Hybrid Alpha's Beautiful Mate

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The past of the twin 3

After she was awakened alone on the fountain she saw him doing some clean up he aware that she has awake he ask "Oh you're awake, how are you feeling right now? " she answered "I'm okay how about you and do I sleep too long? because it a good sleep last night and it been so long that I have felt like that."

He answered "I have a great last night too and yeah you have slept kind of for a long moment. Hey I have done the clean up do you want me to send you home cause I will never let a girl walk alone on the way back home by the way do vampires sleep too? "

She answered "Some of them yeah but sometimes they didn't really need any sleep." he ask "Hey vampires can't be out on the sun right because your skin will burn by the sun right? "

She answered with a smile and her hand across her body "Nope because there is a DNA on one of the vampires that can walk under the sun you can say that a miracle there was a vampire that can walk under the sun so the vampires scientist make some more antidote like that and gave it to our Godparent and for generations it in our DNA so that mean we are safe from the sun from burning ours skin."

He said "Oh that is a long and a great explanation." He sent her off from the spot to her house doorstep and said "Don't forget about tonight I come to pick you up around 7pm tonight okay and wear another beautiful outfits cause we're going to the club?" she answered "Okay then see you tonight, bye" he answered with a big smile "Bye! "

She waved at him while entered the house and close the door behind her. She went upstairs to her room and check the wardrobe to choose the perfect outfit for tonight to go to the club. She has almost emptied the entire wardrobe for the perfect outfit and found nothing better so she decided to went to the shopping mall to buy some new and beautiful outfit.

She walked all around just to found one place that has the perfect one. Base on the place she will be going she has chosen the gold sassy type outfits to match the theme. She went home and quickly get ready because she only have 3 more hours to get ready.

While on the other side he was just about to prepare to take a bath and get ready to be smart and hot looking wearing the perfectly white t-shirt, perfectly black ripped jeans some perfume and the perfect white shoe. He felt super great and refreshing for tonight.

While she is looking smoking hot with the gold tank top, beautiful hot red skirt, the perfect white high heels and some flowers perfume too. She waited outside the house for Nathan to come and pick her up.

He was on the way to come and pick her up with his new vehicle, a new car that he has spent a long year to collect the money for it. The new car was a hot red Lamborghini Veneno that cause $4.5 million almost finish his pocket money for it but luckily he was from a millionaire family but he just like to keep low profile.

He arrived in front of her house and he got out of the car towards the beauty of a diamond in front of him. He said in his heart ' OMG am I going to become the most happiest man in this world and damn that outfit though fit her perfectly it is so beautiful on her even the perfume tonight is more fragrant than before'.

He reach out his hand and ask sweetly "Are you ready for tonight beauty? " while watching at her with the charm in his eyes. She answered "Yes but is this count as a date for us? " he answered "You can said it like that but tonight will be the most amazing night of your life ever!" he smile charmingly. Her heart flutter and said in her heart 'OMG I hope so you know I really love you' while looking at him meaningful.

He took her hand and open the car door for her just like a gentlemen. He got inside the sport car and drive to the most famous and fancy club in town called 'The Luxe'. The place is exactly just across the central town.

After about a quarter of a hour they arrived in front of the club. The club has a red and golden colour just as the outfit she wears tonight. While they in the car he said "You're so beautiful tonight. " and she answered while blushing "Thank You for the compliment you're not bad yourself."

There was a red carpet on the way in and it was so fancy looking just like going to take an award. He got out of the the sport car and going around the car to the other side of the car to open the door from the beautiful lady. and little does she know what await for her inside there.

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