Winds of Change

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She watched as DarRic and Rick buckled on the worn sword belts that the Kin’keska had provided them with. Sighing, she wondered what lucky tanner would make his fortune the day she brought these youngsters in for fittings. They would need boots, belts, and, she thought, hunting leathers. And then they would make some seamstress very happy, for these youngsters were in desperate need of clothing of every sort: undergarments, trousers, pants, shirts, tunics, dresses, proper cloaks.... She shuddered to think of the cost they would incur once they arrived in Tillabeth, and of course, they would need rooms at the inn.....

Thank Fate for those Kin’keska and their stolen hoard! Once they arrived at Spring Market, she would find the boys swords suited to their style, good swords, not the pot metal they wore proudly at their sides now. For Elise, she would procure a light sword and a good bow. For Fiona, they would find a staff that she could wield and still depend upon, for Gabriella’s own staff was far too heavy for the girl. And, of course, they would have to acquire mounts, and saddles....

“How does this stupid thing work?” DarRick swore. He was trying to make sense of the wagon hitches, while Andrew and Rick loaded the wagon with the last of the supplies. Elise was currying the iros, while Fiona prepared the tack. As soon as the fog burned off, they would be ready to leave. Gabriella hoped that these Outworlders were ready to face their new Land. To be sure, it would be about four days before they broke from the forest, and another day before they reached Tillabeth, yet she hoped Fate would smile kindly upon them.

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