The alpha’s rogue

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What happens to a rogue who meets a ruthless alpha who happens to be her mate? Will they accept each other? I always thought that I'd be able to runaway from them and go live off as a human but I guess that it was an illusion... On her 7th birthday, Alexia's parents were murdered by rogues brutally in front of her eyes soon after that her pack began to abuse and accuse her for being the reason of her parent's death. 10 years later Lexi's 17,She's broken and has her own scars and a haunting past but despite that she's still strong... Landon Walker,The alpha of the most powerful pack in the world since he was being 23, he's handsome but ruthless in the eyes of those who aren't in his pack, he lost hope in finding his mate... When Lexi accidentally trespasses an unknown pack's territory and gets attacked by rogues,Will she be able to defend herself? Or will somebody have to save her? What will happen to her life when she meets her mate under those circumstances? Will she stay with him or will she runaway? What will happen when he finds his own mate a rogue in his pack's woods? What will he do with his mate? Will he accept her?

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Chapter 1

Alexia's POV.

"MUMMY MUMMY!!!" A little girl innocently said.

"Oui amour,What is it?" A woman in her mid-thirties answered her.

"LOOK LOOK, I painted a picture of our family!" The beaming little girl showed her the kid-like painting.

The woman smiled softly and kissed the little girl, probably her daughter.

"It looks so pretty mon amour,I'm sure papa will be happy,now how about you help me bake?"

"Yes of course mama,what are we baking?"

"We are-"




Pain spreads through my body as I was kicked to conscious.

"WAKE UP YOU STUPID BITCH!" Another kick rested on my stomach.


The heartless alpha of my pack hit me a couple times again before leaving me coughing blood.

I stood up and went to the bathroom and took a look at myself.

I was a mess. My long red hair was tangled.My green eyes were dull,freckles were fairly noticed and my skin was extremely pale due to the lack of sleep and food and a blue bruise was visible on my left cheek probably the result of the slapping I got yesterday...

Well that's what you get for being a big mouth here.

My body was full of bruises and was extremely thin that my ribs were visible.

That would probably happen if you were in my shoes,parents murdered when you're 7? Abusive pack? Not even a tiny chance to have a decent life nor time to meet your mate? Although one of us would reject the other anyway; who'd want a mate like me anyway?

I remember when I was once baking with my mother she told me about having a mate and how each werewolf would have a one whom the moon goddess specifically chose for you because both of you are like a piece of puzzle and without each other you aren't complete I know I know cliché much...

My name is Alexia and I've been the omega of my pack or more like the slave for almost 10 years now...Welcome to my life.

I quickly brushed my teeth and wore a pair of pants,shoes and a shirt.

I untangled my hair and put it in a messy bun and ran to the kitchen to avoid being a smart-ass when one of the pack members starts whining about their damn food.




I returned to my so called room and let my body fall on the bed. I was extremely exhausted after doing the chores.Speaking of which,I probably got new bruises because of the few punches I got in the guts today...I'll pack my things and runaway tonight. I'm not going to live like that anymore.

The pack border is extremely weak because the pack warriors who are supposed to protect the borders at night are often drunk well they are always drunk but the beta is trying his best to avoid having rogues on our territory; the alpha would surely have his head off.

I only packed the necessary and after I made sure that the whole pack house was asleep,I quietly got away to the pack woods,I quickly got off to the borders and cut the link with my pack,the alpha will probably send a search party soon; since he must have felt the link get cut.

I'm officially a rogue which is dangerous for me more than others. Nobody likes rogues as they are said that they were kicked out of their pack because of their actions,maybe they were rebelling against their alpha or lost their mate so they became crazy.They usually either become loners or live with other rogues as their pack or family or the last probability which is the scariest...Becoming savages and killing almost if not everything in front of them...I'm sure that not all of them have the same story for being a rogue. Well at least I'm not...

I started running since it was so dangerous. I'm going to the north since it has lots of waterfalls and that'll help in hiding my scent so until I'm certain that I'm safe,I should stay low and with that, I took off running to the north.....


Whoever is reading, just know that this is the shortest chapter and I promise that he story's gonna get better from the next chapter so please do give it a shot!


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