Fever Claim

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Leaning against the brick building of the high school, I watched the students sitting in their cliques on the freshly cut grass. Everyone is acting like they are inattentive, but I am willing to bet my money that they are very aware of their Gamma and Beta is watching them from afar.

Hunter assigned us babysitting duties which earned us faculty positions in the high school. Ace works in the music department and I work in the physical education department. I do an hour training session every day at the school to all the teen pack members.

My eyes drifted to the popular girl students who dressed in expensive clothing and wore thick as fuck makeup. They were sitting around on a blanket chitchatting away about whatever the fuck girls talk about, but I have a feeling they were talking about us because they keep staring our way.

"Jude, I just counted. Thirty. Thirty phone numbers slipped into my pocket including a fucking thong," Ace grumbled in distaste.

Ace didn't roll the way the girls are wanting. Ace is gay. He has always liked men and it's always been that way. He doesn't talk about his private life much but anybody that truly knows him knows he is gay.

"I'm more worried about how they did it without you noticing," I replied.

"We were watching a movie in class. It was the Sound of Music. It was supposed to be a quiet and innocent class session with the lights off, not slip phone numbers into my pocket while I'm watching a movie," Ace answered while tossing the phone numbers and thong into the waste bin.

My line of sight has long moved away from the group of popular girls to something a lot more infuriating. Instantly, my mood dampened as I watched her cross the football fields with her nose buried in a book. She was carrying a half-eaten sandwich in her hand. Her glasses have slipped down the bridge of her nose. The strawberry blonde hair braided and swept to the side. Today, she had on jeans overall shorts with a white tank top underneath that revealed a pair of very long legs.

"Doesn't she fucking watch where she is going?" I muttered with a shake of my head.

Ace returned his attention to me before turning to follow my line of sight. A sigh came from my left and I tore my eyes away to look at him.

"What?" I asked, annoyed.

"Leave her alone, Jude," Ace warned.

"I haven't done shit to her," I growled.

"You hated her since grade school and almost beat her up for bumping into you. She avoids you like you're the fucking black plague."

That pissed me off even more. There is just something about Rosemary that sets my wolf and me on edge. We don't like it and sometimes I find myself messing with her just to get her riled up.

Clenching my teeth, I pushed off the wall only to be stopped with a body that jumped in front of me. I looked down at the brunette baby standing in front of me. If I recall, she's a senior this year and had just had her eighteen years old birthday bash.

"Gamma, I am having a little bit of trouble learning the straddle pin that you taught yesterday. I am wondering if you can give me some extra tips or one on one sessions before our next training." She blinked innocently up at me, pouting her lips and making sure I had a clear view of her twins.

I looked behind her and saw her group of friends watching with clear interest.

"I could really use the help," she said and in a bold move moved forward and placed a hand on my chest.

A flash of white and light blue caught my attention. My eyes snapped up to find Rosemary on the move again. She still has her book in her hands but this time she's walking further into the line of woods.

"Gamma?" The brunette tried to get my attention again.

I glanced down at her and saw that she had stepped closer. Her body rubbing up against me.

"I see the problem here," I replied.

She puckered her lips into what I believe is supposed to be a cute pout. She nodded her head and her evergreen eyes shined like she just found out that someone she loves just died.

"We can resolve the issue without one on one session. In fact, if you want, we can do it right out here," I murmured.

Her eyes flashed pure black. I placed my hand over the hand she had on my chest and another one on her cheek. Bending now, I looked at her right in the eyes.

"The problem is that you aren't focused. I am blaming the female hormone since you just turned eighteen. How about you run thirty laps around the football field. That will help with your focus. If that doesn't work, come back to me and I'll make sure to find something else for you to let out all that repressed hormones," I assured her.

She blinked and her eyes returned to normal. If my life were a cartoon, smoke will be coming out of her ears and nose. She curled her lips in anger and stomped away. Ace started guffawing next to me. I am internally cursing Hunter for putting me here.

"He's such an ass!" I heard her screech from behind me just as I turned to Ace. "How good is that dick anyway? I don't give a shit how hot he is. I'm hotter. He doesn't know what he is missing. Fucking Gamma."

A round of murmured, "Yes."

"He's a fucking jerk. Asshole doesn't know what he is missing," she cried out in a fit.

Ace laughed even more. I ran a frustrating hand over my face. I made a mental note to go home and strangle Hunter. I swear the man is punishing me by placing me here.

The lunch bell rang and everyone began piling inside. Ace slapped me on the back shoulders before heading inside himself to teach his class. I glanced back at the edge of the woods to see where she went but she was nowhere in sight.

I walked out to the football field and waited for my next class to arrive in the fields. Stripping out of my sweatshirt, I tossed it on the benches, only wearing my white sleeveless shirt.

Not even a minute later, my students began running out of the gym double doors. I always start with warm-ups which involves fifteen laps around the football fields and fifty push-ups before I lead them into their training.

This school mostly consists of werewolves. Very humans linger around here. We live in kind of a secluded place. Our principal is a pack member. The faculty saturated more than half of the departments.

When school day finally ended, I was more than relieved. While walking out of the building and out the faculty parking lot, I caught sight of Rosemary. She had her book bag hooked over her shoulder and was walking home. I took my keys out of my pocket and walked to my truck.

The drive home was quiet. I lived on the outskirts of the territory in my own little cabin. I used to live with my parents nearer to the pack house but after turning eighteen and taking on the Gamma position, I had a steady flow of cash to live off on my own.

Unlocking the front door, I walked inside. My cabin is small. It's not made for a huge family. It's made to house at least four people and that's it. The home is a one level home like an 'L' shape. My sofa and TV are situated to my left when I walk into the home. To my right is my solid wood dining table and just ahead of it is my kitchen with one long counter separating the dining table from the kitchen.

If I continue walking straight, it will lead me to the guest bathroom and bedroom. Small but it's comfortable and quiet out here. Another bonus, it makes border control so much fucking easier.

Tossing my keys onto the dining table, I quickly made myself a sandwich in the kitchen before carrying the plate into the living room. There on the coffee table was some paperwork that I have been working on the previous night. I sat the plate down and grabbed the sandwich, taking a bite. I began finishing up some paperwork and drafting up tomorrow's training.

Once I completed what I needed to be done, I walked to my bedroom where I changed into my running clothes. A pair of black jogging pants with white stripes on the side and a black sleeveless hoodie. Pulling on my hoodie, I walked out of the house and began jogging around the border.

If I am going to do a quick run, I might as well do a quick border check. Not a lot of strangers passed by but it is better to be safe than not.

The thing about running is that if you do it long enough, it becomes easier to breathe and manage. To control the air that expands your lungs and releasing it steady. I also love how it felt to have adrenaline run through my veins. Running also helps me clear my mind and right now, it is the best cure for when I am thinking too much.

While jogging, my mind wandered back to Rosemary. I remember clearly when I first met her. She arrived in the pack with her mother at age six. My parents, Ace's parents, and Hunter's parents were the first to meet them. Rosemary sat on the sofa next to her mother.

Normally, a pup will be shy but friendly but not Rosemary. Rosemary had no smile on her face. Her hair was braided into two ponytails. Her eyes were not the eyes of an innocent happy child. They were expressionless like she had no emotions.

When she looked at me, I felt something inside of me awaken but I'm not even sure what it was. I am not even sure what it is right now. I still feel it every time she looks at me.

I jumped over a fallen log on the ground. Breathing steadily, my eyes scanned. I felt my legs muscles tighten up, picking up speed. I pushed harder. I didn't realize how long I have been running and thinking until it started getting dark.

When I made my last bend around the corner and saw my home in the distance, I began to slow my pace. The sound of a water and crickets chirping and frogs croaking was the only sounds besides the sounds of my heavy footsteps.

Another mile or so and I'll be home or so I thought.

I stopped when I heard soft footsteps nearby the lake. Slowing down into a walk, I turned to the lake where I heard the sound. Once I emerged from the bushes and in front of the lake, I looked around. Narrowing my eyes because I am damn sure I heard something but now there was nothing. I took another step and felt something underneath my shoe.

Lifting my feet, I looked down to see that my foot had hooked onto a white bra. I found this strange because another scent lingered in the air but I couldn't pin who it was due to being so close to the water but boy did it spike up my curiosity.

I bent down to slip the bra strap off my shoe but my eyes caught something beyond it. A silver necklace with a teardrop pendant. I picked it up and walked the rest of the way back to my cabin.

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