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Wildest Ones (Wild Ones Series)

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I believed, truly believed, we'd survive the wreckage. Book 1 Sent to live in Colorado with her step-family, she discovers that life in Wolf Creek isn't as it seems. Boys with colored eyes and incredible strength to the strange deaths occurring every few days. With a supernatural hunter on the premises, no one in Wolf Creek is safe from her.

Fantasy / Other
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"Believe" by Hollywood Undead
Flashback - three years ago

I believed, truly believed, we'd survive the wreckage. The Alpha's Beta lay pathetically on the cold, stone floor, blood gushing from a stab wound in the chest, carefully aimed for the heart. The camouflaged hunter's throat slashed as his life deserted his body. And the blood - not mine - on my hands, staining them crimson. I remembered relishing in the feeling of killing someone who wanted to hurt my family. My dress was ripped from the hip down and my heels had been lost somewhere in the fray of gore and glowing eyes of our enemies. My claws curled into my palms, drawing blood to prove I was still alive. An animalistic cry of pain echoed from the stairwell opposite me.
I gather my limbs under my shaky body and clutch the silver dagger in my blood-encrusted palm. The sweet, sickly scent of blood and death in the air is enough to make someone feel like they're on a battlefield.
Two figures sparred down towards the Royal quarters, Keno being the loser. He hasn't been attending classes, and it had finally caught up with him.
"Come to save your brother, Amora?" The yellow-eyed demon clamped his hand around Keno's throat, choking the young Omega. I bare my dagger at him and he breaks my brother's neck. Being a half-breed sucked, but at least we had the strength to beat those who needed it.
The hunter clad in all black, took off towards the Alpha's quarters. "Not on my watch, asshole." Running after him, I launch onto his back and dig my dagger into his throat, removing his head. "Another hunter down, one more to go. You can come out now, royals." The Alpha and his Luna sported the same yellow eyes the hunters did. And they shift.
I run for my life before being knocked down by the wolves. I'm hit with a wave of blinding pain as the Alpha clamps his fangs down on my leg, the venom spreading faster than ever.
Three gunshots later and I zone out, my heartbeat decreasing until it stops. It was too late for me. I did all I could.

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