Fever Claim

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I am not avoiding him. I am trying to manage my anxiety. That's all. Being around Judah is doing nothing good for my health. My heart beats at an erratic pace. Somehow, I have even forgotten how to breathe. This is unhealthy and should be avoided at all cost.

After sneaking out early in the morning for my run and running for much longer than I normally would, I came jogging back to the clearing a few hundred yards in front of the resort to see a huge circle of werewolves.

There were grunts and shouting. People were squeezing in, wanting to see what's going on. Curiosity got the best of me and so I squeezed my way in all these bodies to see what was going on. My eyes widened when I saw it was Beta Ace.

He was fighting another pack member.

Didn't they tell us not to fight when we are here?

The look on his face—it made me extremely nervous. He looked almost feral. His eyes were glazed with so much rage.

"Ace!" Judah's voice tore my eyes away from the tousling two to him. He sauntered forward and tried to grab for his friend.

His friend shoved him away before ramming into his opponent's stomach. They both landed on the ground. Ace straddled the male wolf and began throwing punches at his face. Everyone grimaced and recoiled instantly upon seeing how hard Ace was throwing the punches.

"Ace, fucking quit this shit," Judah growled, linking his arms between his friend's shoulders and try to pull him off.

It looked like Beta Ace couldn't hear a single word Judah was saying. For a second, Ace's eyes landed on someone in front of him and there was a hurt look in his eyes before he looked back down at his opponent and began punching again.

I followed his line of vision until it landed on a scrawny omega male. His face was ashen and filled with confusion. I squeezed my way further up to get a closer look at him. Why did he look scared? Why is Ace looking at him like he had just torn his heart apart?

The wolf underneath Ace shifted—growing bigger in size. Ace shifted a second later. His jaw widened as he made a kill move for the throat.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Judah growled, "Get a handle on yourself."

Judah paced, looking for an opening to get his friend.

The two wolves rolled around on the ground. Clawing and biting each other. Everyone took a huge step back to avoid getting killed by them. I, too, took a step back only to be shoved in the back.

My eyes widened as I tumbled straight into the fight. A scream choked in my throat just as I landed across the male that Ace was fighting. Ace raised his claw and swiped. He couldn't stop in time. I appeared out of nowhere and he had no way in stopping his momentum. I watched his irises change in recognition before he clawed my stomach.


Immediate pain.

I felt like someone had ripped me apart and now I am two halves. I screamed in agony, and painful tears streamed down my cheek. Clutching at my stomach, I can feel the warmth of my blood seep from the wound. My blood now mixed with Ace and his opponents.

I heard a threatening growl of terror before Ace's body was slammed hard. He flew across the field. My eyes followed him and watched him stood back up with a limp to his hind leg. His eyes downcast. A dark shadow cast over me. I turned to see who it was and was surprised to see a large grey wolf with olive eyes. They were soft but, on the outside, I can see him fighting the rising fury inside of him because his irises kept dilating.

I attempted to tell him, I am okay but only coughed up some blood. His eyes widened in alarm before he shifted, naked in front of everybody.

A second later, he picked me up.

"Don't speak. Don't die on me, Rose. Stay fucking awake, you fucking idiot." His voice was rough and filled with barely held on fury.

I wanted to tell him that it wasn't my fault. That, someone, pushed me, but I couldn't. Words seem to fail every time I opened my mouth. It hurt to even talk and so I resorted in closing my eyes and leaning against the warmth of his body. My body suddenly feeling a little colder than usual.

This must be it. One day before my birthday and I am going to die before I can meet my mate. I can't believe my luck.

~ ~ ~

I woke up to a dark hospital room. The sound of the monitors checking my vitals, beeped in a rhythmic pattern. My stomach felt better but I can still feel a little bit of pain almost like cramps. Lifting my hand that rested on my stomach only to see it drop back onto my side. I'm weak from the blood loss.

I recalled Judah carrying me to the medical wing. I recalled him shouting and roaring at the medical staff. I recalled Alpha Hunter trying to reason with Judah and how angry Judah was at Ace. There was fighting and arguing. There was a faint memory of Judah throwing a punch at Ace.

"You're awake." Judah's voice surprised me.

My eyes shot to the corner of the hospital room. He was sitting there, staring at me the whole time. I opened my mouth to respond but found it hard to speak so I simply nodded my head.

He huffed before standing up and walking over to me. Even late at night like this, I can still see his facial expression clearly. He's pissed, and his eyes are hard with no emotions. Ice cold.

"You might be the single, dumbest, female wolf I have ever met in my fucking life." He lectured me.

Excuse me?

"What were you thinking? Jumping in front of two uncontrollable wolves without proper training?" he snapped.

I opened my mouth to say something, but it came out like a frog dying. So, I settled with the middle finger. His eyes darkened, and he moved to grip my cheeks between his fingers. Applying pressure enough to get my attention. I clenched my teeth and glared back at him.

"Don't you ever fucking do that again. Do you understand?" he demanded.

I didn't want to do it, you dumbass.

I rolled my eyes and he applied more pressure.

"I need you to answer me, Rose. I need you to tell me you won't ever put yourself in harm's way," he said adamantly.

Those irises shifted in dilation. I gulped before nodding. God knows I did not need another craze wolf to claw me out.

He released my jaw and I can see a slight hint of relief oozing from him before his shoulders sagged back and he turned and left me in the room all alone. The door closed behind him.

Once he was gone, I looked up at the ceiling and clutched the bed sheets next to me with my hands. It wasn't me. I didn't do it on purpose. Someone pushed me. Someone wanted to hurt me, and it terrifies me.

It took a long time but eventually, I fell asleep. When I woke up again, I wasn't alone. A young male doctor was checking my vitals. His eyes on the monitor and recording it on a tablet.

When he heard me, his eyes flew to mine and a smile touched his lips.

"How are you feeling, Miss. Meyers?" he asked.

"Tired." I squeaked.

He chuckled and sat his tablet down onto the bed next to mine. Placing his hands on the rail, he raised his eyebrows at me.

"You caught quite a stir last night. I had to call security to hold down three very powerful male wolves who were causing a ruckus in the waiting lobby."

"I don't know them," I lied.

He laughed and nodded his head.

"How is your pain level?" he asked.

"Three," I said after listening to my body.

"Ok, would you like more wolfsbane? It will numb your body a little. Rest assured, this medication is safe for werewolves."

"I'm fine," I told him.

"Alright then, while you were asleep, I did look at your wound. It is healing—rapidly, I might add. At first, I was concerned until your Alpha told me that your birthday is today. Judging by the way it is healing, you should be able to leave the wing by tonight. I wouldn't do anything extenuating as your body is still healing. So, if you are planning on meeting your mate, I suggest waiting until the next day," he said casually.

I scoffed, and he smirked before winking at me. I totally forgot today was my birthday. Two days. It flew by so quickly being in the hospital. I slept yesterday away.

"Don't tell me, you aren't excited?" he asked.

"I am excited. Can't you see it on my face?" I whispered with a deadpanned look.

He laughed heartily in front of me before pulling up a leather stool and lowering the rail. He sat down in the seat in front of me.

"You are still young, Miss. Meyers. Mating should be an exciting adventure. Think about it, finding your destined mate and feeling complete..."

I zoned him out. Honestly, he is a bundle of joy and happy endings. It was making me a little ill. My pain level probably went up to a seven because of it.

It isn't that I am not excited about seeing my mate. I am. Deep inside of me, I am hoping I meet him soon. I want to feel that bond and know that this person was destined for me. Made perfectly to fit everything about me. However, I know never to get my hopes up. I've seen enough mate drama to know that sometimes mating isn't simple.

It is a huge commitment. Knowing is one thing but understanding the mate bond or your mate is a whole different thing. I am afraid that he might not want me. That he might not like me or there are those 'what if' questions.

I just didn't want to think about it until it happens.

"So, you see, the mate bond is a spiritual bond that-"

"Dr-"I glanced at his name tag, "Dr. Wilson, I understand completely. You are absolutely right. Now, I am more excited than ever."

"Really?" He smirked, already knowing that I am lying.

I sighed, "I am tired."

He chuckled, "Ok, I get when I am not needed. I will check in on you in a few hours to see how your recovery is coming along until then, no getting out of bed or your stitches will rip."

I watched him leave before huffing and covering my face with my hands. I closed my eyes and focused on catching up on some more sleep. However, voices and knocks behind my door tossed that intention out the door.

I groaned and muttered a 'come in' before turning to see who it was.

Author's Note:

Yes, we are here! It's her birthday. She slept yesterday through and now, her mate switch is turned on. *dances*

Now, if only we could find Judah....where the hell is he?

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