Fever Claim

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Dark Moon territory is more like a resort in the middle of nowhere. So far from civilization that I am not even sure humans are aware of its existence. It is a large piece of privately owned land under the name of our Alpha King.

To reach our destination, we must drive several hundred miles up zigzagged hills that looked more like mountains. The sun was particularly nice this morning and nearing four in the afternoon. We have made several stops to eat the food my mom had packed for all of us.

Our last stop was a small rest stop that has a small grey brick building for us to use the restrooms. I sat on the grass and nibbled on my food in silence. The two large buses that we took were taking up several parking spots.

The Alpha, Beta, and Gamma stood around talking and counting bodies, making sure nobody run off because we wouldn't want that, would we? A rebellious juvenile wanting to live a life of freedom. My eyes shifted to the edge of the woods on the other side of the parking lot.

"Listen up!" Alpha Hunter's voice ranged in authority.

It's Alpha command ordering me without words to turn to look at him. I tore my eyes away from the edge of the woods to stare at the tall blonde male. Alpha Hunter is a catch. His blonde hair is cut into a high fade on the side. He ran a finger through his hair when the wind suddenly blew and messed it up. His ocean blue eyes scanned the groups of Juveniles who were loitering around.

My eyes also did a quick scan and did a quick estimate in my head. There was close to thirty of us who were nearing our maturity date. They all stopped talking and turned to look at Alpha Hunter.

"Another ten minutes and we will reach our destination. Alpha Ezra is aware of the location and is prepping for our arrival," Alpha Hunter explained.

Every year an Alpha oversees all the food, the comfort of the stay, and events for this special week. Alpha Ezra must be another Alpha from a distance pack because I am not familiar with the name.

"I want you all on your best behavior. Show them that Silver Bane's packs are honest individuals but fierce competitors. We will be met with many other werewolves from other pack and there will for sure be some tension, but I want you all to refrain from falling victims to idiocy and instigate a fight that will potentially harm your pack members. Do you all understand?" Alpha Hunter demanded.

"Yes, Alpha," everyone answered.

"You will need to find a partner to travel around with-"A round of groans answered Gamma Judah's order.

"You will not walk Dark Moon territory without a partner," Gamma Judah enforced.

"We aren't in grade school anymore," someone spoke up.

The three dominating trio's eyes snapped to the culprit who was dumb enough to speak up. I followed their gaze and it landed on Dana who smirked and looked around her peers.

"Dana, what happens if another pack member from another pack confronts you? Do you understand how important it is to keep with your pack? Going off on your own could very well end up with you bloodied and dead," Beta Ace stated.

They are over there worried about causing mayhem and animosity within packs and I found myself agreeing. It is true, a lot of werewolves in one territory together can be very tense—not to mention the many Alphas from all over the country within one territory. Dark Moon might be a very large piece of land but to house about ten Alphas is like throwing us into the water and watching us drown.

"You will find a partner and stick to that partner. Your partner will be responsible for you as you will be responsible for them. Any wrong actions from the both of you and you both are suspended from the trip and sent back home. I don't give a fuck if you found your mate or not. You will not be staying. Am I clear?" Alpha Hunter growled, unhappy with the boldness of Dana.

Dana's mouth snapped shut. Slowly, I watched everyone began pairing up with their partners. I feel like I am in grade school. I have no friends. I am a social outcast. I'm invisible and everyone walked right by me like I don't exist.

Once everyone found their partners, they boarded the bus again, leaving me alone. I got up and dusted the dirt from my bottoms before wrapping up my food. When I stood up completely, I came face to face with Gamma Judah.

"Where's your partner?" He looked around.

I wanted to roll my eyes. I'm sure he knows I do not have one but I'm going to play stupid just like him. I shrugged my answer which earned me another scowl.

"Answer me when I am speaking to you, Rosemary," he said my name, and something stirred inside me. It felt weird and uncomfortable, so I snuffed it the second I felt it.

"I don't have one," I replied.

He sighed and rubbed his forehead with his fingers, "Alright, you'll report to me before leaving Dark Moon resort to walk around the grounds. If you are going to go to the bathroom, I want a message sent my way. If you are going to bed, I want you to inform me that you will be calling it a night."

I snorted before slapping a palm over my mouth. My eyes widening as I watched his face darkened.

"You think I'm fooling around with you?" he growled.

He moved to grab the lapels of my bright green t-shirt. I grabbed at his wrist to stop him from picking me up and throwing me across the fields.

"You will do as I say. Do you understand?" His voice dropped an octave.

I nodded, and he dropped me back to the ground. I watched him turn and leave. I wished I took the time to make at least one friend, maybe then, I wouldn't be in this situation. Pouting, I picked up my things and boarded the bus.

~ ~ ~

Dark Moon's territory looks like a resort stay. The building that will house hundreds of werewolves is a semi-circle shaped building. In front of the resort is a curved drive pathway with a beautiful water fountain smacked in the middle. Behind the building are a very large swimming pool and lake. Beyond the lake is the many training fields and beyond the training, fields were the vast woods.

When our buses pulled up to the large resort entrance, many people were loitering around talking amicably. Their eyes shifting over to us the second we parked our buses.

"Crescent pack members," Alpha Hunter muttered before getting up from his seat, "I just love their leader, Alpha Jeremiah."

"I remember how much he loves you too," Gamma Judah made a joke. The guy knows how to make a joke. Someone pinch me, I think I am some kind of alternate world.

Alpha Hunter shoved Gamma Judah back into his seat before looking back at us. Beta Ace was on the other bus.

"Alright, listen up, we go in and check in with our names along with our pack names. The individuals working behind the desk will give you a room number. You will be sharing it with your partner. There are not enough rooms in this resort to house hundreds of wolves. We have to partner up." Alpha Hunter stopped talking and gave us an expected look.

We all nodded before he turned away and the door opened to release us. We hopped out of the bus and I couldn't be happier. The air here is different from the air back home. It's fresher, less polluted. Inhaling slowly, I stopped halfway when I remembered what Alpha Hunter just said. Clinging onto my duffle bag filled with clothes and personal care products, I chased after the tall male leader who was walking away from us.

"Alpha Hunter!" I called out.

He stopped and turned to look at me. Apparently, he's surprised I called out his name.

"This is the first time I have heard you talk to me, Rosemary," he stated with a smirk.

"I-I don't have a partner. There was an uneven number," I explained, "should I bunk alone?"

"Nonsense. It is important that you bunk with someone."

"I will watch her." Gamma Judah's voice came from behind me and my spine tingled.

Alpha Hunter's disbelieving looks deepened, "You two are surprising me today. Are you sure, you two can be civil on this territory together?"

Of course not!

"I-I think i-it's best for me to sleep on my own," I managed to ramble.

"No can do, Rosemary. You will have to work with Gamma Judah. I have no one else to pair up with you," Alpha Hunter explained before turning away, "Just try not to kill each other."

That's it? You are just going to leave me with this brooding asshole?

I turned around to look up at Gamma Judah. His face was expressionless. I didn't know what was going through that mind of his but decided to follow him inside.

Today, Gamma Judah wore a cotton dark green t-shirt that stretched his back and shoulder muscles and tightened around his biceps. My eyes dropped lower and I watch his jean cladded ass walk. I have to admit, he has a nice ass for being an asshole. A soft giggle escaping me at the thought which caused Gamma Judah to stop suddenly and me smacking right into his back.

He turned around to glare at me and I turned to look somewhere other than him. The next thing he did shock me to the very core. He grabbed my wrist and led me deep into the resort lobby and to the long tables that had people sitting behind them.

Walking up to one lady, he spoke up. His hand still wrapped around my wrists. It tingled and burned slightly. I'm aware of how that one touch is driving all rational thoughts from my mind and zeroing in on that single skin contact.

"Rosemary Meyers and Gamma Judah Collins from Silver Bane's pack," he said.

There was silence and I tore my eyes away from the single contact to look up. I watched the lady in front of me write down our names and pack names before flipping a couple more pages and then opening up a case underneath the table, handing Gamma Judah the key.

"Room 457, you will take the elevators to your left." She pointed to our left where the elevator signs were.

"Thank you," Gamma Judah answered before dragging me to the elevators.

Once we were inside the elevators along with ten other bodies, I tried tugging my hand away from him, but he held tight. The elevator was so cramped that my back is literally pressed to his front. Heat spread between us and I tried to think about other things besides him.

It seemed like forever but eventually, the door opened, and people started flooding out. Once we reached the fourth floor, Gamma Judah and I stepped out. He released me then. Holding the key in his hand, he read the room number on the key tag before looking at the signs on the wall.

I followed slowly behind him, making sure to maintain my distance in case I run into him again. I don't know how I am going to handle this for another week. Standing in this man's presence was already a pain. How am I supposed to handle being in one room with him every night?

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