Fever Claim

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She leaned forward with her rosy pink lips puckered. A soft inaudible sigh slipped from her lips, and her russet-colored eyes glazed over. Our mate bond flexed and materialized into the air between us.

Being that we are werewolves, we inherit all the animalistic traits of our inner beast regardless if we want them or not. We are possessive and territorial. It doesn’t help that I am a high-ranking werewolf, making me more robust in nature. This causes the overly excessive urge to be dominating and claim what is ours.

It would appear like I was handling this mate separation quite remarkably, but I was not. I had discovered that I couldn’t fucking sleep at night without having a wet dream. I would wake up sweating and hard as fuck. I would dream about pummeling deep into Rose and biting every single part of her delectable body.

It was hot and damn distracting.

Now, she was looking at me like she wouldn’t mind if I claimed those lips of hers. I physically swallowed hard because I was losing this battle. My canines were elongating, itching to sink themselves into her pretty cream-colored flesh. My primal instincts wanted to take over.

Shit! I started to unbutton my dress shirt. It was suddenly hot in this room. I adjusted my pants.

A knock sounded at the door.

My head snapped in that direction and I heard a faint erratic heartbeat. I didn’t recognize this heartbeat. Turning back to Rose, I noticed that she had pulled back. There was a faint downward slope to her lips. She wasn’t too happy either .

I kind of liked intoxicated Rose.

She revealed her emotions a lot better than non-intoxicated Rose.

I stood up from my seat next to her. My thigh knocked hers as I got up. I walked over to my door and opened it.

Katie stood in the doorway. Her long blonde hair fell past her shoulders and reached her waist. She looked at me, batting her eyelashes, and puckering her lips. She leaned against the doorway and crossed her arms over her chest.

Female Alphas are just as hormonal as male Alphas. They like to dominate in bed and use their powers for their own advantages. Katie’s scent was impure. If I focused my wolf senses on her scent, I was more than positive that she had slept with at least six males before. There was nothing wrong with sleeping around. Werewolves have high libidos. Some are able to resist temptation and others prefer to not resist. The only thing wrong here was that I was not interested.

Currently, her status outranked mine and judging by the way she was looking at me, she liked it. She oozed Alpha powers, urging me to accede to the scent of her arousal. Her eyes wandered over my body, glistening with need.

“Gamma Judah,” she purred in a seductive voice.

“Alpha Katie, is there something you need?” I asked, my voice is void of emotion.

“Since I will be here for two more days, I was thinking that maybe you can show me around the pack grounds. We could take a detour and-”


Tiny little hands were on my torso.

I looked down to find my mate’s arms wrapped around my midsection, hr hands stroking my chest. My chest muscles tensed underneath her innocent but greedy exploration, and my mind went blank even though my body was on high alert. I could feel her soft round breasts pressed up against my back.

“Gamma Judah is a little busy,” Rose whispered back in a sultry voice. The proximity between us was making me delirious. It felt a little like shooting fireworks. I was blinded and caught in the dense fog of my mate’s scent. That sensual but purposeful voice made me think very dirty thoughts. I clenched my teeth so hard it physically hurt.

Alpha Katie’s eyes changed back to normal. Her eyebrows creased in confusion. She looked taken aback to see that I had someone else in my room. She was so busy trying to woo me that she didn’t even smell Rose.

Rose’s hand slipped lower and lower and-


I grabbed onto her hands just as she was about to go for my belt.

“If you will excuse me,” I told Katie in a hoarse whisper before slamming the door closed.

Once the door was closed, Rose began giggling like a little girl. She burst out laughing and jumped on her feet, pulling back and clapping her hands.

“That was fun,” she said mischievously.

I couldn’t speak. I was shocked that she had just felt me up and was proud of it. I could only blink and stare at her.

I knew this wasn’t her. The tonic was making her insane, and a lot more brazen than she normally was, but she was my mate. I couldn’t help the physical attraction that I felt towards her. My heart skipped a beat upon seeing her smile so brightly. Her normally cool eyes were burning with victory and happiness.

I had only seen this kind of behavior from Rose twice. Once when she won the game back at the resort, and now. This side of her was different, and distracting.

I walked up to her and grabbed both her arms. She shook like a limp noodle in front of me before blinking and giving me a curious pout. When I didn’t say anything, she tilted her head to the side and arched an eyebrow.

“Why did you do that?” I questioned roughly.

“Touch you?” she replied.

“Yes,” I growled, feeling thoroughly confused and frustrated.

“Because she was going to hump your leg if I didn’t,” she said bluntly.

She tried to tear her eyes away from me but I released one arm to grab onto her chin. I turned her back to face me. I needed to see her eyes. This might have been the only time I would see something other than a cool front from her. I needed to see her.

Fire and jealousy.

I saw how she tensed up in the dining room. I waited for her to admit that we were mates. I wanted her to say it.

“You’re jealous.” I couldn’t help but feel smug. Right now, I wanted to fist pump in the air. This might have been the weirdest shit ever, but I was excited that it wasn’t just her wolf that was jealous. It was her too.

She pushed me away with a harsh shove. I stumbled back in surprise, releasing her so that both of us didn’t fall. She glowered at me and jabbed a finger in my face.

“You are a jerk of a mate,” she growled.

“Jerk?” I replied, righting myself and taking a step towards her. She spun on her feet, stumbling a little.

With her back to me, she lifted her chin in rebellion and placed her hands on her hips.

“You should have told them you had a mate, but you didn’t. Oh my god, you’re a horrible mate. I know now that you don’t want me but I am not like other women. I am an amazing woman, and if you don’t realize that, then it is your loss.”

She spun around suddenly and faced me with another cold, tipsy glare. She pursed her lips and a look of determination appeared on her soft features. She looked ridiculously cute. My wolf was basically groveling at her feet. He adored her. She was his moon.

“I, Rosemary Meyers, will find myself another mate,” she announced.

“And I, Judah Collins, will kill whoever you find as your auxiliary mate,” I responded, amused at her antics.

I took a step towards her. She hesitantly brought her chin down to look at me. She was unsure of what I was about to do. Hell, even I was unsure about what I was about to do. I took another step and cupped her cheek with my right hand. The soft, yet apparent, mate sparks flared to life, and it was as if they were a dose of tonic; our bodies were drawn towards each other. She took a step closer to me. There was barely an inch between us. She was adorable when she was jealous. I was also positive that she wouldn’t remember a damn thing tomorrow morning.

“You are being unreasonable, my little Rose,” I whispered, finding it hard to breathe with her so close.

Her eyelashes fluttered and she graced me with a small happy smile. One corner of my lips lifted, and I moved to cup the other side of her cheek. She melted into me immediately. Her hands moved to my sides and my eyes drifted lower to her lips.

She won’t remember.

Even if I kiss her, she won’t remember.

Slowly, I leaned down. My eyes drifted shut as my face moved closer to her soft and inviting lips. I heard the hitch in her breath, and felt her hands dig into my sides.

Ever so lightly, I skimmed my lips over hers. It was a tease, and my lips tingled to life. I had never kissed a girl before. She was the first. My heartbeat picked up and one hand slipped behind her head. I ran my fingers through her hair. She parted her lips-

A loud knock sounded at the door. Both our eyes snapped open. I looked at Rose’s face. She was drunk out of her mind, but there was a fiery look in her eyes, and the scent of her arousal filled the room. I gulped, closed my eyes, and fought to steady my breathing and heart rate. She was driving me insane. In this enclosed space, I wanted nothing more than to kiss her with no interruptions.

I released her and walked over to the door. Whipping it open, I glared at the person who had the balls to interrupt me. Ace looked at me and then glanced behind me.

“There are two rogue scents at the southwest border. The guards are hot on the rogues’ tails, but they are fast. Hunter is busy wrapping up the dinner since you decided to leave. He ordered you to catch the rogues and resolve the issue,” Ace stated.

“I am a little busy here,” I replied.

“I will have Scott watch her or bring her home,” Ace said, an amused smile appearing on his face.

He knew that I didn’t want to go. He knew that I wanted to stay with my mate. I didn’t normally display my feelings, but right now, I was torn between my duty as a mate and my duty as a Gamma. I was also very annoyed with Ace.

“What about you?” I growled, irritated.

“I am coming with you,” he smirked.

“Fine,” I snapped.

We waited for Scott to arrive before we left. We jogged down the stairs of the packhouse and out the front door. We quickly worked our way to the southwest border, still in our human form. It didn’t take long, because my blood was still pumping with adrenaline from the kiss I shared with Rose. I needed this run to cool my blood.

When we arrived at the scene, the guards had already shifted and were fighting off the rogues. They were tiny wolves, but looked extremely feral. It looked as if they had been in their wolf form for a very long time. They didn’t even realize that they had trespassed onto pack territory.

Ace and I jumped into the circle in our human forms to help the guards out. We both found no need to shift. Ace took care of a dirty grey wolf that was slightly larger than the one in front of me. The one in front of me looked like a pup. He crouched down and growled at me, baring his canines. He didn’t trust me at all, although I did not want to harm him. I only wanted him to shift. I willed him to listen by showing him that I had the upper hand. Gamma power rolled off me, and my stance became erect. I drew my shoulders back, looking the wolf straight in the eyes and demanding his obedience.

He growled and leaped at me. I jumped to the side and snatched onto his neck. Ace’s opponent saw that I had captured her companion. She growled and swiped her paw at Ace’s throat before running towards me.

The guards tackled her, but she was difficult to contain. The female wolf rolled, bit, scratched and fought with everything she could. She was uncontrollable. She was growling, saliva dripping from her jaws, and her eyes were filled with rage and panic.

Thirty minutes had gone by, and none of us had been able to control these two wolves. The little male wolf was a juvenile. Judging by its size, it was no more than seven years old. The female wolf no longer carried a juvenile scent on her. She was fertile. but she was at least in her twenties. Both she and the smaller wolf were upset, and scared out of their minds.

“Stop!” Hunter growled out of nowhere.

All the pack members stopped fighting, but continued to circle around the female wolf. She growled, still crouched and ready to find an exit. Hunter examined the situation. His eyes landed on me first before he turned to look at the female who still hadn’t noticed him yet.

He walked past me and towards the female wolf. The circle opened, allowing him to pass. Hunter released his Alpha aura. He demanded obedience, and the female’s attention.

Shocked, she snapped her eyes in his direction. Hunter didn’t move. He revealed no emotions.

“Shift,” he commanded.

The female wolf’s head bowed, but she looked like she was fighting Hunter’s order. She refused to obey him. Hunter’s jaw clenched, and he looked like he was fighting an internal battle.

“I said shift,” he snapped.

The female wolf growled, and her claws dug into the ground. Her body started to shake, but she still refused to obey Hunter’s Alpha command.


Finally, Hunter knelt down, his eyes level with those of the female wolf. This was a sign of equality, and showed that Hunter meant no harm. Hunter was kneeling. Alphas do not kneel unless...

“I am asking you to shift,” he said in a softer tone.

The female wolf looked at him and let out a low growl, as if telling him to ‘fuck off’.

Hunter didn’t answer her growl. He stared at her intently. Finally, a human emotion flashed across her feral eyes. Uncertainty.

“I won’t hurt you. I just need you to shift. Change back,” Hunter assured her.

Slowly, she started to shift, her legs turning into human legs. Hunter quickly stripped out of his shirt. He walked up to her just as she had fully shifted back into her human form. He slipped the shirt over her slim body.

When he stepped back, she looked up at him, still wary of his actions, and hugged her body. She was shaking and weak. She had been in her wolf form for far too long.

Her skin was a warm, tawny color. Her long black hair drifted past her shoulders and reached her hips. Her large doe eyes collided with Hunter’s.

“Mine,” Hunter whispered quietly, not to himself, but as a declaration to everyone.

The little wolf in front of me saw what had happened. He bit my hand hard, his canines digging into my skin.

“Fuck!” I yelped, pulling back. The wolf escaped my grasp and bounded toward the female wolf.

She opened her arms and held him close. She clutched the little pup to her chest like it was her own. She growled and pulled her lips back to reveal her canines. This pup wasn’t hers though. Their scents were mixed, but she was pure. She hadn’t been touched.

Nobody said anything. I think everyone was still shocked at the truth. Our Alpha had found his mate. The woman sitting on the ground wasHunter’s. How fucking crazy was that?

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