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The Beast . Within

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Chapter Two.

Veneto Estallus sat surrounded by his family associates, “Can you believe this shit, it has to be a fix, if not we need this bitch working for us, can you imagine having the ability to enter minds and alter how you think…, no it’s got to be fake and just some cheap publicity stunt.” “I don’t know Vieni, the bloody Mare stated publicly it was true also other famous and wealthy clients, there just might be something in this.”

Veneto looked at his brother, “I lay a thousand down you are wrong, it is a fake and I bet you by next week it will be forgotten and over.” Julius looked at his brother, “You’re on…, only make it a man’s bet, ten thousand and I say this Jessica bitch is right and will solve this within seven days.” Veneto accepted the bet while the rest of the associates sat watching the show.

Five days later the family were agitated and uncomfortable, Veneto had paid his brother the ten gran he owed him, and laughed it off as short change. “It would seem you were right little brother, we need to acquire this broad onto our payroll, as we can’t have her reading our darkest of secrets and passing the knowledge onto the Feds,” stated Veneto.

“Sod that…, we need her dead can you imagine what she could do, she could change our thoughts or possibly get us to kill each other…, Sod no I vote we kill the bitch,” said Julius. Veneto thought and then sought the opinion of his father who was the head of the family.

Meanwhile within the National Security Office Director Marcus Phillips had just given orders to have Jessica Willis picked up and brought in for a private interview. “I find this difficult to believe, no one can read another’s mind, it is just some kind of elaborate TV stunt…, heck it has to be.” “Sorry sir I disagree, we have a sworn affidavit from the Mayor and twenty three well known wealthy clients who all verify the same thing, she entered their minds and took away the nightmares, or more strangely altered their perception, and in the most recent case regarding this TV executive, Jessica identified the perpetrators of a cold case file of multiple rape and the DNA verified it sir.”

There was silence from within the room as the files were once more been examined. “OK have her brought in and we shall test her to see if she is genuine, and if so we need to secure her services before the Mafia or organised crime get hold of her, so have her brought in immediately.” The orders were re-laid down the chain of command and agents were immediately dispatched to have Jessica Willis escorted back to headquarters.

Jessica had risen for breakfast, cleaned her teeth and showered, dressed and just sat down for some toast and coffee when a hand gripped her from behind and muffled her scream. As she was tilted backwards in her chair three other men could be seen in her peripheral vision entering her kitchen. Then Jessica heard gun shots and saw two of the men fall and blood splatter over the walls and cabinets.

The hand which had gripped her and tilted her back, suddenly let go and there was some kind of fighting and shouting going on, then further gun shots, and then all went quiet, until Jessica heard a quiet voice speaking to her. “You need to come with us mam we are National Security, and those were just members of the Mafia mam who tried to abduct you,” said an unknown voice. Jessica looked upwards and could see an older man walking over towards her, he knelt and gently assisted Jessica back up.

As Jessica gained her thoughts there within her kitchen lay five dead bodies, and when she looked at her would be rescuer Jessica saw he was wounded and struggling to stand, he knew he was not going to make it, and had just given Jessica his personal card and then called in reporting the situation when his legs gave way and he passed out. Jessica looked on in stunned silence, and then quickly gathered her thoughts and took what she needed and then left the building.

Within minutes as Jessica walked from her apartment and crossed a busy street, police cars came with sirens blaring and stopped outside of her apartment building. Quickly Jessica made her way down an alley and out into another street where she entered a deli and ordered a coffee, and found the deepest darkest corner away from the window so she could hide, rest and gather her thoughts.

News had already reached the National Security director of the attempted kidnapping of Jessica Willis and of the one injured and five dead bodies, those who were not National Security were later identified as Mafia members only one was Veneto Estallus and the first born son of Don Estallus the God Father of the Estallus family, and one of the most hated and vindictive Mafia families ever known.

He had seen the TV program and learnt of the arrest and DNA verifications, so he had ordered his first-born son to oversee this important kidnapping, now he raged in anger and wanted revenge upon those who killed his son, and allowed this Jessica Willis to escape. Orders had been given to find Jessica and have her brought in alive, as both the National Security and Organised Crime wanted her services immediately, and at almost any cost.

Word had gone out onto the streets and people were looking for Jessica, as she sat drinking her coffee, she quietly made several phone calls, calling upon her closest of friends for help. Quietly Jessica lifted her coats collar and put on a woollen hat, paid her bill and vacated the deli and walked out onto the cold icy street. Shortly a black VW Beetle pulled up alongside her and Jessica quickly got into the car and was driven away.

As the driver negotiated her way through the streets Jessica started crying. “Dear Goodness Jess what have you got yourself into, there are news reports already on the media channels and your photo is been show, and asking the public to phone the Feds if you are seen…, Goodness Jess what is happening.” Jessica gained some composure and explained what had happened. “I had only just sat down to have breakfast when somehow some people must have broken in, as the next thing I knew a hand had gripped my mouth from behind and tilted me in my chair backwards.

Jessica stopped talking to wipe her eyes…, but then continued with the events as they had taken place, “I could see movement around me and others entering my room, then there were shouts and gun shots, and whoever held me must have let go, as I fell backwards and then it went quiet, until I heard a quiet voice identifying himself as working for National Security, and telling me the intruders were Mafia sent to kidnap me…, after I ran I was scared and did not know who to trust, or if there was going to be more trying to hurt or kidnap me.”

“What of the one who rescued you…, did he just let you go?”

“No…, he was a kind older man, but he collapsed, I quickly placed him into a recovery position and then gathered all I could quickly find and left, until now where I am telling you all that happened.”

“Dear Goodness Jessi you need to tell the police and hand yourself in…, I am sure they will help you.” Jessica laughed, “Yea as if I can trust them, two of the dead bodies within my room were dressed as street cops, as if they will take my word in been the truth.”

There was silence within the car as two police cars overtook the slower moving VW Beetle, as they disappeared ahead of them Jessica’s friend Veronica spoke next. “Where did you call me from,” inquired Veronica. “From the Deli near to where I live why,” said Jessica. Veronica bit into her lip…, “Dam Jessi they have CCTV and the Feds will eventually check all CCTV footage, and they will also get round to checking your mobile phone account and can trace who you spoke with.” Jessica was stunned,

“You mean they will know that I called you for help.” Veronica sighed “Yes and that means I will also be under suspicion, I will have to drop you off and phone in later to the police and explain I was unaware of the events and gave you a lift, at least that way it can but give you more time and a chance to had yourself into the National Security…, that has to be better than face the Sodding Mafia,” said Veronica.

“No, I am scared…, Sod that…, I refuse to listen to you, those bastards have run me out of my home, dam why can’t you understand I am bloody scared and do not know what to do.” “Ok…, I do understand…, well no I do not…,” replied Veronica. “But you have to fight back, you cannot allow them to ruin your life.”

“Like hell I can’t…, I would rather be alive than dead, at least I have enough money to live comfortably, and others still believe in me and my ability.” “That’s just it…, you are not thinking clearly, the Feds or CIA, National Security or whatever can freeze your accounts and force you to work for them, as for the Mafia and organised crime, dear Goodness Jessica they do not care who they hurt torture or kill to force you to work for them, you say you are scared…, how do you think I feel, they know I am your friend and where I even live.”

Jessica thought for some time as Veronica drove, “Ok I apologise it was wrong of me to endanger your life…, you are a good friend and yes you are right…, I need to find a way of handing myself over to the security services.” As Veronica pulled over and parked in an underground parking vicinity, Jessica vacated the car along with her friend Veronica and made their way to the rear of the hair dressing saloon which Veronica owned.

As they entered and had shut down the intruder security alarm system Veronica relocked the rear door and made her way with Jessica into the rear store room. “Are you sure we will be safe within here?” enquired Jessica. “As safe as anywhere else until you can hand yourself in, I will make us a brew while you use my phone and call in that number you have,” stated Veronica. Jessica grimaced, as she was scared and had an uneasy feeling about this, her mind kept telling her something was not right, and that events would quickly go wrong.

Unknown to Jessica the Mob had already paid to have Jessica’s home phone line bugged and all known friends including that of Veronica’s. As Jessica tapped in the number she had taken from the National Security Agent, she waited only seconds before the phone was answered. “National Security how can I help you.” Came the reply. Jessica hesitated…, “It is Jessica Willis here…, one of your agents gave me his personal card moments before he passed out…” but her words were interrupted. “Jessica where are you…, are you safe.”

“Yes I am at 1457 Cross Street in the hair dressing saloon owned by my friend Veronica, I need you to come and get me…, please I am scared and do not want any others murdered because of me.”

There was a moments silence and then a different voice spoke, “Jessica this is Deputy Director Phillips here, I have already sent a group of Federal Officers to collect you and to bring you and your friend in, can you ensure you are secure and await our arrival.”

“Yes sir…, but please come quickly.” “We will, and they should be with you with the next few minutes, just sit tight and we will soon be there.”

At that the conversation ended, and in walked Veronica carrying two mugs of coffee, Jessica looked at her friend, “They are sending in the Feds to have us both picked up,” stated Jessica, and no sooner had she stopped talking when two uniformed police officers tapped at the locked glass font door. Veronica looked up and saw the two policemen and walked over towards the door to let them in. “No screamed Jessica, they are not Feds, it could be the Mafia, Veronica turned and looked at Jessica and then back towards the uniformed police officers. “I need to get my keys she shouted to them and turned to walk away, when a gun shot was heard and Jessica saw her friend’s body slump to the floor.

Just then there was shouting and further gun shots, and Jessica saw the two uniformed police officers fall dead and their bloodied bodies riddled with automatic gun fire. Quickly there were men dressed in suits and some in casual clothing by the bodies while others tried to enter the door area through the shattered glass. One was holding his identification card and shouting National Security. “Are you Jessica Willis are you hurt Mam…,” Jessica was in shock, “Yes and no,” she replied as she was surrounded by armed bodies who then escorted her to safety.

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