Call of freedom (editing)

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What is the destiny of a she-wolf on the run to the human land? . . . At a young age, Alexia lost her parents. With her current status and rumours surrounding her parents' death, she is viewed as a rogue until she flees from her pack and becomes one herself. On her run to the human land, she meets her mate, but what if she doesn't want him? When an Alpha longing for his mate finally finds her, but unexpectedly, she doesn't want him. Will he easily let her leave after waiting for her all these years? On every full moon, werewolves call for their greatest wish; usually to find their mates, but if Alexia doesn't want her mate, then what is her call? . . . Finished writing on the 6th of July 2020 Currently rewriting...

Fantasy / Drama
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Author’s note

Hey there everyone, you can call my MissDarkMagician! I'm a new writer well I was. I started writing almost a year and half ago. This is my first book and I'm currently rewriting it. Hope you don't get quiet confused with the old and new chapters. The chapters that are mainly gonna get rewritten are the first 13 chapter or something so I hope you don't kill me before then hehe~ I'm also preparing my new book which will be in the teen fiction category so I hope u check it when I start publishing!

Have fun💖

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