Fever Claim

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Thirty Two


I woke up to silence. We have slept through the day and the sun has set over the horizon. Usually, I would sleep wrapped up in a blanket but I am feeling extremely comfortable cocooned in my mate's arm.


He and I are officially mated. Did I think we will ever get here? If I was asked this in the beginning, I would say no but now, I feel different. My heart starts skipping beat underneath his powerful, brooding eyes. My stomach twists when he treats me sweet. It is a never-ending trial of how much he affects me.

His thick, muscular arm is tossed over my waist. Slowly, I turned onto my back, wincing at the soreness between my legs. I've seen him naked when he was unconscious. His member didn't look threatening then but this afternoon, I almost wanted to run away at the swollen length.

His breathing is even and deep. Ever so slowly, I scooted to the edge of the bed. It felt like an eternity but eventually, I did. I escaped his grasp without waking him up.

I can still feel stickiness between my legs. I needed to pee and shower. With haste, I walked to the bathroom and did my business before hopping into the shower. I lathered up my hair with his shampoo and my body with his body wash.

I know he had cum inside of me and I am not a complete idiot. I knew what it could potentially mean. I could be pregnant with his child or I might not be. There is a fifty-fifty chance. I am not sure if I am ready to be a mother yet. I am still young and I still want to go to study medicine. My hand temporarily splaying over my lower stomach.

After I finished with my shower, I walked out with a towel wrapped around my body. I was busy tucking it in that I ran right into Judah's bare chest. Immediately, he wrapped an arm around me stop me from toppling over.

My eyes lifted slowly from his defined pectorals to his corded shoulders, landing briefly on my mark on his neck before I looked up to his face. His dark olive eyes were already on me.

We stared at each other, silently remembering what we had done earlier. I can feel him poking my stomach and I know Judah is still very naked in front of me. He is remarkably sexy and I am clenching my thighs shamelessly. I wanted him again. How is that even possible? He gave me three orgasms and my thighs are still shaky from all that. I'm still sore from all that!

"I'm going to go put on some clothes," I whispered but he didn't release me. Instead, his eyes dipped lower to my towel. I pushed away from him before making an unskillful dash to the closet. Only to have him trap me against the door.

I covered my face with my hands.

"Seriously, Judah, let me go," I grumbled. I'm blushing and I know it. If I remove my hands, I will see every inch of him.

"And if I don't?" his voice is noticeably deeper and huskier.

I opened up my fingers to look through them.

"I need some clothes," I half repeated, half whined.

He smirked devilishly before he removed one hand from the door behind me. He reached for the knot on my towel. Immediately, I knew what he was going to do. I grabbed at the knot and then slapped his hand away.

"Hey!" I protested before using the space I have left to turn my back to him. My front protectively protected against the door and my body. He won't be able to get to me now.

Turning my head to the side, I looked just in time as he lifted up my towel to reveal my bottom. I gasped and squirmed in a poor attempt to stop him from seeing any parts of my body. However, my squirming did nothing when I felt his hand snaked around to cup my sex. Immediately, I stilled. My core pulsed at the familiar invasion, welcoming it back. I moaned just as he worked his fingers in and out of me. I felt his front moved closer, trapping me further between the door and him. The sound of my wet core and his fingers thrusting into me, further my panting.

"Judah," I moaned a weak protest.

His lips pressed against my ear. "This is mine, my little Rose. Don't hide it from me."

"It's mi-innee," my voice went up an octave at the end when I felt him thrust harder.

"Mine," he repeated in a growl.

I decided to punish him. I snapped my thighs together to stop him from thrusting. He nipped at my ear and then trailed kisses down the side of my neck to my mark.

"Open up for me, Rose," he commanded in a whisper.

"I want to get dress," I argued weakly, honestly, I don't want to get dress. I want him to continue doing what he wants to do. I just want to push his buttons.

I felt his fingers stretching my walls. I moaned and leaned back against his hard body. He ground his hard erection on my back.

"You took Animal Science. Surely your teacher taught you something about newly marked mates," he murmured still sucking on my mark.

It is so hard to concentrate with him doing that. The words didn't fully register until a minute later.

"Yes," I breathed.

"What did she tell you?" he inquired.

"Their marks will push them into what others will call heat. Their sexual hormones will increase dramatically," I moaned when I felt him stretch me further.

"Spread your legs for me, Rose," he ordered.

I spread them. He kissed his way back up my neck to the sensitive spot underneath my ear. His fingers began pumping and the knot in my stomach began twirling and twisting. With his front pressed against my back, he slipped his other hand to my front and released the knot.

"What else did she say?" he asked.

Once the knot was gone, he yanked the towel off from me. His hand returning to cup one of my breasts while the other continues to pump inside of me. It feels so good right now. I can't even think.

"Rose, what else did she say?" he asked.

"The—the male gets overly dominating and possessive of his mate for the first two weeks. He won't let anyone near her. He'll mark her repeatedly just to claim her over—"

I felt his canines graze the mark on my neck. My words dropped. He stopped pumping and I almost cried out in protest. I bit down on my tongue to stop myself from crying out in frustration but then he did something else.

He removed his hand completely.

"Please," I pleaded but my plea was for nothing because the next thing I knew it was replaced with something much bigger.

He slipped his cock inside of me, full sheathed and throbbing hot. His hot breath fanned my neck and down my shoulder.

"Do you still want to get dress? Stop me from fucking what's mine?" he groaned in pleasure.

"No, please continue," I said hurriedly. Why stop him now? It's hot and I needed him to move.

He chuckled before his hand moved to my hips. He gripped in his hands and began a slow steady thrust. A whimper of pleasure escaped my lips and I steadied myself with my hands on the door.

His thrust was torturous. He will pull out slowly, enter slowly, and thrust hard at the end. It was a cycle that drove me nuts. I feel like he is punishing me and it spurred on my irritation. So, I did the only thing I knew that will piss him off. Every time he thrust deep inside of me, I will move up an inch.

He caught onto my little act and pressed me further into the wall, giving me no space to move at all.

"Judah," I complained.

His hot breath fanned my ear and neck. He is so swollen and thick inside of me, I knew this was just as hard for him as it is for me. Yet he is punishing me with his slow erotic thrusts.

"Always fighting me," he growled.

"If you don't make me cum right now, I swear to god you will never get a piece of this ass for another-"

He pulled out and thrust hard inside me so quick I saw stars. Jesus. He didn't waste a second.

"Is this what you want?" he said in a guttural tone.


He thrust hard and fast. A perfect pace in making me see whites and stars. I moaned and cried out so many times, I think my throat will be hoarse after this. He stopped and pulled out of me. A whimper of disappointment leaving my lips just as he turned me around and lifted me up. He carried me over to his desk where he shoved some stuff aside. Sitting me on top, he scooted my bottom to the edge and thrust inside me again.

"Oh!" I gasped at this new sensation.

He wrapped his hands around my neck as anchor points while he rammed inside of me. It forced me to look at him and our lips to be close. He captured my lips in his, all the while, still pummeling me deeply. I moaned into his kisses.

"Mine, Rose. Always," he growled possessively.

This new position hit me differently. I found myself approaching the edge faster. A soft whimper passing between my lips to his while I pulsed around his cock readily.

"Fuck," he hissed and pressed his forehead against mine. "Cum for me, Rose."

He kept one hand firmly cupping my neck while the other dipped lower to my clit. He pressed his thumb over it before swirling it in circles. That was it. I cried out through his kisses while milking his cock. It was an unstoppable force. I heard him release an inhumane growl just as warm spurts of his semen coated my insides once again. My legs shook, my muscles were contracting all over and I moved my hands to his arm, holding onto them for dear life.

His thrust became slower and I felt him go a little flaccid inside of me but he didn't pull completely out. I opened my eyes to see him looking at me already.

"I can't get enough of you," he breathed, his chest rising and falling heavily.

He began moving once again and I felt him go hard in seconds. He must have seen the surprise in my eyes but he didn't say anything. He continued to pull out and in of me slowly. Lifting me up, he sat down in the chair by the desk. I straddled his hip, making him slip deeper inside of me. I braced my hands on his shoulders.

At first, my rocking movement was unsure and unsteady. I didn't know what to do. It was the first time I have straddled a man this way but then a sense of power overtakes me and I became more confident. I set my own pace and he didn't even protest. He took his time kissing my chest and sucking on my breasts.

When I felt the familiar sensation stir in my stomach again, I buried my face in the crook of his neck while riding him. His hands moved to my hips and his face buried in my neck. I felt his canines lengthen and I knew what he wanted to do. He's going to re-mark me.

"God, you feel so good," he groaned just as I felt his canines punctured his mark on my neck again.

I cried out spasming around his cock like there will be no tomorrow. I felt him release once more inside of me. A low guttural sound rumbling from the back of his throat.

When he released his hold on my neck, his lips were dripping with some of my blood. The sight turned me on and I cupped his cheek before kissing him thoroughly. His tongue tangling with mine in a feverish frenzy.

Finally, he lifted me off his lap. My legs shook and I had to hold onto him to steady myself. He chuckled at my predicament and I had to give him a hard glare. This was all his fault. He made me cum four times in one day. Anybody in this situation will be wobbly like me.

He picked me up and carried me to the bathroom where we proceeded to shower together. Once we were done, we finally got dressed and he made us dinner for the night.

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