Winds of Change

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The time had come, she decided. They needed to know of the Prophecy. She had not told them of the Prophecy when they first arrived as they had been too raw, too new to this land, Outlanders. But now, now that they were fully vested in the idea that they were a part of the Land, studying for the Academy….

Yes, the time had come. How would they react though, she mused.

Of many, five step forward

Into the hands of a forgotten race

One shall herd the sheep,

One shall guard from behind,

One shall befriend the beast,

One shall see through the water,

One shall serve all others.

Ander took it the best, and Dar. Even though it was clear that Emanuella fit her profile clearest, she was having trouble believing in a prophecy in which she was duty-bound to serve all people land wide. Rick remained only thoughtful, while Fiorra was curious as to what “serve all others” meant. Gabriella offered the opinion that it meant Healer, which Fiorra undoubtedly was. None of them were easy to convince of there being a prophecy and that they were the five who fit it. Stars, they were stubborn! They would have to guard the prophecy with their lives….

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