Fever Claim

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I woke up to find myself sleeping in my bed. It took me a minute to remember everything that happened but everything came rushing back like an old movie recording. I pushed myself into a sitting position. The warm comforter falling down to my waist, exposing my bare upper body. Someone had stripped me out of my wet clothes. I touched my head and saw that new bandages have been wrapped around my head.

I heard her footsteps before she opened the door and our eyes collided. Those soft, light russet irises expanded in surprise before they were filled with a rush of emotions. I adore that look in her eyes. When she reveals a little of everything inside of her through her eyes. She has changed into one of my long black V-neck t-shirts but I couldn't tell if she was wearing boxers underneath or nothing at all. Her hair is a complete mess like she had just woken up and walked out of the room.

"Did I scare you?" I asked, smirking but it instantly fell off when her lips quivered and her eyes welled up with tears.

This is the first time I have seen her cry and I'm freaking out. Throwing off the blanket, I was about to make my way to her.

"Stop," she said in a shaky voice.

I looked up midway in throwing off the blanket to see tears streaming down her cheeks. She's crying!

"Rose—" I began.

She shook her head and started walking towards me and crawled into bed. She kneeled next to me. Her eyes looking me over, a pout to her plump lips. It quivered again.

"I can't believe you but at the same time I understand you," she lashed in an upsetting, tearful fit.

She pushed me hard in the chest but my back was against the bedframe. I held onto her wrists to stop her from pushing me. She's upset and scared. I scared her.

"You were afraid for me," I pointed out but earned myself a glare.

"You like me," I continued.

"I am upset with you," she responded. I locked both of her hands onto one hand while I used the other to wipe her tears away. She sniffled and wiped her cheek against her shoulder since I took her ability to use her hands.

"I am upset with you. Yet I understand that with your position as Gamma, you will always encounter these kinds of danger and harm. I just don't want to see you—" her voice dropped off.

"You don't like seeing me hurt," I replied. "I know because I don't like seeing you hurt. You were terrified last night just like how I felt the night Ace clawed you."

She looked at our connected hands. I squeezed her hands to get her attention. She looked back up at me.

"Last night, you collapsed in my arms. Hunter and Ace had to carry you to our bed and then I cleaned your wet bandages. I don't understand why you didn't go to packhouse and see the pack doctors. They could have cleaned your wound."

"I needed to come home. My mate was going to run away," I replied.

She shook her head before pursing her lips.

"I took a look at the wound. It isn't that bad. It gave you a bad concussion but it healed quickly," she pointed out.

I looked down my body and then back at her. She tilts her head to the side when she saw my questioning face.

"What?" she asked.

"Did you also change me?" I inquired.

She scoffed. "I think it is only fair. You took advantage of me at the resort when I was unconscious."

I smiled at her response. She's really petty. My mate is a petty, little mischief who likes to return favors.

"Liked what you saw?" I teased.

She shrugged. "I've seen better."

I growled, displeased with her answer. Who else has she seen? If it was one of our warriors, I'll make sure to double that asshole's shift for having time stripping naked in front of my mate.

"You will only look at me, Rose," I threatened.

She was apparently fighting off a smile because she is refusing to meet my eyes. I pressed a finger to her forehead and gave it a good jerk. She growled and placed a palm over her forehead in irritation.

"I mean it," I gave her a pointed glare.

"You're not the boss of me," she muttered before trying to yank her hands out of my locked hold.

I yanked her hard and she fell right into my chest. I arched an eyebrow while looking down at her.

"Trying to take advantage of a wounded man now?"

"No!" she exclaimed before pushing off me.

She absentmindedly crawled over my body to check the back of my head for bleeding or worsen injuries but when she found none, she returned her position with a scowl on her face

"You are perfectly fine. You've healed already," she confirmed suspiciously.

Werewolves heal naturally faster. Although we can be injured, our cells regenerate faster. The only lethal weapon against us that causes immense pain and prevents the healing process is silver. It is like poison to our blood. Otherwise, head concussions like these can be healed in a day to a few days depending on the severity of the injury.

She's aware of it as much as I am. I am healed. I am kind of bummed out. I would have loved to see her strip me naked.

"What?" she asked, clearly seeing my thoughts through my eyes.

"Nothing," I replied with a shrug, but my mind was in the fucking gutter right now.

Her breasts were soft against my chest even through the t-shirt I can feel her. She tried pushing off me but I prevented her. This caused her to struggle in front of me until she was straddling me. I don't mind this position at all too.

"Judah," she whined.

"What?" I asked.

Her stomach grumbled. Our eyes fell on her stomach before I looked back up at her. It appears that I have been neglecting my mate.

"You haven't eaten?" I asked.

"I had cereal," she shrugged.

"Cereal isn't food, Rose," I lifted her off my lap almost reluctantly before I dragged her by the hand out of the bedroom and to the kitchen.

"Judah, you just recently healed from a concussion. My stomach isn't any of your concerns," she snapped, yanking her hand back suddenly.

"You're my mate. Feeding you is my concern," I shot back before grabbing onto her wrists and dragging her to sit behind the counter.

"I feel useless," she muttered while I whipped us some bacon and scrambled eggs.

I turned to answer her but found her looking out the side window. I glanced out to see that the rain is starting to lighten up. The storm is almost over.

I cooked bacon and scrambled eggs in no time before setting it in front of her. I made myself a plate and slipped into the stool next to her.

"You aren't useless. I like you the way you are," I replied to her honestly.

She was eating her bacon but looked at me when I said that to her. She tilted her head to the side.

"You said I am weird but I think you're the weird one," she smirked and I flicked her forehead.

"Seriously! Stop attacking the forehead," she growled before stealing my bacon in retaliation.

"You're such a child," I grumbled.

She smirked once again while eating her bacon happily. We ate in comfortable silence for the remainder of our breakfast. Once we finished our plate, she took mine and carried it over to the sink. I followed her like a lovesick puppy.

Trapping her between the sink and my arms, I leaned forward and nibbled at her neck where I would be marking her.

"Judah," she moaned, the plate and sponge fell from her hands.

I smirked against her neck and allowed my canines to lengthen and pierce her skin slightly. She shuddered in my arms before trying to push me away.

"Stop. I'm trying to wash dishes," she protested with a giggle when my breath accidentally fanned her neck furthering tickling her sensitive skin.

"Then wash," I responded.

"God, seriously, how are you going to be able to stay away from me when I move back to live with my mom?" she asked.

I stiffened. Who said she was going back? Who said I will allow her to go back? I think I need to clarify some stuff with her.

She eventually finished washing the dishes even through my kissing on her neck. Turning around she faced me, half expecting me to move back but I didn't.

"You're not going anywhere," I replied.

"What?" She dared me to continue with an arched eyebrow.

"You're my mate. You belong with me. My wolf and I won't allow you anywhere but in our home."

She crossed her arms over her chest, furthering enhancing how beautifully delectable they look right now. It's like she's handing them to me on a plate. I bit my lips unconsciously, already wanting another taste.

"If you want me to stay, you should invite me to stay," she tossed back at me.

I gritted my teeth together. She's a pain in the ass. I swear, I can throttle her and kiss her at the same time.

"You're my mate." I think that is a sufficient answer.


I rolled my eyes and surrendered to the overwhelming urge to kiss her right now. I crushed my lips hard against hers, thrusting my tongue inside, I quickly found her tongue and slid against hers in an erotic dance. She didn't push me off. Nope. This mate of mine is trying to fight for a little control—a little dominance. Her tongue is meeting me halfway, caressing me and tasting me as much as I am tasting her. It's a fucking turn on and I don't think I can stop.

Moaning, I lifted her up onto the kitchen counter. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me closer. I slid my hand up her bare thighs and quickly realized she's naked. Fuck, she's going to cripple me before I get a chance to even experience heaven between her legs. I need her more than ever. I don't think I can stop this time.

"Stay." I broke the kiss long enough to whisper.

"Stay, please," I begged. "Be my mate. Live in our home. This is where you belong."

"Because you like me?" she inquired.

I think I am way past that. There is no liking. There is only love. I love this woman. I knew it before the mate bond and I am positive now. She's everything I need.

"Because I love you," I replied against her lips. I heard her sharply inhale before I captured her lips again in mine.

Something shifted between us. I can feel her heartbeat against my chest. It is beating wildly like mine. She didn't push me away. She accepted my kiss even after I declared my love for her.

Her hands tangled through my hair and bandage came undone but that didn't stop us from continuing. She took immediate control. Thrusting her tongue inside and exploring the warm caves of my mouth. It was fucking hot, seeing her dominate me like this. I was a hopeless mess in front of her.

When she pulled back from the kiss both our lips were swollen from kissing. She pulled in her bottom lip between her teeth and eyed me through eyelashes.

"I love you too," she whispered.

My heart almost stopped beating at the declaration. She loves me too. She wants me too. My wolf's happiness is infectious. He takes immediate advantage of my weakened state of mind and takes temporary control of my human form.

She must have noticed the shift in power because her eyes widened slightly before my wolf pushed her back down onto the counter. She's lying flat with her legs open. He lifts her shirt up to reveal our heaven between her legs. Our lips immediately latch onto her sweetness and began licking every sweet drop that belongs to us.

Our goal was to make her cry out again. To taste her while she falls apart on the counter in front of us. We wanted everything and this time we are going to take it all.

Author's Note:

Ok! I know we all want to know what happens. Will they do it? HEHEHE. It sounds like they will but I had to stop it here. I'm at work and writing dirty stuff ain't my thing here. Lol. So, another day at home...with the lights turned off...and sex music playing on the background...ya know...*chuckles*

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