Fever Claim

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Thirty Eight


After a week, everything was slowly starting to fall back into place. Many warriors were recovering from minor injuries. Others were put under extensive medication to keep the silver and infections from spreading. When the authorities arrived, they helped us in covering up the stories for the human hunters with the human government that works secretly and directly with the supernaturals.

Then there was the drainage of excess water in the lower valley and the rebuilding of the dam. It will take years to complete but until it is finished, mostly everyone has moved to higher grounds.

My mom had decided to move in with Galen. Before it didn't sit right with me but after all that had happened, I believe she deserves a chance at happiness and Galen seems to be able to give her that. The man is quiet but is extremely protective of my mother. He didn't have a mate. He lost his many years ago. He never got into settling down until he met my mother.

As for Judah and me, well, I went back to school and he went back to work.

"I'm just saying that maybe we can hire you a private tutor. I can look into finding a pack doctor that is willing to travel to our pack to teach you," he said.

I huffed and grabbed my backpack before slipping out of his truck. He followed me and grabbed my wrist before I could get away from him.

"It's eight years, Rose. Do you realize what the distance will do to us?" he questioned.

I turned my face away but he immediately cupped my cheek and turned me to look at him again. I understand where he is coming from. Eight years away from him isn't exactly how I pictured it. In fact, when I decided to become a pack doctor, I didn't think about him at all. I never thought I would find my mate so soon. Yet, here he is. The pack's Gamma who is a sexy hunk of manly muscles.

"We can video chat," I mumbled.

He scoffed. "That's not enough."

I pulled away from him and yanked my hand back.

"Well, it's not fair. You got the job you wanted. You're the pack Gamma and I am just supposed to be your Gamma Female? I want to be something more. I want to be able to pursue my dreams, Jude." I glared at him before I burst into a run to the building before I am late for my classes because God knows, I hate being late.

I bumped into Ace and Scott getting cozy at the end of a hall. Ace had Scott cornered and was nibbling at his neck. It looks like Scott was enjoying it very much.

I sighed before stomping off to class. I don't know what to think. A part of me wants to stay. Just the thought of leaving him is eating me alive. I don't want to let him go but at the same time, I don't want to stop pursuing my career. I want to have choices and not sit around at home waiting for him to come home.

I'm glad Scott and Ace are working things out and are perfect for each other. Judah and I have been arguing for the past several days non-stop. It was starting to interfere with our relationships. It's either he is extremely pissed off or I am.

I settled into my seat and took out my notebook and textbook. The teacher began teaching but I couldn't stop thinking about what to do. School is coming to an end soon and I have already sent in my application to join the school that I wanted to go to. I had even asked our Alpha to ask for permission for me to join the residing pack temporarily until I finished my medical education.

The morning flew by quickly and lunchtime came but I didn't want to see Judah. Honestly, I didn't want to argue with him. Not anymore. I'm tired of it. I just want time alone. So, I avoided lunch. Usually, Scott and I would sit together while he and Ace watched the students in the Commons but not today.

I knew if I avoided him at lunch, it meant avoiding him throughout the day. Trust me, it wasn't an easy task. He sent a note and requested my presence halfway through my last period but I ignored it.

I walked the rest of the way home which was Judah's house. I made it there before he did because he had an afternoon training session.

Putting my backpack on the sofa, I walked to the kitchen and looked through the mail on the counter. Seeing one with my name on it with the Medical Boards' logo on there, I opened it immediately.

I stopped breathing as I read the letter. They have accepted my application. I will be studying under prestigious pack doctors that are recognized nationally. I couldn't believe it. I'm excited and couldn't stop the smile from appearing on my face but then I remembered Judah and my slipped.

He will be upset and I'll miss him terribly. How are we going to survive this distance? I can't ask him to pack up and go with me. He has a job over here and it wasn't fair. He doesn't need to move because of me. The pack needs him.

Suddenly, I'm feeling torn and sad. It's either I leave him or I leave my dreams. Tears began stinging my eyes and I rubbed them away quickly.

I made my way to our bedroom and I feel a strange ache in my chest. I'll miss him. I don't think I can do this. I don't think I can leave him behind. He's my mate. I should at least consider our bond into this equation.

Unable to sleep in the bedroom, I walked into one of the spares and ended up crying, curled up into a ball. I cried because I didn't want to lose him or my dreams. I wanted both. I'm selfish.

I didn't realize I had fallen asleep until I felt thick, muscular arms slipped underneath me and lifted me up. I knew who it was even without opening my eyes. I buried my face into his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

He carried me back to our bed and sat me on the edge. I looked down at my feet but he lifted my chin so that he can see my eyes.

"You've been crying. I know you're upset with me, Rose, but don't shut me out. I'm sorry I am demanding and asking you to stay but I don't know how I would do it without you," he said softly and caressed my tear-stained cheeks.

My heart broke once again. I realized that I am not the only one feeling this way. He was too. He knew his duty as Gamma but he also loves me too much to let me go.

He had showered and changed into some new clothes. I ran my fingers through his hair before leaning down to kiss his lips gently. It's been so long since he had touched me. All this arguing between us had been a huge wall between us.

"If leaving me and pursuing your studies is what you want, I'll let you go," he said hoarsely like it killed him to say it.

I pulled back to look at him. His eyes were soft and glimmered with pain. I put that pain there and that didn't sit well with me either.

"You're willing to let me go?" I questioned again.

He nodded before picking up my hand pressing it to his cheek. He needed my touch, comfort, to soothe the pain while he agreed. It's killing him slowly.

"What if you miss me?" I asked.

He pulled my hand to his lips and kissed the back of my hand.

"Then I'll come visit you," he replied.

"I think you'll miss me every second of the day." I gave him a small smile.

He smirked. "Rose, I will miss you with every breath I take."

"When did you become such a romantic?" I teased and pushed him lightly on the shoulder with my finger.

He chuckled before moving to sit next to me. We haven't talked like this for days and I found I missed him terribly. I wanted to be cuddled up to him and feel the weight of his arms around me.

As if he heard my thoughts, he lifted me up and settled me on his lap. Burying his nose in the crook of my neck. The electric current erupted from our skin to skin contact.

"You were avoiding me all day. Do you know how much that hurts, my little Rose?" he whispered into my neck.

"I can't argue with you anymore. I want us to be happy but all we have been doing for the past few days have been arguing only. I just needed a little break. I needed to think," I breathed, feeling a new feeling stir between my legs and my abs to tighten underneath his skimming lips.

"I miss you." He nibbled his way up my throat and to my jawline.

I miss him too. It's weird that we live under one roof and yet I can miss him this much. I can't imagine how it would be if I went away. Could I really do it? Could I really leave this man behind? My mate?

I turned in his lap until I was straddling him. He allowed me to move while his hand moved from my thighs to my bottom and then sliding underneath the back of my sweater to touch my back. Cupping his cheeks with my hands, I pulled back to look upon his handsome face.

We grew closer over the past few weeks and with the bond, it only brought those emotions to light. There isn't anything different. Judah is still the same domineering and oftentimes jerk but I love this jerk which is why I need to tell him before I forget.

"I received my acceptance letter. They have accepted me into the program and I can start once I graduate from here," I told him.

I watched his reaction and although he hid it well, I can see how much this news is affecting him. It's making it real. That I am leaving him.

"Whatever makes you happy," he replied.

"I don't know what makes me happy, honestly. I want to be with you and I miss you so much too. I don't know if I can go."

"It is your dream, Rose. I think you should pursue. Don't stay because of me," he replied.

"Now, you are pushing me to go? What happened to the last few days? You were doing everything you can to stop me," I argued.

"Well, yeah, you're my mate and I love you. I miss you and it kills me to not have you close. It hurts to even breathe when you are not near. I can't imagine life without you. So, I fought for you to stay but I don't want you to stop pursuing your dreams, Rose. Do what makes you happy," he replied.

"Even if it means we have to make sacrifices?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Sacrifices that involve you, they can take my very life and I am willing." He smirked.

I flicked his forehead. "There you go again with those romantic words."

He chuckled before capturing my lips in his. He kissed me deeply with so much desire and need. I couldn't resist responding. I don't know what I want yet but for now, I know I needed him to make love to me.

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