Hybrid Alpha's Beautiful Mate

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Hope you guys enjoy it! This is my first time writing a book so I hope you guys will enjoy the story. This story is base on my own imagination so you guys can try to imagine the situation too. You guys can write anything in the comment. I will publish at least 10 chapter a month or more if I have time because I'm still a student and sorry if I delayed my work. This story is about a girl called Rita Alice who was the most prettiest girl in the town with rare violet eye colour and have the most powerful gifted colour. She be mated to a powerful and most feared Alpha called Eric King. This story is also about the past of Rita Alice and revenge. There is also a love triangle in this story one of them is the alpha and one of them is the childhood best friends. There will be a lot of things going on too. so I hope you guys will like it and to continue the journeys you guys may have to read it and if the story is great don't forget to vote with power stone thank you guys I will really appreciate it.

Fantasy / Romance
Jeslina Alice
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Identity's part 1

There was a small town called Peaceful Harmony located in the maps not far from the biggest city called Clouds City. There lived a girl called Rita Alice who was the most prettiest girl in the town. Her beauty have make a lot of boy fall in love with her from head to toe and all the girls will be jealous of her. Alice has a beautiful figure from the top of her hair to the bottom of her legs.

Rita Alice has light rose shade skin tone, diamond shaped face, long feathered jet black hairstyles, generic eye shape, arched natural eyebrow dark black coloured, nose defined natural shape and the mouth was full heart gloss peach. She was born with a violet eye colour. The date she was born is on 13th September 2005.

She was a human beings because that was what she thinks before the truth be told to her two year later. She has a perfect family that was caring and loving. She thought that nothing is wrong with her origins but instead she was an adopted child by the vampires king because on the wars between werewolves king and rogues was the time she was born to exist in the world but for her safety she be sent to the vampires territory that was her real biological parents childhood best friends and her royale blood of werewolves scent be covered by the vampires king one of the gifted power.

The vampires king accepted her for helping his friends Michael Mighty and raised her until today. Alice's parents told the vampires king to protect her and don't ever tell her the secret of her origins and gave her a peaceful life. Rita Alice biological father name Michael Mighty and her mother name Claudia Chantress. Claudia was once the most beautiful woman in a small city called Celestial City and that is where Alice born in the territory of the werewolves. Her mother be mated to the most powerful king of all the werewolves and that is Alice's father, Michael.

Once they know the existence of Rita Alice in the belly of Claudia she was so happy and almost miscarriage the baby. The existence of her is kept as a secret from everyone in the pack because they know their only child will be in danger someday so only the personal maid of Claudia know it.

One day the rogues claim to start a war with the werewolf empire and the day has finally began but unfortunately the child in the belly of Claudia start to struggling to come out so Claudia have gave birth to her very first daughter Rita Alice. After that happened she realized that was the day and time the war started and she also was shocked to saw that her child has violet eye but luckily there is some human beings with violet eye. The legend said that only one in the world have the gifted violet eye. Violet eye have some gifted power such as telekinesis that was moving thing around with your mind and etc.

She saw her little daughter little face for the last time and said "My little one you need to stay strong and happy mom and dad will never forget your existenend in this world we love you we will also stay strong for you. Mother and father will find you one day until everything is over. "She cried.

She gave Rita Alice her's necklace the symbol of the werewolves was the heir to the throne and gave her to her personal maid called Maddie and give her a task and is that to sent her to the vampires family and stay by her side as her personal maid. Claudia gave one last look to her gorgeous little baby girl she have fainted because of losing a lot of blood but luckily the pack doctors came in time and gave her the samples of blood with the same type blood of the Queen.

Unfortunately the rogues has won the war this time and kidnapped the king and queen as the prisoners to be questions about the first child of the king and queen. You may ask how the heck does the rogues know it right? It was exactly because in the werewolves territory there was a spy sent from the rogues. The spy have followed Maddie through the back door to kill the child and her but luckily the spy has look down on her because she was exactly the most well trained ninja assassins in the territory.

They start to fight until the end. Maddie used her samurai sword left behind by her parents for her. After the death of her parents she swear to have revenged for her parents who was kill by a rogues spy in the werewolves territory but little does she know that the spy was in front of her. The spy recognize Maddie so he told her that he was the killer of her parents and never thought she will become so powerful today. He kind of regreted it not killing her while she was still a baby.

He said "Hey little Maddie remember who am I? ". Maddie said "Who are you? Are you the spy that killed my parents that night? ". Maddie gritted her teeth tightly. He said "Oh! so you did know who I am but unfortunately you don't know how I kill your parents right? Let me told you a little story. One night, I was being task to kill your parents in their sleep but painfully so I torture them first and then I gave them a slowly but painfully death and then I saw you in a baby bed I began to get closer with my sword and wolf bane to kill you but unfortunately you have cried out loud so I don't get the chance to kill you back then but now I can." He draw out his sword and started to run over to her. Maddie said "So you're the killer of my parents I once swear to find you and kill you but you show up yourself then let see who is more powerful now. "Maddie draw out her samurai sword that had been with her since the death of her parents.

The baby was being tied on her front body. Both of them started to fight like a lightning speed, within 10 minutes finally the spy was defeated and be kill to dead but unfortunately for Maddie she was injured on her left hand but it was just a little hurt for Maddie it was because she has been trained to survive from the pain. Maddie never really thought he will be so powerful over through the years.

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