Winds of Change

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She still couldn’t get over it. A Prophecy? It seemed too pat for her. But Fiaz merely said -- Some things are beyond your control and comprehension. One day I shall take you to the Sivincil Forest, my home, and you shall see something beyond your understanding that will require your comprehension to adjust. -- That there was a forest of Keltoi and even of zary’andu, Emanuella had no trouble believing, but that there was a Prophecy… that took more convincing. Fiaz despaired of her due to this and told her so.

Fall was close and she, like the others, had progressed in her training to the point where her admission to the Terruth School of Weaponry and School of Kyor was an easy thing but there was nothing about a prophecy. Grimly, she shuffled through the leaves. There was nothing for it but acceptance.

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