Hybrid Alpha's Beautiful Mate

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Heartfilia Private Highschool

Rita Alice and her best friends, Violet Rose, Violet Willow and Lucas Lake went to the same school called Heartfilia Private Highschool. That year was Alice, Rose and Willow first year as a junior in the school. They were really happy but the most happiest one was Alice. Rose and Willow they both have the ability to study perfectly so they were also a good student with a great result in theirs exam papers but Alice was the top student of all.

Alice exactly have the ability to study and learn with one glance at the textbook pages but she don't know that was exactly one of hers power and it was the super brain. Everyone called her as a peerless genius of the goddess. It is said that she was greater than the teachers.

They together took the same subject in the class such as math, science, English essay and etc. Alice and her friends also have the exactly same favourite teacher and that was Teacher Grace. Her full name was Lilian Grace. She was the math teacher that almost everyone like her because she know how to help the students that were in need for help in their studies or anything about girls talk.

She also tried to understand everyone hardship for not finishing the homework that she gave and etc. She was an especially the rarer teacher because other teacher sometimes not really care about the students but instead they just cared about the money they get for teaching the students but sometimes before knowing the truth we can't act like unrespect to them.

Alice most favorable subject in math although a lot of student was really stressful and hated it because it was hard she still loved it. You really always need to remember that everything is not easy until you do it by yourself with the heart to learn not to play around like a little child anymore because you're big now so be it.

Alice wanted to attend the private school was because she didn't like to be disturbed by a lot of male students that were trying to chase her. But still there was still some boy in the private school that was chasing her.

Alice has taken a liking to the school cold face but in the same time handsome boy called Damien Lake. He often stay in the corner of everywhere and he doesn't like to be surrounded by a lot of people. Luckily there was one time Alice was talking to him and it was the first time he talk to people because he always prefer to stay alone and quietly. He always has blue headphones on his head.

Alice really wanted to be closer to him so everytime they were alone Alice will went to him and greet him. Although that he really don't like to have any conversation with people especially girl. But he felt their is something special about the girl so he just started and enjoy the company of her.

Damien Lake doesn't really want to be with anybody because he has a dark past. He was a werewolf from another pack. He becomes like this because he once have trusted someone he love but he was betrayed and hurt. Since then he become a cold face boy and never was a extrovert. But he just felt that Alice was somehow a good girl and mysterious so he just get along with her very well that he find himself turned into his old self and that was the happy him.

He felt that he was save around her so he decided to protect her with his life. Although they just met for a week he still felt something. He suddenly remembered that his task is to find the person he need to guard. He also remembered the conversation between him and the moon goddess.

The moon goddess said "You need to find your master that you need to guard but it was hard to find her because her scent was being hidden with someone power but it was easy for you to find her because you will felt some connection with her once you found her. " and then she disappeared. He thought for awhile was Alice his master that he need to guard then he will do it.

Damien Lake never thought that Alice was exactly the one he need to guard. He said "That means she was not a human beings but does she know?" He tried to figured it out by trying to test her. Everyone that has royale blood moving in their veins, they will have a guardian sent by the moon goddess with any type of supernatural such as if you were a werewolves then your guardian will be a werewolf but if you were a vampire you will got vampires guardian and if you were hybrid as vampires and werewolves you will got two guardian.

On the next day, Alice and her friends came to school and studied together like before. On the rest time she gone to the roof to find Damien whereabouts but suddenly there was a man with a long and sharp teeth like a vampire. She shuddered and said "No, this can't be real does it. I found a vampire. So that means supernatural beings was real in this world" but before she can react the vampires bit her.

The vampires has the power to delete some memory so he deleted the memory about his existence in her mind. Then Damien come out and said "So she was really don't know her origins then let just pay a visit to her parents " and then he took Alice to the infirmary room after that he left her there. He went to the vampires territory and find the king and the queen.

The guard was about to take out their sword to kill but he said "Hey wait a minute I came here to find the king and the queen to discuss something please let me pass I'm not an enemy" one of the guard went to inform the king and then he came back and said "Ok you're allowed to go in after some check up the king has allowed" Damien nodded and went with the guard for the check up.

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