Fever Claim

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Last night was the most awkward night of my life. If my mom knew that I am sleeping in the same room as the Gamma, she will be cackling her butt off because she knows how much I dislike this man. Details of last night went exactly like this: awkward bumping into each other and I don't even know why because the room is huge to fit at least twenty other people if we really squeeze, then there was the stiff staring at our pajama choice. He is shirtless wearing only sleeping pants, I am swaddled up in sweaters and sweatpants as if I am ready for winter.

Finally, when the moon was high in the sky and we were settling into our two twins bed, I turned to sleep on the side where I am most comfortable with and ended up connecting eyes with his. He had also turned to his side. I slowly sacrificed my comfortable position and turned to the other side slowly, but I can feel his eyes burning through my back.

By morning, I'm exhausted because I couldn't sleep at all. I kept feeling him staring at me. I wanted to turn and if he truly was but I couldn't risk turning to see him looking at me. So, I stayed awake until exhaustion won and I fell asleep.

When I awoke, it was from a hard kick to my bed. I thought there was an earthquake because I jarred awake so quickly, I tumbled off the bed with the bedcovers tangled around my legs. I peeked my head over to see that it was him. He wanted me to get up.

Currently, I am grumpy with no coffee to cheer me up. I'm outside in the warm sun, standing with a lot of happy looking people. I didn't even bother looking nice. Gamma Judah said that we are doing a team activity today and for me to get up and get dressed.

I decided on a black tank top and grey sweats. When he knocked heavily on the bathroom door, demanding me to hurry up. I pushed my hair up into a messy ponytail and gave up on everything else. Why care? Who am I going to impress? Apparently, no one.

"Good morning, sun rays. You all look radiant today! Absolutely positive and ready to rumble," I tilted my head to see who that offending person was.

Radiant? I look like Scrooge on Christmas eve.

It was a pink hair female werewolf with a pixie haircut. She looks chirpy and happy. However, her small size figure does not compare to the power radiating from her. She's an Alpha.

Alpha Hunter moved through his pack to the front. His eyes settling in on the female werewolf with a smirk on his face. When her eyes settled on him, her smile disappeared and a glare replaced her sparkling demeanor.

"Alpha Justine," Alpha Hunter greeted, his smirk growing with each step closer to her.

Her jaw ticked, "Alpha Hunter,"

Snip Snap. Gone the happy Alpha.

"It is good to see that we are competing today."

Gamma Judah and Beta Ace weaved their way to the front to stand next to their friend and leader. My eyes traveled to Gamma Judah's exposed back. The man decided to go shirtless like why? Why you got to be like that?

"Are you prepared to lose, Alpha Hunter?" Alpha Justine quirked an eyebrow.

Alpha Hunter laughed loud as if it was the funniest thing he has ever heard in his life.

"Let's face it, Justine, that I am just more experienced than you are. You are what? Eighteen?"

Her lips curled and her eyes burned with a challenge, "Nineteen, you ass, and I am not afraid. Don't judge me by the years I have been Alpha. Wait till you see what I have coming before you get cocky."

"I'm flattered you checked my ass out." Alpha Hunter grinned. "How about we make a bet?"

He took a step forward and brushed his fingers across one side of her cheek. I saw her hands curled at her side and her arms trembled. Obviously, I thought that it was odd but I brushed it aside.

"If my pack wins, I get something from you," Alpha Hunter stated.

"And if I win?" she asked.

"You get whatever you want, firecracker, even me if you wanted to." He looked so smug right now.

She scoffed before turning back to her pack members but stopped midway before turning her head to the side and speaking up.

"If I win this game, I want you crawling on your knees to me," she stated.

Alpha Hunter smirked, "Sweetcheeks, you don't need to win for me to do that."

Interesting. Very interesting.

The challenge has been issued. Today's activity involved capturing the flag from the opposing team. Other packs are playing against other teams. Today, we are paired up with Alpha Justine's pack. In these kinds of games, it requires everybody to play because of the number of people we have. It was perfect to put our strategies into play and show off. Alphas like to show off.

Alpha Hunter split us into three teams. Alpha Hunter and his team are going to play offense. Gamma Judah's team is going to assist offense in executing pass plays. Alpha Beta's team is to play defense. Defend our flag.

Everyone is being jumbled around per their strength and weaknesses. Selected and chosen until there were only a few members left. I'm one of those minions who were left behind because nobody knows what I am skilled at.

Alpha Hunter rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly before speaking up, "I don't know where to put you, Rose. Can you tell me what skill sets you have?"

Beta Ace and Gamma Judah both turned their heads to look at me. Talk about embarrassment and not wanting to be the center of attention. Hello? Someone, please bring an ice pack for the heat that is crawling up my cheeks.

"I-I don't know," I grumbled before looking down, "maybe I should just sit out?"

"We need everyone to play," Beta Ace reminded me.

"Then maybe I can play defense with you?" I turned towards Beta Ace.

"She will be with me," Gamma Judah spoke up immediately.

We all turned our heads towards him. He walked over to me and wrapped his hand around my elbow before dragging me over to his team.

"I just said I'll play defense," I pointed out.

"And I said you will be in my team," he countered.

The game started quick and heated up quickly. Everyone was flying around and battling, knocking each other to the ground, jumping over fallen logs, zipping through mass trees. Gamma Judah ordered me to stay close, so he can keep an eye on me. In case, I end up making a mistake and making the team lose. Alpha Hunter is making fast work in approaching enemy territory. His team was fighting to impress him. I can see my peers pushing harder than ever fighting against Alpha Justine's defense.

A loud whistle pierces our wolf ears. It was Beta Ace. His warning. Our flag has been captured. Alpha Hunter fell back. His eyes landed on Gamma Judah and a silent communication line passed between them.

Alpha Hunter is going to play defense. He is going to retrieve the flag. His team fell back. Thus meaning I am going to be playing offense. I'm scared, no lie. I'm so scared that I can shit in my pants right now.

We are so close to the flag. I swear if I jump like a kangaroo on steroids, I might just be able to retrieve it.

Alpha Justine appeared a few yards in front of us. She's smiling like she knows she's going to win. Her eyes settling in on the most powerful one out of this team. Gamma Judah. She's going to take him out but he was so damn busy fighting off her pack members. She began jogging before sprinting.

Shit in my pants.

I jumped in front of him. She collided into me and we went flying back. Her eyes widening when she realized I had blocked the blow. Gamma Judah's eyes snapped to me.

Alpha Justine and I landed with a thump onto the hard ground. She pushed off me but I remembered Gamma Judah's straddle pin. Performing a perfect spin. I hooked my legs around Alpha Justine and pinned her underneath me. Her eyes widening before they burned with an angry fire.

Shit in my pants again.

I just angered an Alpha.

Leaping off Alpha Justine, I ran towards Gamma Judah who threw an opponent onto the ground hard, knocking the air out of him. I grabbed his wrists and took the lead. Our team, opening a space for us to run through. Defending the other team from distracting us.

The flag sits on top of a wooden tower. All we needed to do was climb. Retrieve it and jump off before running. Easy right?

A threatening growl distracted me. I glanced behind me to see Alpha Justine ordering her team with her Alpha power to push through our barricade. It worked.

The barricade collapsed in front of us.

"Defend me." My eyes connected with Gamma Judah.

He nodded before moving in front of me. He knocked everyone who tried to tackle us down with a hard fist to their body, sending them flying back. Seriously, he looked like some kind of man who has an immense amount of superpower—wait, he's a werewolf. Literally, chuckling inside at my joke before I remembered to focus.

He cleared the path for me before turning around to fight Alpha Justine.

"Get the flag and run, Rose. I swear to god if you make us lose, I will make you sleep on the floor in our room," he threatened before walking slowly to meet Alpha Justine.

Thanks for the mental motivation, Gamma Judah, I thought sarcastically before jumping into the ladder. My team surrounded the tower to stop the other team from climbing up to get me.

Looking down, I was halfway up the tower. Faster. Don't look down. Faster.

I climbed faster until I finally reached the top. Grabbing onto the stolen flag, I turned to see Gamma Judah receiving an uppercut. He went flying before Alpha Justine looked up and saw me. Shit, that woman is scary.

I took a few steps back before sprinting and leaping off the tower. It's like three stories high.

My feet landed onto the ground with a loud thud. The flag still wrapped around my hand. Everyone turned towards me and like a swarm of ants, they headed my way.

"Run!" Gamma Judah growled.

My eyes snapped to him before I nodded and ran.

I am good at this. I am fast. I run all the time at home.

"Don't look back," Gamma Judah ordered.

He's an idiot. If he says that, of course, I will look back.

I turned and saw how close Alpha Justine's team were. I screamed like Chucky is chasing my butt and ran faster. Loud thudding and growling are so close to me, I can feel them breathing down my neck.

"Save me!" I demanded, giving a side glance and seeing Gamma Judah jump on one opponent who was gaining quick to my behind. They rolled onto the ground before Gamma Judah knocked him out in seconds. He rolled back onto his feet and sprinted to catch up.

We are so close at this point. I can see our end zone in a few hundred yards.

A loud growl again behind me and I knew who it was before I even turned. Alpha Justine.

I pivoted around a tree and jumped over a fallen log before sliding between two bushes. Crap, I'm in a mass of bushes and trees, running a little off course.

"Rose," Gamma Judah said.

I turned to see him behind me and Alpha Hunter knocking Alpha Justine onto the ground. Together with the two rolled around in a fight.

"Go! Finish it!" He shouted before stopping and fighting.

I dug my feet in and took a long breath of air before pushing the hardest I have ever pushed. The clearing coming up quickly and Beta Ace smiling when he sees me with the flag. I saw a white line.


But then I felt something wrap around my feet and I tripped the second I almost crossed it.

"Get her!"

"Get the flag!"

I turned to see a red hair male holding tightly to my ankles. I wiggled one foot out before slamming it into his face. He grunted and released me. Crawling on my hands and feet I moved away from him before another body settled on top of me.

Gamma Judah appeared out of nowhere and kicked the fool off me.

"The match ended, mutt. She crossed the line. We won," Gamma Judah snarled.

I blinked before turning to look and saw that my hands have made it over the finish line with the flag. I sagged with relief.

"Oh, thank god," I breathed.

Gamma Judah's eyes scanned me over one time before he walked away from me. I released the flag in my hand and closed my eyes. I'm sweating so bad. My heart is thumping so hard in my chest, I swear it is about to run away from me. I could probably start a car battery with how fast it was beating.

"We won," I whispered, "Jesus, we won. I think I shitted in my pants."

"What?" Beta Ace laughed.

I didn't even care if he heard me. I am so relieved right now. I didn't care what was going on around me.

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