Hybrid Alpha's Beautiful Mate

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The past of the twin 2

In the past long year they have been together as a close friend and they know each other really well. After the graduation, he ask her "Would you like to go to our spot for the last time?" she answered "Yes I would like to after all we have a lot of memories there right? " he said "Yeah, let go then but I have a request will you go and change to something more " she stopped him and said "more beautiful like a dress?" he said "Yeah! " he blushed.

She said "Well okay then it the last day anyway we are going to wear something special so I met you there! Bye" After the changing clothes time they went to there together because he is just at her doorstep so they ended up walking there together. The first thing he had said after met her is "You're so beautiful " and she said while blushing "Thank you it is my pleasure by the way you are not bad yourself never change just when we first met"

When she about to go to the spot he blindfold her and said "Okay now I want you to walk slowly in and opened this blindfold slowly okay? " she ask "What is this now? Fine then but don't you dare play a prank on me again." In the past few years he have pull a lot of prank to her and then become a prank war between them.

Then she slowly walk in to the spot and slowly open the blindfold and stood there amazed. Then she ask "What is all this decoration for? And the cake? By the way it was so pretty here! " he said "Do you like it here?" she answered "Yeah of course! Even more with this every decoration. Hey you didn't tell me yet what is all this for? "

He ignored the question and walk past her. He take her hand into a circle of love full of flower and candle below the tree. He sit down on her knees just like a knight with a princess inside the love circle.

He look up at her and said "You're my moon and shining star every night, You're my shining sun that blur my eye in the morning, You're my everything and I will never leave your side. I will be the shining armor that only stay by your side. I vow that I never leave you even what happened and we will go through it together forever " and then he ask "Will you stay by my side no matter what happened to us we will always be together. Will you be my princess in my heart and girlfriend in my life? " And then he pull a string beside him and suddenly a lot of red rose fall on them.

She felt flattered and happy tears come out hugging him in her arm tightly and she answered "YES, YES and YES OMG I love you so much but I need to tell you something before you make the decision yourself okay? " he answered "Okay I'm ready what is it? " she said "I'm not what you think I am because I am not a human but instead I am a vampire now you know that I'm not what you think I am will you still accept me?"

He answered "Will you give me one day but don't be sad cause I will not leave you okay? So don't be sad tomorrow wear a nice dress I'm going to pick you up at night. But I can't tell you my answer yet okay? " she said "Okay" he said "Then let enjoy all of this and sit by the fountain to enjoy the view on the moon okay? You're in? "

She said "Of course I'm in cause I don't want you to take my part of food and you know what food is life." he ask "May I ask you why you like to eat human food so much? " she answered "Oh as you want to know vampires can eat human food too but just not to much they need their food too. I like human food since I started to eat it because I found it delicious. You can say I'm the weird vampire. Lol"

So they enjoy the night just as he have plan. They started the night with some food on the table and they sat by the fountain at midnight to enjoy the view of the night. They fell asleep there besides each other.

The next morning he awake and saw the most beautiful in the world besides him there is the love of his life sleeping silently in his mind he said 'OMG she is just too perfect I love her forever in my life's and he kiss her forehead gently.

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