Winds of Change

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In the workroom, above her marble bowl, Gabriella smiled with satisfaction. The girl did have the Healing Gift. Long ago, Gabriella had scanned the youngsters for evidence of kyor and she knew that Fiona had a goodly amount of kyor’rishtan, yet it had not as yet shown any sign of emerging. Kyor’rishtan was much more than the ability to mindspeak. Usually a Gift of some sort accompanied it, such as Prophecy, or Empathy, or Speech. It also, depending on one’s strength, of course, allowed one access any number of abilities and skills, truth-read, transference, scan, magevision, compulsion, Illusions; an entire range of possibilities that varied in degree from lighting a wick to starting a full-scale conflagration.

It also included the Healing Gift.

Gabriella had never scanned someone who had the Healing Gift, which accounted for her puzzlement when she had scanned Fiona. She had recognized the presence of Empathy easily enough, but it was not the mere lack of recognition of the Healing Gift that puzzled her most. Not only had she not known what the Gift was, but it had been... muffled, blocked, somehow. Gabriella had given it much thought before deciding to try the girl at some minor Healing. Subtly, of course, for if her theory was right and something was blocking the girl’s power, she could not force her. The block would have to be explored, its cause discovered before they worked at its removal. While the block was quite formidable from what she could tell, so, too, were the powers Gabriella now knew to be the Healing Gift, for it had forced a tendril relentlessly through the block to open the girl’s unsuspecting mind. Gabriella had seen the Healing currents, though weak, quite plainly through her magevision as the girl worked on Fiaz’s wound.

Pleased that the girl’s Gift had finally made itself known, and yet frustrated that she had not begun the girl’s training in Healing months ago, Gabriella let the FarSee spell dissipate. She had much to teach Fiona before she was eligible for acceptance at the Terruth School for Healers in Terruth City. And so little time – only a half a season.

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