Fever Claim

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Twenty Eight


Breathing irregularly, I looked from underneath my eyelashes to Judah and felt myself cream more between my legs upon seeing the primal, possessive look in his dark olive eyes. He stood at the side of the bed while hungrily eating me out a few minutes ago. He ran his thumb on his bottom lip before bringing into his mouth, licking the last drop of my orgasm.

It was a mind-numbing bliss. I am left speechless and yearning for more. The ache between my legs seemed to have doubled and the knot that unwounded, tightened back up.

His eyes dipped down, burning hot trails of fire down my body. No one has ever looked at me this way. He has never looked at me this way. Underneath those smothering eyes, I felt desire for the first time ever. It gave me a sense of power that I never knew I had.

A rush of confidence overtakes me and I lifted my hands and allowed them to glide down my body where he had heatedly looked. I watched his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down while watching my every move. I cupped my breasts and gave them a good squeeze. At first, it was awkward because I don’t know what the hell I am doing. I am doing what felt right and judging by the way he was looking at me, I am on the right track.

My thumb smoothed over my nipples and I heard him do a deep inhale.

“What are you doing?” he breathed.

I couldn’t stop the smile from appearing on my face. I didn’t realize I held this much power over him. To think I was the only affected with this bond. I’m excited and turned on at the same time.

I slid one hand down my belly and between my legs only to have his hand shot out and wrap around my wrist. Stopping me from furthering my action. His dark, dangerous eyes locked on mine. His breathing increased almost dramatically from my exploration.

"My little rose, do you understand what you are doing?” he rumbled from deep within his chest.

Without replying, I tried pulling my arm back, but he yanked me up in one jerk. I let out a squeak just as I flew into his arms. His hand wrapped around my waist.

He buried his nose into the crook of my neck and deeply inhaled. I can feel his wolf pushing forward, taking a little more control than his human, wanting contact with his mate desperately.

“So sweet like honey,” he groaned while sucking on my neck again.

The sensation is salaciously numbing in a way. I found myself pressing my naked body into his. His chest vibrated with approval, his hand slipped down to grab my ass in a domineering manner. I released a string of soft moans when I felt the small facial hair touch my sensitive skin. He’s all man, rough, and hard everywhere.

I am aware of how hard he is. It’s pressed firmly against my belly and causing me to release another wave of arousal in the air.

“We should wait until the right time. I want-” He pulled back to look at me. Hissing between his teeth and shoving a hand through his hair, he kept one arm firmly wrapped around my waist. I tilted my head to the side in confusion.

“What do you want?” I asked.

His eyes returned and did another powerful sweep of my body. He exhaled in frustration and rubbed a hand over his face.

“God, Rose, I am trying here,” he grumbled.

“You’re not making sense,” I replied, pushing away from him.

He released me. I picked up the blanket and wrapped it around my shoulders. Judah never took his eyes off me while I did that.

“I want to wait till the perfect time,” he replied.

“You don’t want to sleep with me?” He must have seen my emotions passing through my face because he immediately reached for me. I pulled back a little to escape him, crawling off the bed onto the other side. His eyes narrowed in irritation, not liking the distance I have not placed between us.

“I-I just-well-I-”

I looked at him. He looks flustered and at a loss with his vocabulary. It was actually kind of adorable. His burnt umber hair is disheveled with how many times him and I had run our hands through it. The hickey on his neck that I apparently have given him in my sleep is like a dark bruise.

Sighing, I turned to walk out of the room.

“It’s alright. We can wait,” I replied.

In an instant, his hands wrapped around my wrist. He spun me around and crushed his lips onto mine. I leaned back and allowed him to thrust his tongue inside and taste what is his.

“You frustrate me, you know that?” he growled after tearing his lips from mine. They were swollen pink and delicious.

“Me? What did I do?” I frowned, still clutching the blanket around my body.

“You’re frustrating because I can’t fucking think when I am around you.”

I scoffed, and how was that even my fault? His left hand smoothed to the back of my head where he tangled his fingers through my hair. While his right hand remained firmly wrapped around my waist, keeping me trapped. Gently pulling back, he exposed my throat to his exploration.

He nibbled and sucked on my neck. I closed my eyes and relished in his soft, full lips.

“When I see your eyes flare up with burning flames, it both satisfies and irritates me, my little Rose. I want to do so much to you. So much. Yet, I can’t. You deserve a chance to explore-”

“So, you want me to date, other guys?”

He released a deep inhuman growl but I shuddered in pure excitement. I like egging him on and pissing him off. I felt his canines dig a little harder on my skin, punishing me for my response.

“Oh, so you want me to explore my options with you?” I breathed a little breathless from his sweet and hasty assault on my throat.

I knew what he meant. I don’t regret it at all. He moved to the side and continued to nip his way up my neck to my ear where he tugged at my earlobe.

“Ow, watch it, Gamma,” I muttered but still affected by how intimately close we are.

A soft yet deep chuckle came from him. It wasn’t supposed to be sexual but it was. Super sexy. My heart fluttered at his laugh. I don’t get to hear it often. It’s melodies and symphonies to my ears. Secretly, I adore it so much.

I have grown used to seeing domineering, brooding Gamma but the sensual, relax Gamma? I want both of them.

He kissed his way down my jaw to my chin. Little rousing tingles erupted from our skin touching. It reminded us both of how close we are and whom our soulmate is.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he whispered.

Slowly, I lifted a hand and slipped it between us and to his lips. His eyes opened to look at me in surprise before they grew in question. His lips pressed against my fingers, I pushed him back.

“Release me, Wolf,” I joked.

His dark, piercing eyes bore into mine for a second and the brief light humor disappeared. The smile that was threatening to appear on his face vanished.

“I remember meeting you for the first time,” he spoke.

“Was I cute?” I replied.

He scoffed. “You were a pain in the ass. First time I met you, I knew you would be the one person that I would have trouble getting along with.”

I pursed my lips and gave him a good glare and after me, he just ate me out on the bed. I’m irritated. When he saw my reaction, his lips curved upwards and my heart skipped a beat.

He pressed a finger to my forehead before pushing my head back playfully.

“I didn’t like you because you didn’t give a fuck about me. It only made me want to tease you more, bully you some more just so I can get a reaction out of you. Do you realize how frustrating you are?” he mentioned again.

“No, really, I thought I was an angel,” I deadpanned him.

He pinched my cheek hard at my sarcastic remark before releasing me. I growled my displeasure. I pushed away from him and walked to his closet where I slammed the door shut in his face and went through his clothes. He usually finds me something to wear but, in this case, I’ll find something on my own. I pulled down a sweater from the hanger and grabbed a pair of sweatpants that can be tied around the waist.

I opened the door to see him glaring at it. His attention moved to me at once. A look of irritation flashed across his face.

“Will you stop and listen?” he growled back.

I am. I just needed to get dress. Being wrapped in a blanket in his arms was making me feel nervous and bare. I sat down at the end of the bed. I knew he was following me because his footsteps were near.

He sat down on the bed next to me. We both looked at the wall in front of us.

“Are you going to continue?” I asked after a minute of silence.

“I was just going to say, I’m sorry.”

“For?” Eating me out? Giving me an orgasm? Do you regret this? What are you sorry for, Gamma?

“I’m sorry for being an ass to you in the past and I want you to know that my feelings for you didn’t change because of the fucking mate bond, ok?” Well, that didn’t sound very sincere. I turned my head to look at him. He turned to look at me.

“I’m sorry, Rose,” he repeated this time a little softer and I realize how hard it was for him to speak his feelings.

I nodded before shrugging. Honestly, it didn’t really matter. He ignored, bullied, and was a total jerk to me but I didn’t really care what he did. I made it a point in my life not to care what he does to me—well until now.

“Ok,” I replied.

“Ok?” He arched an eyebrow.

“Well, yeah, I accept your apology but honestly, you didn’t do any damage, Judah. I still lived my life the way I wanted.”

He smirked at me and his olive eyes sparkled. “I know.”

“Plus, I got to know you better at the resort. You were still an ass, but you were kind as well. You protected me and rushed me to the medical wing,” I replied.

He lifted one hand and cupped the back of my neck before pulling me into his lap and giving me another hard kiss. I am starting to think he can’t stop kissing me because, in a span of two days, he has kissed me more than I can count. They weren’t small, insignificant kisses. They were toe-curling, heart-stopping, thigh clenching kisses.

I loved the way his lips feel against mine. They were surprisingly soft and full. Every time he kissed me, I tend to lose all train of thoughts.

When he pulled back, I heard him growl in vexation. Something was irritating him. A second later, I heard footsteps in the home. His eyes opened, and I found myself viewing closely the vast green mountains, dark and dangerous even with its beauty.

“Hunter and Ace are here,” he replied before releasing me and standing up.

He intertwined his hand through mine and led us out of the bedroom to greet our surprised visitors. We found them in the living room, drenched and naked. Judah shoved me back into the hallway when he realized his friends were naked.

I heard Ace and Hunter laugh.

“What are you two doing here?” Judah asked.

“The dam down in the valley broke. About twenty homes are flooded, the pack members have evacuated as much as possible but we have to do some damage control,” Hunter responded.

“It’s still raining, Hunter,” Judah pointed out. I can hear the reluctance to go in his voice.

“I know but it can’t wait. The water is rising and it will damage more homes. We need to protect it as much as possible. The government and financial funding will take a large hit,” Hunter said.

Judah turned to look at me. Obviously, he is hesitant to leave me behind. So, I answered for him.

“I can go with you guys,” I said, looking at him with a smile on my face to cheer him up.

“No,” he growled, wiping the smile from my face.

“Well, you obviously don’t want to leave me behind. So, I can go. I can help.”

“No.” His tone left room for no arguments.

I rolled my eyes. “It isn’t like I can’t protect myself. I will be fine.”

“I have enough to worry about. With you staying here it will allow me to do better at my job without having to worry about you,” he retorted when he saw that I was about to argue he turned to face me. “I am not saying you can’t do it, Rose. I am just saying you haven’t been trained on flood situations yet. Maybe next time.”

“Having fun with your mate?” Ace teased.

“Get out, you two. I’ll meet you two outside,” Judah shot back at his friends who both laughed and I heard their retreating footsteps.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can. I need you to stay here and be safe for me, Rose.”

“And if you don’t return?” I asked, feeling nervous about him going out there suddenly.

“Tell you what? If I don’t return by night, you can go to the packhouse and stay with your mom,” he replied.

“When I asked you said no, now you’re allowing me to?” I narrowed my eyes on him.

He rolled his eyes. “Just stay home, please.”

“Fine,” I snapped and crossed my arms. “But if you aren’t home by night, I am truly running away.”

He smirked before leaning in to give me a quick kiss.

“Ok.” He nodded.

“Be safe,” I shouted after him just as he turned and walked out of the house leaving me alone.

Author’s Note:

I apologize, I know you are all anxiously waiting but I got so caught up with work and yesterday was a day spent volunteering. I just didn’t have enough time to update. I’ll see about squeezing in another chapter this week for this book.


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