Winds of Change

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DreamScaping. That’s what Barcik called it. Fiorra was glad Barcik had given it a name, for she thought she was going crazy. He’d said many of those gifted as Healers were also DreamScapers, but her talent was impressive.

He visited her once a week, leaving her drained in the morning. Gabriella was curious as to the source of her exhaustion but rarely questioned her on it. What would she say? Someone she met at Terruth Academy Healing School had been DreamScaping with her? Fiorra believed Gabriella would disapprove of that but it wasn’t as if she could control it. Barcik visited when he had no class the next day, but Fiorra was not so lucky – she always was involved in tutelage of some sort the next day, such was the dire need to get her ready for fall admission.

But she did not dream of studying again. Barcik took her to the Academy and showed her places of beauty, where they talked and talked, and other times, they sat outside and gazed at the stars through the trees surrounding them. But everything changed when one night she shivered.

He placed his cloak around her immediately. “Better? Perhaps we should go inside.” Barcik looked into her eyes with concern.


Barcik smiled slowly then, his eyes alight. He leaned over and placed a hand under her chin… and kissed her.

Breathless, Fiorra tasted his soft lips, amazed at the direction her dream was taking. DreamScaping – they were both fully engaged in this.

“How about now?” Barcik whispered.

Now? Now her stomach had butterflies in it and she was glad for the shields she had. “Even better,” she returned, astonishing herself at the brazenness of her reply.

“Good,” he said, brushing her cheek with the back of his warm hand.

A number of such dreams followed, until they finally came together completely. Fiorra was taken to task for daydreaming regularly by Gabriella but she could not stop thinking about Barcik.

And Fiorra could not wait to get to Terruth Academy to see Barcik in person….

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