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Thirty One


I can't say that I am experienced because Rosemary is the first woman I have ever touched or cared about. When I kiss her or touch her, it is pure instincts. I do what I want, what I believe feels right. Kissing her is like drinking from an eternal youth fountain. Touching her and seeing her light russet-colored eyes enflamed with a sexual thunder it releases the dominating and possessive beast inside of me. Each moan and whimper makes me want to take her more.

Inexperience has nothing to do with sex. It is pure intimacy and instinct. I want to make this perfect for her. She deserves that much.

When my tongue swiped along with the wet slit opening between her legs, she wrapped her legs around my head unconsciously asking for me to not stop. There is no stopping. My wolf loves the taste of her on our tongue.

She softly cried out my name, her hands tugging at my hair and pressing mine further into her core.

"Oh, god," she croaked just as I wrapped my lips around her clit.

She arched her back. Rosemary cried out my name and her fingernails dug into my scalp. Her sweet orgasm filled my mouth. When she finally stopped shaking from her orgasm, I pulled back. One hand cradling the back of her neck, I lifted her exhausted upper body up. My lips crashed onto hers, kissing her hungrily.

"I'm not done," I whispered throatily.

"Hmm...." She murmured, still incoherent.

I smirked against her lips before I swept her up into my arms. Carrying her to the bedroom, I opened the door and closed it before carrying her to the bed. I stripped her from the only piece of clothing she had on before lying her down in the middle, her legs fell open by itself without direction.

I stripped myself of my t-shirt, leaving on my pants because it was the only thing holding me back from fucking her hard and fast. Her light russet eyes darkened appreciatively. She doesn't admit it but I know she likes what she sees.

I covered her body with mine before capturing her lips again. She kissed me back hungrily. Her hands doing its own exploration of the hard planes of my front to my back. Everywhere she touched, every nerve in my body lights up like electrical currents, pulsing with pleasure and heat. This body is hers to touch, to explore, and to do anything she wanted with.

"I want all of you. I want everything, Rosemary. Are you willing to give it all? Will you let me be who I am destined to be for you?" I broke away from the kiss to whisper to her.

My eyes fluttered open and leveled with her heavy, lust-filled ones. I can feel her breasts and nipples grazing my chest with each breath she took. I waited for my cock swelling and aching to be between her legs.

She nodded but I needed more.

"I need your verbal consent, my little Rose," I demanded gutturally, already losing the grip on my control.

"You're my mate and I am yours, Judah. I want this. I want you," she replied and the adorable blush she tries so hard to hide appeared on her skin.

With one hand, I skimmed the flush of her skin from her neck to her cheek before I kissed her again. This time with everything I had. I'm giving it all and I am taking everything back. I am leaving nothing for both of us and she was doing the same. Her hands found their way back into my hair, fighting to control the kiss. This little mischief is always fighting me even when she is delirious with desire. I fucking love it.

A low, feral growl rumbling from deep within my chest when she wrapped her legs around my waist—bringing her core closer to my swelling crotch. I tore my lips away from her before skimming my lips down her jaw to her throat where her pulse throbbed against my lips. My canines lengthened and I softly pierced the skin, letting her know that is where I'll be marking her.

She moaned and exposed her neck some more, willingly letting me mark her. She's driving me insane with her submission. I growled before removing her legs around my waist and lowering myself to capture her soft pink nipples into my mouth.

"Judah," she breathed, clutching the sheets next to her.

I swirled my tongue around the pink sensitive pebble before sucking on it relentlessly. She arched her back the second I performed that erotic suction. I moved to the next one as soon as I left a good hickey on her breast. I gave it the same exact treatment. By the time I was done, Rosemary was squirming insanely underneath me. She made an attempt to reach for me but I took both of her wrists and trapped them above her head.

Her eyes opened and bore into mine just as I slid one free hand down her stomach to cup her between her legs. She's dripping wet. My cock throbbed painfully in my pants. Fuck it. I slipped a finger inside. Her body is tense for a second but I can see the complete trust in her eyes.

Her tight walls clenched around my finger, not use to the invasion but I pushed through. Slowly at first, pulling it in and out. When a new pleasure took over her, her irises dilated. Her lips and legs parted, giving herself over to me once again.

As soon as she is used to my finger. I thrust a second one in. She tensed once again but her shock is quickly over when she felt another wave of pleasure.


I thrust a third one in. I needed to prepare her soon because I'll cum in my pants before I am even inside of her. My name died on her lips and her hips arched for more. Her head is moving side to side. Her breath is becoming hitched and in heavy pants. However, those things were minor when it comes to the emotions that whirled in those irises of hers. They burn and bring me to life in the same second.

"Judah." There is a notable question in her voice. Her voice is raised and body is tense with the anticipating orgasm. I still had a firm grip on her wrists above her head while I fucked her with my fingers.

"Oh god," she cried.

I used my fingers to stretch her walls, preparing them for the next invasion. She cried out and her body shook. Her fingers curled into fists and I felt her clenched around my fingers as she came for the second time.

I removed my fingers and stripped myself of my sleeping pants and boxers. I situated myself between her open legs. I had to bite the inside of my cheek when I saw her eyes zeroed in my cock. Then she pulled in the bottom of her lips and a slight look of fear appeared in her eyes.

"I..." she sounded unsure.

"I'll go slowly," I rasped, my own escalating desires strained in my voice.

She nodded slowly. I grabbed her wrists again and placed them above her head. It will hurt and she'll probably fight me. I don't want to do it but it has to be done in order for her me to be inside of her. Slowly, I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit, coating it in her juice. The sensation stirs her desires again. She wiggled her bottom a little and the tip slipped into her entrance. Her breath hitched and I froze for a second.

She lifted her hips and I entered some more. She bit her lips harder and her eyes were closed.

"Rose—"My words died on my lips the second she lifted her hips higher and I slipped all the way in. Breaking her hymen. She cried out in pain. I clenched my teeth at the overwhelming desires that now wrapped around my cock.

"Fuck," I growled, pressing my sweaty forehead against hers. Tears slipped down the corners of her tightly closed eyes. I cradled one side of her face and used my thumb to wipe away the tears that slipped.

"Rose, you should have waited," I rasped.

"It is better if I did it." Pain evident in her voice.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

Together we waited. My cock throbbed inside of her. I'm itching to move but I wanted her to adjust to my size because I am bigger than just three fingers.

After a minute, I spoke up.

"Is it okay if I move?" I asked shakily because I am barely holding onto my own control.

She nodded and I pulled slowly out of her, watching her reaction. Her pain is replaced by something else. Encouraged, I pulled all the way out before thrusting back inside of her at a steady pace. She moaned and her back arched making her nipples graze my bare chest.

"Does it feel better?" I said through gritted teeth.

She nodded. "Yes."

I began moving at a slow steady pace. Pulling out and thrusting back to her, slowly. Sweat dripped down my body. It feels good as fuck and all I wanted to do was fuck her hard and fast but I didn't want to hurt her. I have long taken over from my wolf because he knew if it was him, he would have not considered her feelings. He would have probably fucked her like a rutting animal.

"Judah," she pleaded.

"Yeah?" I murmured.

"Faster," she demanded, "please."

My eyes flew to her hooded ones. Her cheeks and skin are flushed with pleasure. I tightened my hold around her wrists and increased my speed. Her moans increased and her she is fighting against my restraints on her wrists.

The sensation is overwhelming. She's tight as hell and it feels so good being inside of her. I don't think I can stop or want to ever stop. I want to bury myself deep inside her and stay there. That's how fucking good it was.

"Harder," she demanded again, not satisfied with my pace.

Growling low, I released her hand and gripped the sheets by her head. Digging my fingers in, I pummeled inside her just the way she demanded. Hard and fast. Her hands flew my hip where she held me tightly, trying to control the speed.

"Shit," I growled, feeling my balls tightened. Her walls clenched around me. My eyes flew to her closed ones. I lowered myself and captured her lips with mine. Kissing her hard, I took her every moan, breath, and mew from her. She kissed me back just as feverishly.

I rocked myself so hard inside of her that the bed shook and creaked but I can't stop. I can't stop with her wrapped so tight around my cock and milking me every time I am inside of her. I groaned when I felt her bit my bottom lip. This little minx. My cock swelled and my balls tightened. I ripped my lips away from her and buried my face in the crook of her neck.

"Oh god. Oh god. It feels so good," she panted.

My canines lengthened and I quickened my pace. When I felt her clench around me hard, I knew she was there. My lips returned to the pulse on her neck. I punctured her skin with my canines marking her. She felt pain at first. I heard her scream, her hands clawing at my back before she stopped fighting and moaned. Her body shook with her orgasm and she's milking me harder and faster. I'm on a fucking high. This is some kind of addictive drug that I know I will never get tired of. I felt her canines on my neck. My breath hitched while I continued to ram inside of her. A second later, she pierced my skin. I felt pain and then an overwhelming emotion pushed me over the threshold. I groaned just as I released inside of her, coating her walls with my semen.

The bond strengthened to its full height. It's tight and unbreakable. We were bound together and there was no backing out. She's mine as much as I am hers. The thought burns deep in my chest and I am feeling overwhelming possessive of her.

Pulling back, I looked down at her tired form. Her eyes were hooded with exhaustion, her skin pink with satiated pleasure. My eyes fell on my mark on her neck. She's mine now. I leaned down to possess her lips once again. She moaned tiredly but still kissed me back. After kissing her, I moved to lay down next to her. She turned into my body like I am her personal heater and buried her face in my chest. I pulled the covers over our body and allowed my little mate to fall asleep in my arms.

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