Fever Claim

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Twenty One


I slammed the door closed behind me before spinning Rosemary in front of me. Her eyes immediately sought out mine. She’s surprised but I’m pissed off and I am beyond rational. She can see how angry I am. The second late bell rang out in the hallway. She glanced behind me and then back at me.

“I am late for class,” she said, tried to move around me but my arm halted her by wrapping around her waist.

She looked up at me in question. I pulled her to stand in front of me. Those light russet eyes blinked in confusion and swirled with questions.

“Jude?” she questioned.

“I don’t like the way he was looking at you,” I grounded, trying to fight off the overwhelming emotions flooding my mind. It was like a constant hypnotic wave.

“How was he looking at me?” she cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms in front of me.

Noah isn’t a threat. He has turned eighteen earlier this year and has not found his mate. There is nothing wrong with him except that he is newly matured. I never minded him in the past but now, my wolf and I dislike his fucking ass. I want to go back out there and beat the crap out of him. I wanted to tear apart my challenger and show my mate exactly who is worthy to stand by her side.

“Just don’t talk to him anymore,” I growled through clenched teeth, still fighting off the overwhelming urge to claim her.

Every damn day not marking her is a challenge. I’m on edge. I don’t like being triggered and I sure as hell do not like it when unmated males crawl up to my mate’s side asking to be study partners. She’s nobody’s fucking study partner.

“And if I do?” she taunted further, not caring what I will do.

The balls on this woman are bigger than most pack warriors I work with every day either that or she doesn’t know what territory she is treading into. Does she not understand how hard it is for me to control myself?

A low, feral and territorial growl rumbled from my chest before I grabbed her by the arm, slammed her up against the wall of my office away from the office door and boxed her in. She tried to move but I curled my lips back and flashed her my canines. My eyes dropping to her neck where I can see her pulse throbbing lightly against her skin.


I moved closer, my lips going close to the crook of her left neck. She pressed her palms against my chest. Inhaling, I can literally taste her blood and scent on my tongue.

“I’m trying here, my little Rose. Don’t make me do something we both will regret,” I grounded through clenched teeth.

I pressed my lips to her throbbing pulse. Her fisted my shirt and she unconsciously tilted her head to the side to give me better access.

Shit! My canines cut the inside of my lips. I can taste my own blood. I recoiled away from her but quickly realize that will be impossible as she still had a grip on my shirt.

“Werewolves are territorial, Rose. You’re my mate. I can’t help but be possessive. I haven’t marked you yet and it’s driving me crazy. Don’t tease me unless you want to complete this process.” My hand went over her hands that were gripping my shirt before I slowly pulled her away.

“It’s just Noah,” she countered.

“He is an unmated male. You’re mine, Rose,” I snarled in anger.

“Is it just the bond?” she changed the subject so quickly, it took me a minute to understand.

“What?” My eyes slid to meet questioning ones.

“Do you want me just because of the bond?”

I’m caught off guard with that question. I didn’t expect her to ask me that question. She looked away, just like how she always does when she doesn’t want to reveal too much. I halted her actions by pinching her chin and turning her to look back at me. I needed to see those light russet-colored eyes.

“What do you think?” I whispered, my eyes scanning her face for any indication or flood of emotions.

She tried to look away again, but I pinched tighter and demanded her to answer my questions with my eyes.

“I know you, Judah. You hate me a lot. You’re always yelling at me and barking for me to get out of your way. We are nothing alike. You have friends and I don’t. I prefer to be alone when you are surrounded by people. Ladies want you and-”

“And?” I waited for her to continue.

“I don’t know why we are mates,” she whispered, and my wolf whimpered inside my mind. Something twists inside my rib cage.

“You’re right. I don’t know why we are mates. I did hate your guts. You annoy me with your indifference and inability to reveal emotions. Fuck, even now, it is hard to get a read on you and you are my mate. You challenge me. You push me to my limits. You infuriate me. None of that has changed even with the mate bond magnifying between us. Everything about you sends me on edge,” I replied.

She gulped and a flash of hurt crossed her eyes. Damn those emotions. I live for those emotions. I will do anything for her to show me and tell me all her secrets.

“I’m late for class.” She pushed hard on my chest to push me away.

“What I feel for you hasn’t changed-” She pushed harder and gave an angry grunt of frustration when I still refuse to move.

I moved to cup her cheeks, forcing her to look at me once again. She lowered her eyelashes to stop me from looking into her eyes. We are standing so close to each other. If she took one more step, her body will be pressed up against mine.

“What I feel for you hasn’t changed because you still manage to do all that even after the bond, but I don’t just feel possessive and jealous because of the bond.”

She stopped struggling.

“Look at me, Rose,” I ordered.

Her eyes fluttered open to meet mine. It is like looking through an open portal of emotions. I can drink all those emotions in until I am drunk with them and I still won’t get enough of it.

“I am possessive and jealous of you because I like you, Rose. I fucking like how you push me to my limits. I like how you infuriate me and manage to piss me off all in one breath. I like how fate has chosen you to be my mate. I earned the right to be the only male who can be possessive and jealous of you which is why I am ordering you to stay away from all unmated males,” I whispered, leaning forward to suck on her bottom lip.

She sighed in either relief or defeat? I am not sure which, but I felt her instinctively leaned forward into my embrace. I meant everything I said. I don’t normally talk but it’s the truth. This female is the very definition that drives me crazy, but she was also everything that I needed. I like her. I like her a lot.

When I pulled back to look down at her, her eyes were glazed with desire and needs. Her arousing scent filled my tiny office space and burning permanently in my brain. There is no doubt how much I want her. The raging hard on in my pants was becoming uncomfortable.

When the third bell rang, I released her back to her next class—almost reluctantly.

I had to pace around my office until my raging hard on had calm down before I went for my next class. Like every other day, I pushed everyone harder than I should, but I needed to get rid of this pent-up urge to be balls deep inside my mate.

Later that day after dropping Rosemary back off at home. I headed over to the packhouse to meet my parents. I don’t like dropping by, but my father had made it clear that he wanted me over to discuss some pack matters.

I knocked on my father’s office in the packhouse and heard his gruff voice for me to enter. My father sat in his office chair. He stopped what he was doing when he saw me. My mother knitted by the fireplace. She looked up and gave me a soft smile when she saw it was me.

“Judah, sweetie,” my mother smiled.

“Judah, you’re here. Good. Sit down, let’s talk.” My father stood up from his chair and walked around the desk to sit next to my mother.

I moved to sit across from them.

“We called you here because it seems you have been ignoring Katie. She has just turned eighteen and has not found her mate within the pack. Have you talked to her yet?” My father asked.

“No,” I replied.

“Honey, you are twenty-one and yet to find your mate. Do you want to settle down? Have you ever tried to find your mate?” my mother questioned, worriedly.

“If you do not have any intentions of finding your mate, I think you should consider mating with Alpha Katie. Your status will change. You will work as an equal alongside her. She will rule the pack and you will serve as her mate,” my father suggested with a wave of his hand.

“I am not interested.”

“Kara, please talk some sense to our son.” My father’s patience is wearing thin.

“Darling, tell me what’s wrong. Katie seems like a perfect fit. Some mates are not destined and are chosen. There is no harm in-”

“I am not interested,” I snarled, ending my mother’s reasoning.

My father stood up immediately. He’s pissed off. He begins to pace the small enclosed office space. His shoulders are tense.

“We want grandpups. I will not allow you to be alone. You will mate regardless if you like it or not!” my father roared his displeasure.

“Joseph, please calm down,” my mother scolded by my father.

He turned to face her and at once his eyes softened a little. Growling his displeasure, he moved to sit in the seat next to her again.

“You will mate, Judah.” My father forced his order. “Your mother and I want grand pups. We want to grow old and see you mated.”

I didn’t want to tell them yet because I wasn’t ready. I wanted to strengthen the mate bond between Rosemary and I more before having my parents interfere but if I don’t tell them, they will force me to mate with Alpha Katie.

“I found my mate,” I replied.

My mother’s eyes perked up. My father’s eyes snapped to me.

“Who is it?” my mother asked.

“Rosemary,” I replied.

“Rosemary? Catalina’s daughter?” my father questioned, standing up again.

“Oh,” my mother whispered with a little worry in her voice.

“What?” I looked between them both.

“When did you find this out?” My father ignored my question and asked one of his own.

“At the resort, she turned eighteen. Tell me what’s going on.” I stood up this time to look at my father directly in the eyes.

My mother sighed before getting up and walking over to take hold of my hand.

“Calm down, it is nothing. It does not change our opinions of her. If we didn’t like her, she wouldn’t be in this pack.”

“Then what is it?” I asked, returning my eyes to my father.

“Son, your mate is not what you think she is.” (I was so totally going to end it here but then I can hear you guys jumping off the cliff with cries of desperation)

“Sit down, Jude.” My mother tugged on my arm.

“No. Not until you tell me what the fuck is going on,” I growled impatiently.

My parents exchanged looks before my father answered me.

“When Catalina approached our pack territory fifteen years ago, she had asked for sanctuary. She offered her skills and plead her case. The Alpha felt sympathetic towards her and Rosemary. We took her in as our pack member but before we could accept Catalina and Rosemary, we had to know who they were and their history.

Catalina told us that her mate was human. He was a hunter. She was blinded by the bond, but her mate wasn’t. He was cruel. He used her for experimentation and in every way possible. When Catalina found out she was pregnant with Rosemary. She found a way to make her mate trust her. She lied to him and ran away. She stayed on the run for five years and raised Rosemary on her own until five when they finally entered our territory.”

I understood exactly why he told me this.

“Nobody else in this pack knows this because he is still hunting them,” I said and immediately knew I was right.

“She’s part human which is why she doesn’t crave social life as much as we do. She gets cold and wear thicker clothes. Her eyesight isn’t as great as ours. Does Rosemary know this?” I asked.

My father shook his head, “Her mother does not want her to know.”

My wolf is feeling anxious. Suddenly, we both needed to see our mate. We needed to make sure she is alright. I tried to reason with myself by saying I had just dropped her off at home an hour ago but that wasn’t enough. I needed to be close to her. Without another word, I turned on my feet and headed out of my father’s office and out of the packhouse.

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