Hybrid Alpha's Beautiful Mate

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The past of the twin

He have quite a special abilities to do anything that he want. Then he just started to attend school just like the other students for half a month until he found Rita. He was on the corner of the hallway until he felt some kind of weird bonding inside him as he scanned everyone in the hallway with his eyes.

Until his eyes stop to a group of three girls he set his eyes on the middle girl with a beautiful figure that make him felt the bonding between them. As soon as he made an eye contact with the girl they felt connection. That was why Rita suddenly walk over to Damien and try to talk to him.

Everyone on the hallway stopped and glance over them and to other surprises he actually talked to the girl because Damien always have been called as a handsome mute boy and there is where they started become closer.

And that is how the story ended. Bryan said "That must be hard for you boy. Now it was my turn to talk about my daughter " so he told Damien everything. Damien said "Well I felt for her and that explains why you don't told her origins to her but for the promise you have made with her biological parents. And one more thing can you told me about the origins of the twin? because for her safety I at least need to know the people surround her such as her friends and more."

Bryan said " Well okay then let talk about the Violet twin, as you can see that they always stay beside her and never let anyone suspicious be around her to protect her from any danger that will come but I guess I really need to tell you about their origins well it was like this.. "

Their name is Violet Rose and Violet Willow. The older one was Rose and Willow was the second one. Their parents was from a different kind. The father name was Nathan.

He was a human beings and was an orphan before he met the love of his life, Victoria Violet. He was sponsored by the orphanage company to attend a school because he was a gifted intelligent one. While she was a vampire stuck at the age of 18 for a long years. He met her when he was attending highschool on another city far away from here.

Her mother was my wife, Charlotte best friend. They had a great relationship together. Nathan and her first met at a masquerade ball and it was their love at first sight. At that time, Charlotte smell some minty bamboo smell so she look for the smell and the smell is coming up as she walk to the man.

For him, he just saw a girl walking towards her but something seems not right for him that make her heart start to beating faster and faster each step closer to the girl. They are in the middle of the dance floor so he started the conversation with "Will I have the honors to dance with a beautiful girl like you?" he extended his hand for her to grab and without a minute a minutes a beautiful voice from the girl say "Yes, it is my pleasure to dance with a handsome guy like you"

So they started to dance in the centre of the ball. He ask "May I ask what is your name my beautiful lady?" she answered "Oh I almost forget to introduce myself. Well my name is Victoria Violet and what is your name gentleman? " he answered "My name is Nathan it is a pleasure to met you here and you are so gorgeous in this dress!"

She said "Why thank you. You are also not bad yourself! " he ask "Will we met again next time? Because I would like to get to know you. " she answered "Why not, I will like to get to know you to." They end with a smile as they continue to dance for a while until he finally talk again.

He ask "Would you like to go with me to somewhere? I swear you will really like it" she answered "Yes please! Oh I mean well why not. Sorry I get a little excited if someone said I will not regret going to somewhere. " he said "It okay, everyone does that sometimes. "

He take her hand and walk out of the ball to a place that was too beautiful to even say a word and it is at the maze garden. They walked trough the maze until the centre there is a big tree and a beautiful water fountain while the full moon is shining through the water fountain. She said "OMG! this place is so beautiful, I never know there is a place like this here and the water in the fountain just like a crystal so pretty! "

He said "Well there is nothing more beautiful than you here and this is my favorite spot now it is ours so we can met here right? " she answered "Yeah and of course this place is just unimaginable the moon and everything. I like it here it will be ours spot for now then"

He ask "Now would you like to have another dance with me?" she answered "While would I not, I am full of spirit now! " They dance until the midnight and they went apart. The next day after school they went to the favorite spot and have a conversation about everything for a long years until the graduation day.

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