Fever Claim

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I remembered a long time ago, when I was six years old. I had started school a year after my mom and I moved into the pack. It had been towards the end of the school year. Everybody had been in the school auditorium, participating in the end of year rewards, but I had really needed to go to the bathroom. After tugging on my teacher’s shirt and informing her of my whereabouts, I had left the auditorium to go to the little girls’ room.

The little girls’ room had been just down the hall from the auditorium. It had been no big deal, except for the fact that I hadn’t been alone.

Before I had even realized what was happening , I was pushed into the janitor’s small closet. I had heard the lock turn, locking me in. I had cried and pounded on the wall, but no one had heard me. I don’t know how long I was stuck inside that small cramped space. One leg had ended up inside a mop bucket filled with clean water. I cried because my new shoes had been ruined, along with my pants. My shoes that my mom had worked very hard to get for me. I cried because no one could hear me, and I was alone and scared. I cried to the point of exhaustion. Eventually, I fell asleep.

When I awoke, it was to the sound of the door unlocking. My eyes had flown open and I immediately had stood up from the cramped spot. I had reached for the door handle and opened the door to see no one in sight. After glancing up and down the hallway, a shade of grey had caught my eye. I had looked down to see a pair of old shoes in front of me, along with a pair of socks.

Frowning, I had wondered who would have placed shoes in front of a janitor’s closet. I hadn’t known what to think but I had really needed a new change of shoes. I had stepped out of the closet and slid down the school walls. Sitting on the floor, I slipped off my soaked shoes. I had reached for the grey shoes but hesitated. Should I take both or just the pair that I need? I remember reaching for both shoes because I hadn’t wanted anyone to laugh at me. I hadn’t wanted to be the center of attention.

They had been a little big, but they had worked. I had picked up my shoes and ran back to my cubicle, where I had stuffed them into my backpack. Throughout the day, I continued to wear those shoes. I had been half afraid someone would say they were theirs, but no one stopped me.

I didn’t think anything about it until now.

My mate’s scent-it reminded me of the scent in the hallway. I didn’t know why but it did, and that memory came running to the forefront. Now I was more curious to find out who my mate was.

When he finally stepped out of the shadow---I was stunned speechless. His dark olive eyes swept over me.

The only thing running through my mind was, the Gods above must be angry with me. I am mated to Gamma Judah. He hates me. He doesn’t like me. What will he do? Will he truly reject me?

“Gamma Judah,” I breathed in shock, frozen to the spot.

He didn’t say anything. He only watched my expression, as if he was searching for something. I didn’t know what it was. The closer he got to me, the stronger his scent was. It was an earthy scent, one that reminded me of a summer day outside spent rolling around the mud and coming inside. It reminded me so much of that day.

“It’s Judah now, isn’t it?” He raised an eyebrow.

Judah-right, because he was my mate. I shook my head and his eyebrows furrowed some more. I was not ready for this. I had envisioned meeting my mate a thousand times, but this I had never envisioned in my life.

I turned and ran, without looking back to see if he was following.

A second later, I heard a growl and thudding on the ground. I risked a glance behind to see that he had shifted and was now chasing me. I dug my feet and pushed harder. I was not ready for this. I was not ready for him.

When I knew I couldn’t outrun the beast behind me, I shifted. My clothes shredded into a million pieces and I made a run for it. My ears perked when I heard him growl. He sounded closer. A lot closer.

I slid underneath a fallen tree before hopping on some logs and jumping off onto the ground, only I didn’t land so beautifully as I originally thought I would. I ended up landing on my stomach. I whimpered when I felt pain shoot through my stomach. I must have torn a stitch. The smell of blood invaded my nostrils and Judah grew angrier. I could hear his growls becoming more feral. He was upset with me. I knew it. Now he was really going to really me.

I could already envision the headlines in the newspapers about a Gamma tearing apart his pack member. It would not mention I was his mate, because Judah would never tell anyone.

Suddenly, I was tackled to the ground. I yelped and whined, rolling onto my back and then onto my stomach. I struggled to get him off me but his wolf was so much bigger than mine. He snarled and I snarled right back. I snapped my jaws at him to faze him but he snapped back. I kept growling and struggling until I felt his jaw snap around my neck, ordering me to submit. I stopped struggling almost immediately.

He settled his body on top of mine and refused to move. The brute was so heavy that it was making it harder for me to breathe. He was going to squish me to death, that was it. I was going to be suffocated by his weight.

After several minutes passed and we had both finally calmed down, Judah shifted on top of me and I felt him lick my stomach. It was then that I recognized the little flutter of sparkles on my fur where he was touching me. He whined while licking my stomach and my wolf shamelessly reeked her sexual hormones.

Judah’s moods were giving me whiplash. He was snarling now as if he was yelling at me. He growled, bared his sharp canines in my face before he bit down hard on my neck. Not hard enough to pierce my skin but hard enough to apply pressure on my pressure points.

Everything around me started fading away. I tried fighting it but I couldn’t, before I knew it, I was unconscious.

~ ~ ~

I awoke in my bed with a scream, quickly covering my head with my blanket. My nightmare last night was horrifying. I remember finding out Judah was my mate, and getting chased by him. These dreams needed to go away. I couldn’t do this.

“Get up,” Judah’s voice ordered.

Hot, sensual tension vibrated through my body and my body responded with goosebumps. My eyes flew open and I froze underneath the covers.

“Rose, I will only tell you once, don’t make me say it again.”

I refused to obey and face reality.

He yanked the blanket off me. I gasped as my whole body was exposed to him. I turned to give an accusing glare but then everything came rushing back the second my eyes connected with him.

He was my mate.

He was still my mate.

It wasn’t a dream.

“Oh god,” I breathed, covering my eyes and leaning back to lay on my bed.

“Get up,” Judah demanded, glowering at me. “You slept for most of the day. We couldn’t leave with the rest of the crew. I had to wait for you. Now you and I are going back home.”

“This is a dream. I’m dreaming, right?” I lifted my palm a little to peek at him.

Suddenly, he launched at me. The scream forming in my throat died when he had me completely boxed in, his arms on either side of my head. His earthy scent slid around me like a snake, entrapping me.

“Not a dream. Got it,” I squeaked.

“Get ready,” Judah growled.

His hand wrapped around my wrist before he yanked me up into a sitting position. Tingles erupted from where he had his hand wrapped around me. I yanked my wrist away from him before glaring at him. I looked at my wrist and then I saw that I was not wearing my regular sleeping clothes. I was wearing his t-shirt.

I screamed.

Judah rolled his eyes.

“You-you-you-” I pointed a finger accusingly at him.

“I’ve seen everything.” He shrugged nonchalantly, stuffing his hands into his black denim skinny jeans.

I started hyperventilating. He was the one who knocked me out. He was the one who dressed me. He put on my bra and my panties. He slipped his shirt on me.

“I’m going to kill you,” I snarled before kicking off the bed and jumping at him. He instantly wrapped his arms around me as we tumbled onto the ground.

I straddled his hips before throwing a punch at his face. Unfortunately, the man was quick witted and caught my first in his palm. He raised an eyebrow before knocking me off his body and doing a perfect straddle pin. My hair flew into my face and I blew it away with a puff.

“Get off me,” I snarled.

His jaw ticked in irritation,his eyes still glowering at me. I made an attempt to free myself but it only made the situation worse. Finally, I gave in and huffed.

“Are you done now?” he scolded me.

“Yes,” I grumbled.

“Go and change. I will wait for you downstairs.” He got off me.

I watched him leave before walking over to my already packed suitcase. Flipping it open, I pulled out my sweater and sweatpants. I took one look at my sweater and then one look at his shirt. Suddenly, my sweater didn’t look as comfortable and warm as his t-shirt.

“Damn mate bond,” I muttered as I threw my sweater back into the suitcase.

I shoved my feet into my sweats. I tried looking for my toothbrush and toothpaste but didn’t see anything. I figured he must have not packed that and walked to the bathroom to see that he had nicely laid out my toothbrush with toothpaste on there.

What exactly is his game?

I narrowed my eyes on the toothbrush before gently picking it up and examining it.

Did he poison me?

I sniffed the toothpaste. No weird scent.

I shrugged and brushed my teeth. If he was going to kill me, this would be the perfect way to do it. We were alone and no one would know.

After I was done brushing my teeth, I tied my hair up into a messy bun. I walked back to my suitcase with my personal care products and put them back into the ziplock bag nicely.

Once I was done, I zipped up my suitcase and walked out of the bedroom. A new feeling entered me. We were finally going home. I was going to see my mom again. It had been a nice stay at the resort, y but I couldn’t say I wasn’t happy to return home. I was more than ready.

I took the elevators down. When the door opened and I stepped out with my luggage in hand, I saw Judah sitting in the lobby waiting for me. He looked up from his phone when he heard me. Standing up, he shoved his phone in his pocket.

My eyes took a slow scan of his body and something inside of me screamed in a girly shrill. This man is mine. All mine.

My eyes slid over his broad shoulders and biceps. The man was so muscular that even the t-shirt wanted to cling onto him like a second skin. He had dark shades on to cover his eyes.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

Author’s Note:

Ok, I decided to do one more updates to those who are hanging off that cliffhanger. I want ya’ll to live but, seriously, I really think we should wait till next week to update again. Yeah?

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