Fever Claim

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Twenty Seven


An eccentric, devilish hue of red-orange tainted the sky as the rained poured heavier. Thunder lashed in a distance. There is also the sound of the pouring rain that is pounding on the rooftop and windows of my home but even with all this chaos that is happening outside, it is indistinct compared to how fast my mate's heartbeat is beating. She's excited and curious but bizarrely still pretty pissed off.

She abruptly pulled her lips away from mine. My eyes flew open to see her hazy, lust-filled light russet eyes seemed to have deepened into a pool of dark chocolate. Her lips were swollen from our kiss. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip. I followed the movement like a hawk. I felt my abs tightened underneath those deep exotic colors.

"What are we doing?" she breathed.

I secured one hand on one side of her face. I will never get tired of how it feels to touch her. Every nerve in my body is stimulated like an enticing magnetic field vibrating and pulling us closer. My eyes dropping from those tantalizing eyes back down to her rosy lips.

Honestly, I don't know where to start but I do know I want this to work. I want her to be mine. I do know that when I am in her presence I have the overwhelming urge to drop to my knees and kiss the floor she walks on. Whenever I look at her, my heart pounds erratically in my chest.

"Does it feel right?" I whispered.

Her hands moved to my waist and she unconsciously pulled me closer to her, pressing her front against mine. This unspoken attraction between us is undeniable. Through all our bickering, we have grown comfortable with the bond. It sizzles and burns, intensifying into a glaring inferno.

Another clash of lightning. Thunder grew closer and the sky grew redder. My eyes dropped to her lips.

"It feels-"

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Shit, I growled internally. The lasagna in the oven. She blinked and the spell broke. Pulling away from me, she headed out of the bedroom quicker than I can formulate a sentence.

My wolf is growling in my head. He is pissed off and it is rubbing off on me. I am in full agreement. Fuck, if that lasagna was alive, it would be dead by now.

I shoved a hand through my hair and hissed between my teeth. I have a raging hard on that is evidently bulging between my legs. Distantly, I heard her turning off the oven and pulling the baked lasagna.

Huffing like a child getting his toy taken away, I exited the bedroom to the kitchen. She wore oven mitts and was just placing the lasagna on a cooling rack.

She tucked a strand of strawberry blonde hair behind her ear before looking back up at me but her eyes were no longer open portals of emotions. Fuck am I pissed at that pan of lasagna right now. It is not even funny.

"Well, I am glad that stopped us from doing whatever we were doing," she grumbled.

I scoffed before walking around the counter to make her and I a plate of food. I can't kill it but at least I can make it disappear by devouring the shits out of it.

She followed me to the dining table and sat down adjacent to me. I sat down her plate before mine. We ate in comfortable silence.

By the time we finished, it was late into the night. She let out a tired yawn and stretched in her seat. She ate a good portion of the lasagna and left me to finish the rest. The electricity during this storm is worse. Usually, every home has back up generator to heat up food and water.

"Go to bed. I'll wash up," I ordered.

"Ok," she yawned, removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes before standing up and walking to the bedroom.

I watched her leave before finishing up. I checked the doors, including the broken one that Ace broke through. After, I looked out the living room window. It is still raining heavily by the reddish glow has reverted back to complete darkness.

I scanned the outskirts of my home for any unknown movement before dropping the curtains into place. I sat down on the sofa and worked on some class curriculum for next week. I drafted some training rounds and schedules before shoving them in a binder.

I placed the binder on the coffee table and sat my pen on top of it before standing up. Stretching and yawning, I slipped off my t-shirt before padding down the hall to my bedroom.

Opening the door quietly, I looked to see my mate sound asleep in bed. She rolled herself up into a cocoon again. Sighing, I walked over to her side of the bed.

Her strawberry blonde hair is released from her bun and splayed over her pillow and face. Grinning at how ugly she slept, I swept her hair back to reveal her soft features. She let out a soft snore that sounded like a cat being suffocated.

"We seriously need to talk about your sleeping habits," I murmured.

My thumb grazed her lips and it parted on command. Fuck, she's gorgeous. Every day, she seems to be more and more beautiful. It wasn't just her looks but everything about her. Who knew Rosemary had a cute side?

I exhaled again in exhaustion before standing up and walking over to my side of the bed. I had no blankets, seeing that my mate took care of taking it all for herself. I didn't mind. I get overheated anyways.

Putting an arm behind my head, I closed my eyes and allowed sleep to take over.

The second I fell asleep, I dreamt about her. Naked and squirming underneath me. It is just like every other night.

Except for tonight.

Tonight is different from all other nights.

Tonight she is sleeping in my bed. I started gaining consciousness when I heard her moan before latching onto my throat. She sucked at my pulse. It sent electrical fireworks straight to my cock jerking me awake.

Her arms tightly wrapped around me. Her legs locking me in and I am grounding my bulge against her sweet core.


I shot out of bed quicker than ever causing momentary confusion. She blinked several times and a small frown on her lips. The protective blanket she had cocooning her is on the floor. Her shirt that she changed into hiked up to reveal perfect, full breasts that I would very much love to bury my face in. The soft pink peaks begging for my mouth to suck.

Growling, I headed for the bathroom. Slamming it shut, I leaned against the sink. My eyes falling on the hickey on my neck. I gulped and traced the purplish, possessive evidence. She fucking gave me a hickey.

Did she know what she was doing? Who did it? Was it her or was it me? Christ, I am going crazy.

A soft knock sounded at the door. I knew it was her but I am not sure it is safe to open. My breathing is still raggedly uneven and I still have the strong urge to fuck her senseless. The throbbing pain between my leg is evidence.

"Judah?" She sounds worried.

"Yeah?" I croaked before clearing my throat.

"Are you okay in there? I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I don't know what is wrong with me."

Wait? Does she think this is her fault?

I opened the door. She looked me over. Inhaling sharply when she saw the pure carnalistic hunger in my eyes. No doubt she will run at this point. Her lips are swollen from my kisses again.

"This isn't your fault. It is mine." I released the doorknob to run a hand through my hair in frustration. I hissed through my teeth.

By the light shining into the room, it is now the next day. However, it was still raining pretty heavy still.

"I have these dreams," she whispered.

My eyes snapped to her. She shifted uncomfortably before huffing and looking up at me.

"I dream about having sex with you," she admitted.

I watched the familiar pink, reddish tint her cheeks and neck. She tugged her lower lip between her teeth. She has wet, dirty dreams about me too?

"I know we said to wait but I mean, you are my mate and I can't see who else to experience-"

"Stop," I growled, my desires beat against my restraints.

She looks awkward but she disregarded my order. She continued speaking in front of me; avoiding my eyes.

"I trust you. You said you like me and I like you too. A lot actually." She chuckled, still not looking at me.

Fuck it.

I captured her lips and eliminated the spaces between us in seconds. If she means what she says, I will give her all I have. Everything she wants, it's hers. No complaints from me.

She moaned and slid her arms around my neck. I pushed her up against the door and pressed my body up against hers. I can feel her breasts through the thin t-shirt she had on. It drives me insane and I cupped one breast into my hands possessively. It fit perfectly. Filling my palm right to the fingertip. I skimmed my thumb over her erect nipple and she parted her lips on a gasp.

I tore my lips from hers and moved down to her neck where I returned the same gesture she did to me. A large hickey for everyone to see.


I pinched her sensitive skin between my teeth before slipping my hands higher and ripping her shirt straight down the middle to expose her breasts. As soon as I felt them bounce freely, I placed open-mouthed kisses down her chest and to one of her breasts where I hungrily took in a nipple. She tastes like heaven and honey. Sweetness flooded my taste buds and I am instantly addicted.

She moaned, threading her fingers through my hair.

"You are mine, Rose," I growled hungrily.

Lifting her up but not missing a beat in sucking her nipple, I carried us over to the bed where I lay her down gently. My sweatpants riding low on her hips, revealing a perfect belly button and nice wide hips that will carry our pups.

It is too soon to give her all of me but it is perfect to take what she is offering. I won't take what is rightfully mine yet but I still want to taste it.

I untied the knot on her sweatpants before yanking it down. She is completely naked underneath me and I lost all coherent thoughts. She is a fucking goddess. No one will see this. She will never bathe in the river again. I thank the Gods above that she loves wearing sweaters and oversized clothes.

It slowly dragged over her full breasts down to her small waist to the curves of her wide hips. My eyes settling in on the prize between her legs and I had to bite my lips to stop myself from groaning out loud.

She is a goddess.

I crushed my lips onto hers. Her upper body touching every inch of my naked chest and I swear this is the hardest test I have ever gone through for self-control. My father can put me through any of his self-restraint testings and I will pass them with flying colors.

Her legs were on either side of me. I can feel the heat between her legs and it drives me almost over the edge. My beast wants to mark her. Claim her as ours forever.

Kissing my way down her body, I salivated the second my mouth settled between her legs. With yearning and excitement, I licked the juices that coat her core before sucking and swirling around the delicious and sweet goodness.

She moaned and squirmed. Her hips bucking with each lick and thrust of my tongue. She tastes pure. This scent has never been touched and it drives the beast in me wild. I wanted to claim this. I wanted to claim her first wave. Her first ride. Her first high. Her first orgasm.

Her thigh clenches around my head. I saw her stomach clench and I knew she was near. I just knew. She tried pushing me away, frantic and unprepared for what is about to happen but I grabbed her hips and exerted more force and quickened my tongue. Instantly, she cried out my name. Her hands pressed my mouth and tongue to her core and she rocked her hips shamelessly for more. It hit her so beautifully that even I am enraptured by my mate's first orgasm.

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