Winds of Change

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It appeared that he had his room all to himself, which oddly enough would take some growing accustomed to after sleeping with four other what amounted to brothers and sisters as roommates. Though the window, he decided, was handy. He had the word not to leave the building after curfew. He had already picked the lock easily enough on the shutters and some good, strong vines grew outside against the stone wall. Fiorra would probably tell him that they were poisonous or had thorns, but so long as Rick had another escape route, he was happy. He would be able to get into town whenever he liked, for his window, whether or not it was supposed to open, overlooked the Market Square. And, if he could just figure out where Emanuella and Dar’s rooms were located, he might even be able to pay them a visit after hours. Rick never could abide curfews.

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