, he was in a team who had been ordered to go in and to mop up any survivors, only the intelligence had been wrong, and within the village had been innocent women and children, and with some their limbs were hanging off, even some of the children were burnt to a crisp and blacker than soot.

Their charcoaled remains had haunted him ever since, and he found it difficult to forgive himself. Now his adolescent step daughter was in his head and viewing his darkest of secrets, only he had been a good and kind and loving father to Jessica, even if she was not of his true blood.

As Jessica had shared his nightmare for so many years, she found herself wanting to ease her father’s pain, and then knowing what was to come and after the order for aerial bombing was given, Jessica imagined the bodies alive and unharmed, having escaped the destruction, so when her step father entered the village, for the first time in so many years, he discovered people alive, children playing and laughing, and women getting on with everyday life. After seeing her step fathers memories fade, and his dreams alter, Jessica knew his pain was over, and that she had the ability to modify people’s minds while they slept.

Twelve years later Jessica now aged twenty two and was living in New York and self employed as a dream reader for the rich and wealthy, however fatally after making the mistake of confessing her abilities within a live TV interview, certain organised crime and even security officials were now seeking her services, and had forced her to leave her beautiful home and go into hiding. Her life was in danger and she desperately tried to avoid aggression, that was until a close friend was murdered, now Jessica sought to find who had been responsible for the killing of her friend and seek out her own special kind of revenge.

“No I am scared…, I refuse to listen to you, those brutes have run me out of my home, so why can’t you understand I am bloody scared and do not know what to do.” “Ok…, I do understand…, well no I don’t…, but you have to fight back, you cannot allow them to ruin your life.” “Like heck I can’t…, I would rather be alive than dead, at least I have enough money to live comfortably, and others still believe in me and my ability.” “That’s just it…, you are not thinking clearly, the Feds or CIA, National Security or whatever you call them, they can freeze your accounts, and force you to work for them, as for the Mafia and organised crime, dear goodness Jessica they do not care who they hurt, torture or kill, to force you to work for them, you say you are scared…, how do you think I feel, they know I am your friend and where I even live.”

It was not in Jessica’s nature to speak with such vulgarity, she was scared, very scared…, and had been forced to leave her home and hide, the only problem was the governmental security services were also looking for her, and to make it worst the Mafia and various organised crime outlets had become interested, and Jessica had nowhere to turn, other than to her friends who were now few in number, and fearing for their lives.

Two Months Earlier.

“Good evening, tonight we have a very special guest and one who claims to have an unusual ability. Her name is Jessica Willis and she is the CEO of Dreams Inc. and she claims to see into your dreams and interpret them, but it does not stop there, as we all suffer at one time or another with night mares. Jessica has a host of supporting evidence that she has entered into the very nightmares, and even given people rest, who have suffered for years with recurring haunting nightmare type dreams, or as most have said, and even changed the quality of their lives, and this is from those who have used her services.”

The audience clapped and watched Jessica as she walked into the studio and sat down. “Good evening Jessica it is good to be able to talk with you, and from our investigations many are saying very good things about you, even our mayor Julian Stevenson’s stated you helped him with a long term nightmare, and which was preventing him from sleeping…, is that correct.” “Why yes Susan, but I usually do not talk about my clients…, however on this occasion as the Mayor has given his express permission verbally and in writing I feel that I am breaking no confidentiality in talking over his case.”

The audience went quiet as Jessica started explaining the mayor’s unusual case. “Mayor Stevenson’s was having nightmares regarding facing a certain unseen monster, and which was storking him and his family, and it attacked, but he froze to the spot unable to move away or protect his family, and this dream repeated itself time upon time and again, so he heard of service’s I had given and contacted me.”

Susan stepped in and spoke next. “So tell me what happened, and how do you manage to read dreams, it sounds all a bit fanciful to me.” The audience laughed but Jessica remained unfazed. “Oh I don’t know, you yourself dreamed of a certain French gentleman and a romantic interlude only last night”, stated Jessica. Susan gasped…, “How did you know that.., I told no one.” “Oh it is one of your regular dreams, and not a night mare but one you enjoy.”

The audience now laughed at the presenter as she fought to regain control. “But as for Mr Stevenson’s if you doubt the mayor, then I imagine you will lose a valuable supporter of your show, as he has written to even your sponsors stating the accuracy of his statement, and that I cured his nightmares. Susan quickly recovered. “So I heard, so we decided to test the validity of your statement, our CEO a multi Billionaire has suffered many years with a recurring nightmare, and has written down in considerable detail so we can test your claim, do you accept the challenge.”

Jessica smiled at the childish attempt of the host to entrap her, “I not only accept I shall tell you here and now the contents of your CEOs dream or nightmare as she calls it, but be warned you gave the challenge and it is at your risk if you truly want my answer.” Susan had not been prepared for this response, but accepted the offer and upon a live broadcast Jessica started explaining what was written within a sealed envelope.

“It started fourteen years ago when I was in university, and I offer you two point five million dollars if you can help me rid myself of this nightmare. I had been to a party and I believe someone must have slipped me some kind of drug, as I later awoke having been raped, ganged raped as the hospital found seven different semen samples within me, and I was bruised, cut and beaten and near to death. But I was a fighter and fought back, in truth it made me the person I am today, and in many ways changed my life forever, only ever since that incident, I relive the incident every night of my life, and each time I cannot quite see who raped me.”

Jessica stopped talking and the audience was in stunned silence, Susan laughed, “That is pretty dramatic, and even I do not know what is within this envelope, so I cannot see how you could claim to know its contents and especially so dramatically.” “Open it and read it…, no allow a member of the audience to open and read it…, that would be even better,” stated Jessica.

“Yes…, yes, yes.” Shouted the audience forcing Susan to comply. So retaking control of the situation Susan looked towards the audience, “Ladies and gentlemen this evening we are honoured to have the mayor here, Mr Stevenson would you be gracious enough to accept this letter and read aloud its contents please.” Mr Stevenson stood up and accepted the offer, so the letter was brought to him, and he opened it and read it allowed word for word. It match almost exactly all what Jessica had spoken and the audience gasp in shock and quiet murmurs could be heard.

Jessica grasped the situation. “Should your CEO wish it, I could help her, this very night, if she will return here in one weeks’ time and take a lie detector, to see if I have cured her nightmares…, do you accept?” stated Jessica. There was a gasp and further murmurs as the show’s host conferred with her directors and eventually the CEO agreed.

After the show the internet and social media was buzzing with interest and comments about the live show, and with many claiming it had to be fixed, as no person could have known beforehand about the challenge or spoken almost word for word regarding the CEOs contents within the sealed envelope. As Jessica settled for the night, she suspected the CEO would try to avoid sleeping, but Jessica knew in time she had to succumb and eventually sleep, that was why she set herself a full seven days, one weeks’ time.

Two full days past before the CEO finally succumb to sleep, and Jessica lay awaiting her arrival upon the astral plain where dreams were created and nightmares came to reality within our minds. It took three full hours seven minutes and sixteen seconds before Jessica awoke and rubbed her eyes. By her bed lay a digital recorder and an HD video recorder. She had captured in full detail the process, with her reliving the incident from her eyes and giving the victim a rest and time to observe as if within the second person.

That very morning arrests were made across New York and California, as the police raided three well known entertainers and one police detective’s home. Stored DNA samples were tested and found to match those taken from the rape kit, along with three other unknown individuals. Jessica had given over the recording from the night previous to a rival company who witness its handover by the mayor and the chief of police. This had been undertaken independent of the arrests and by pure chance only seven minutes before the first arrest was made.

The next day the news channels broke with the news of the arrests and that Jessica’s claim had been verified, seven days later the CEO as promised handed over two point five million dollars and stated for the record the nightmares had ceased and that for the first time in years she had slept peacefully.

From that moment onwards Jessica had acquired the interest of millions who wanted her services, but it was not just the public, or the rich and famous, but organised crime and the security services who all saw potential to manipulate Jessica, and regardless if it ruined her life and took away her freedom, they wanted her and to use her unique abilities for their own private agendas and purpose.

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