Hybrid Alpha's Beautiful Mate

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Secret identity

After the check up, Damien followed the guards to the meeting hall. He greeted the king and queen and be seated on the meetings chair.

The king said "Well, what do you want to talk about?" Damien said "It was about your daughter, Rita Alice" suddenly the king cut off the sentences and said "What's happend to her, is she alright. Did you done something to her? " then Damien said "Woah! There is nothing happened to her she is alright and the motive I came her is to ask about her don't worry I'm a wolf too.

I have hide my scent as a werewolf and lives among the human. I ask for her origins" Bryan(the king) said "Who were you? And why do I need to told her origins to you!" Damien "I'm her schoolmates. My name is Damien Luke.

I'm her wolf guardian sent by the moon goddess and if you don't believe me I have prove in this scroll." Damien show and gave it to the guards. The guard passed the scroll and passed it to the king.

Bryan open the scroll and slowly read it carefully. It was said that Damien was telling the truth because the scroll has the moon goddess sign. It is said every supernatural beings has a sign of their own kind.

Bryan said "Then what do you want to know about our daughter? " Damien said "Everything about her as her guardian my task is to protect her but I need to know about her origins first."

Bryan said "Well then. But for exchange for the information about her origins you need to told us yours too for her safety. Then let start from the beginning shall we.." Bryan told everything's about what happened to her. Then Bryan asked him his origins and he told him.

Damien was a boy grown up by the cared of the secret assassins guard. His parents was killed by the rogues on the same time as the war between the rogues and the werewolves territory. His parents sent him to the guard when he was just a little child but before he was sent his mother told a secret to the guard that one day he need to tell him about it.

He was raise up by the guard secretly all this years and train him into a perfect fighting skills assassins. The guard name was Logan Paul. Logan was a guy with a great and kind of strict personality.

When it's come to a training time there will not be any excuses for anything or everything but when it's come to take cared of Damien he was exactly a different person.

Each year Logan was getting older and weaker as the days goes by. Suddenly he felt not right like something will happen soon so he decided to tell Damien the secret that his mom told him.

Logan said "Hey! Damien come over here for awhile I have something to discuss with you. " Damien said "What's up!" Logan said "Look you need to listen carefully, Okay?" Damien said "Woah you sound pretty serious there okay then, what's it about?"

Logan said "It was about a secret that your mother told me to tell you one you grown up, and now I guess it was a right time to tell you about it. Before you was a littale boy your mother has be commended by the moon goddess that you will become a royale wolf guardian to someone and you need to stay loyal once he/she has claimed you as their guardian. Once you are big enough to carried out the task you should do yours parent will be proud of you and you're their only hope to revenge them when you're big enough to fight. That was the task given by your parents to me as your guard and the teacher who has been teaching you since you're a little boy. That's all of it now my job is done but don't worry I will always be by your side. I know you may take sometimes to think about all of this. "

Damien run to Logan and hug him tightly said "After everything that has happened you always stay by my side and always support me when I falI. I have already regarded you as my adopted father. "

The next morning, Damien went out to hunt. On the way back home, he sense something or rather someone unfamiliar and powerful but against him he was way more powerful. But suddenly he realized something has happened to Logan.

He ran into the house and saw Logan lying helplessly on a pool of his own blood. Then something caught Damien eyes. That was an assassin charge towards him but in the flash of light Damien take out his sword and slice through the assassin body into half with his own samurai make by Logan.

He cried holding Logan in his both arms. At the night, he buried Logan on the cemetery. He has nothing left now but he still have a task to done for so he started to take a school entrance exam. He passed the exam smoothly somehow because as a guardian he was granted a power called the memory caller.

That mean every book he have seen with one glance at the book pages he will have mesmerized everyone of the detail and everytime he need answer he will use the recall memory power and was known as the memory caller.

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