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Thirty Nine


Judah wasted no time in discarding me of my sweater leaving me in only my bra. I returned the favor by stripping him from his. Although I try not to admire his body, it was hard not to. It's a beautiful piece of artwork that I would gladly take my time learning every plane and curvature. It's a hard mass of muscles that I can't stop marveling and exploring with my fingers.

The second our skin touched we both released a moan of pleasure and longing. His face dipped down to my breasts where he kissed the exposed mounds above my bra before he kissed his way back up my chest and captured my lips.

He kissed me like a starved man. My hands moved to tangle in his burnt-umber locks. I tugged them lightly which elicited a groan from deep within his throat. I can feel his growing bulge between my legs. The sweatpants I had on did little in stopping me from feeling anything. Wetness oozed between my legs and I couldn't resist grinding his length. It felt so good, I couldn't stop from doing it repeatedly.

Suddenly, I felt the unclasping of my bra before it slid off my body and discarded it. He cupped my breasts into his palms and nursed on them, driving me insane with his mouth and lapping tongue. My skin is sensitive underneath his pleasuring attacks.

The walls between my legs throbbed in need and a huff of frustration passed through my lips. He must be a mind reader or something because the next thing I knew, he had slipped one hand between us and underneath my sweats to cup me.

His fingers slid through the slippery opening and dipped inside me. I moaned, arching my back and rocking my hips over his fingers. He watched me with heavy lust-filled hooded eyes. Cupping his cheeks, I leaned down and kissed his lips while he worked his fingers inside of me. Our breaths becoming heavier and louder. Soft moans of pleasure slipping from my lips and passed through to his.

If I was asked several weeks ago if I can picture myself being fingered by the pack Gamma, I would choke on my own spit and die laughing. Yet here I am begging for more and needing him to complete me. A whimper past my lips when I felt him hit me deeper with his fingers. I bit his lips and tightened around his fingers. He stretched my walls before pulling out and thrusting back in.

My head fell back at the intense push over the edge he sent me. I shattered like a beautiful piece of broken glass in front of him. He held me tight in his arms while I shook above him before he flipped me over onto my back.

My eyes flew open just as he yanked off my sweats and panties. He didn't even stop to take off his matching sweatpants. Instead, he reached inside, pulled out his thick length and with one hard push entered me.

It happened so quickly. Gave me no time to even blink. My lips parted and I sharply inhale as he stretched me. I wrapped around him like a cozy blanket. He bit his bottom lip while he hovered above me.

My eyes collided with his dark ones. They burned with an intensity that made me pulse around him unconsciously. He released his lips to growl with delight before capturing my lips and pulling out only to thrust immediately back in. It was intense. He hit me so deep and in all the right spaces, I saw stars immediately.

My head fell back and I clutched the sheets underneath me. His speed was merciless. He has one intention and that was to bring us to the point of satiation. I moaned as he continues thrusting deep and slow inside of me. It is like nice and easy brush strokes. The tightening in my stomach swirled and twisted until I am squirming underneath him.

Growling, he pulled out, flipped me over before entering me from behind. He pinned his body over mine. His hands intertwining above mine and placing them above my head. I had no room to move. I am under his mercy. He continued his slow, torturous pace inside of me. The rocking of his hips was erotic and purposeful. He controlled every thrust, every pleasure, and every move.

I felt him pressed his lips against my shoulder before his canine grazed my back shoulder. I moaned when I felt him mark me teasingly with his canines but not enough to puncture my skin.

Before Judah, my future had only involved me. There was no second person to think about besides my mother. Judah and I are tied together by a supernatural bond. We are stronger together than apart. We both knew that. The decisions I have made in the past have always been for me only. I never had to consider another person's feelings or position.

But now, there is Judah and I owed it to him to at least consider his feelings and position in my life.

Everything else will fall into place but him-I needed to think about him. He loves me and I love him. I won't use my mate as luggage and carry him off to another residing pack because of what I want to do. He deserves more than that and I will not treat my mate anything lower than respect.

Now, I know he is willing to give me what I want for me to happy-I want him to be happy too. I want us to be happy.

I felt Judah's body stiffen against me. His fingers tightened around mine. His speed became faster and rougher. Feeling more complete than I have ever been to before, I felt my heart grow bigger. My body willing his to the edge with me.

His groans interlaced with my mews of pleasure. The sound of skin slapping and our heavy breathing filled the empty bedroom air.

When he pulled out and thrust harder, shaking the bed with his thrust, the knot in my stomach burst and I let out a cry of pleasure. He growled my name and continued pummeling into me. I felt his thick release coat my insides before he collapsed on top of me. He was careful though not to crush me with his weight.

When we were done, we remained cuddled in bed. I listened to my mate's deep breathing. He's asleep but I wasn't. I had an important decision to make.

Before Judah, there was only me and my mom. I didn't need to worry about a mate. My decisions were not clouded.

Now, I have a mate and Judah deserves to be considered into my decision. Our bond deserves that amount of respect. To ask him to pick up and leave with me is selfish because he has his own career, his own goals, and his own purpose. I can't ask him to pull away and be luggage I can drag with me. By doing that, I am taking a punch at his devoted love for me. I'm using him for my benefits. I have no doubt he would probably consider it because he loves me but because I love him, I can't do that to him.

This means there are only two alternative routes we both can take. It is either he is going to stay here and I go pursue my degree or I stay here with him and take him up on the private tutor.

Shifting in bed, I turned around to look at him. He is still sleeping soundly but on instinct pulled me closer to his body. Warmth. I haven't wrapped myself in a warm comfortable cocoon ever since I've been sleeping with him. He is my warm blanket.

I placed my palm on his shoulder and felt the electric tingles. I looked up at his face and couldn't believe how a domineering man like him can look like a harmless baby when sleeping. He's content with me in his arms.

It was his turn to shift in bed. He sighed and his eyes opened. He blinked several times before looking down at me.

"Hey," he whispered, "can't sleep?"

I shook my head.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I was thinking about our future," I admitted. "I think I am going to stay."

He pulled back and looked down at me. I expected him to be happy I chose this choice but he wasn't. His thick eyebrows came together and a small frown appeared on his face.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I love you and when making these decisions, I should consider your feelings and our bond."

"I don't want you to change your future for me, Rosemary. I want you to be the person that you have always wanted to be. I might have jumped into the equation but trust me when I say that I will be fine here waiting for you. I'll be fine visiting you every weekend," Judah said.

"I don't understand," I grumbled. He's confusing me even more. Didn't he want me to stay?

He sighed. "At first, I thought only about myself but I realized that I love you because of who you are. You are a fighter, always have been. You're stubborn and you don't follow directions well-"

"Are you complimenting me or are you pointing out my flaws?" I arched an eyebrow at him.

He smirked. "Your imperfections are what makes me fall in love with you repeatedly, Rose."

"So you think I should go?" I asked.

He nodded. "I think you should follow your dreams and I'll be here."

"What if I go and I don't like it there?" I asked.

"Then you can come back and I'll be here," he replied.

I should feel relieved but I am nervous. I don't know how we will make this work but he is telling me to go. If he can be strong for me, I can be strong for him. I'll trust his words and see him every weekend.

Things will be different and it will be an adjustment. I can also video call him. This might work. My eyes met his again before I nodded in agreement.

"I'll go," I told him.

He leaned in and kissed my forehead, "Good."

"We will be fine," I murmured more to myself than to him.

"I'll visit you every weekend." He told me.

And that solidified my decision.

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