Hybrid Alpha's Beautiful Mate

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Identity's part 2

Two days later, Maddie has finally arrived at the front gate of the vampires territory. Their pack called Midnight Desire. They have some important rule set up by the werewolves and vampires council. They were created by Rita Alice mother, Claudia Chantress. Her mother has a very special gifted power and that was to create a life.

Maddie was brought to the clinic in the territory after she told everything's that happened two days ago to the King and Queen of the vampires. They accepted Rita Alice and treated her as their biological daughter. The vampires king name was Bryan Lake and the queen was Selena Syria. They have one son and that was Rita Alice adopted brother his name was Lucas Lake.

Meanwhile, her biological parents has been torture with wolf bane and their flesh was being whipped out and then put rock salt on it. They growl in painfulness but kept on try to survive and deal with the damage for their daughter. Unfortunately the rogues have kept their guards down because they thought only they have a spy in their territory all along but exactly their is more spy from the werewolves territory in the rogues so they be released by the spy. They run away as fast as they can with the help of the spy it was even more easy to run out of there.

The total of the spy was 10 wolves. They have once swore their loyalty, life and respect to the King and Queen of the Blood Moon pack that was Alice's biological parents.

They have ran out of there and been hiding in the dark since then. I guess you guys will exactly asked why would they not just go to the vampires territory it is because they scared that their position will be discovered and their daughter will be in danger because of them so they keep on hiding and healing from every torture they have been through. They want their child to live a happily life without any danger happened just like an ordinary human beings with a happy family.

After everything happened to the werewolves royale family Alice adopted parents try to located them but failed for this two years. They also have try to find the rogues that killed their best friends and that is Alice's parents.

In this two years, Lucas Lake and Rita Alice was really close like a pairs of real brother and sister they always took cared of each other, played together and shared almost everything together. They have a beautiful relationship almost like best friends. Lucas Lake also has a handsome and a perfect figure. He have a lot of good personality not until two years later that he discovered the origins of hers.

Since, Rita Alice moved into the mansion the environment in there felt refreshing and full of happiness. Bryan Lake also spend most of the time with all of them than working on his documents all days long. Alice and Lucas grown up together since the day they met each other. He always so protective and cared of her sister.

Lucas Lake was born in the town on 15th February 2003. He was 2 years old when he met his little baby sister Alice but at that time he was 15 years old 2 years and 7 month older than Alice. Alice was 13 years old that time when she started highschool.

Lucas Lake has light copper shade skin tone, wavy taper hairstyles dirty blonde coloured, clean shaven and square defined face shape, eye shape was deepset downturned lid green coloured eye, straight medium eyebrow chestnut brown colour, generic nose shape and the mouth shape was medium straight beige pink colour.

Lucas was on his senior year while her sister was on the junior year. Rita Alice met her childhood best friends Violet Rose and Violet Willow they are twin but the older one was Rose who was born 5 minutes earlier and Willow was the second one.

They has almost everything the same but only one thing that wasn't the same and it was their favourite colors are different. Rose like red shade colour while her sister Willow like purple shade. They was born on the 1st January of 2005 and the day after their birthdays was their parents anniversary day on every years. They sometimes act like a childish person that ever existed in Alice's life.

They have light rose shade skin tone just like Alice, full pigtail updo hairstyle, eye shape was deepset almond hazel colored eye, arched natural eyebrow shape, defined squared face shape, round button upturned nose shape and the mouth shape was full heart deep red lipstick.

Rose and Willow real identity was exactly an experience experts assassins in the Midnight Desire pack. One of their reasons to become best friends with Alice is because they was tasked by the king and queen to protect her from any danger that will happen in the future.

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