Winds of Change

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Finally, it was time.

He couldn’t say he wasn’t nervous, but he was excited moreso.

His trainees had come along admirably, though Emanuella had been the hardest to train. It hadn’t helped that Fiaz was often in attendance; he made Dar feel self-conscious and upon occasion, offered advice. Dar never liked intrusions of the kyor type.

She had driven him to distraction and caused him to doubt his abilities until finally he had told her to emulate everything he did, like it or not. And now she was a fair swordswoman, if stubborn. Dar had the feeling that Fiaz had intervened but said nothing on the subject. He avoided her otherwise as much as he could – it was terrible training her when he was suffering from an attraction to her. Worse, he had the feeling that Fiaz knew and he wondered sometimes if he had imparted the information to Emanuella. If he could just get her out of his mind!

Rick was a good swordsman, especially now that his shoulder had healed. Dar was glad he would see him at the school they would be attending. He practiced his knife throwing skills every free chance he had and was a lethal enemy, but nevertheless a patient of Fiorra’s fairly often. While he was good, he was attempting perfection, and perfection required practice.

Today, they were packing up their horses and the wagon, for they were on their way to Terruth City. And Dar found himself excited as he fastened the buckles to his stallion. Nervous, for he was leaving the Illyth Forest, and Gabriella, but excited….

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