Fever Claim

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There is one thing I like about guarding borders at night and that was the silence and the pure black blanket of comfort around me. I'm alone and it makes me anxious but at the same time, I enjoy this solitary darkness. Sighing, I settled on a log and gaze out beyond the lake. The moon's reflection shimmering on top of the water and the little night creatures that come out to sing as if they are holding their own choir.

An ache on my shoulder has me subconsciously moving to rub between the joints. I'm healed and it's normal to feel aches after your body recovers. The night wind blew lightly past me and I inhaled only to catch a scent of another wolf.

She's no danger. I know this scent because I smelt it a million times since being here. Standing up from my seat, I looked beyond the bushes just as I saw her emerge from her run. Her breathing and heartbeat irregular but the blood pumping through her veins was like adrenaline.

I smirked and shook my head. Rosemary is an enigma, truly. I thought I knew everything about her, but I guess I didn't. Coming here and bunking with her, I've seen more of her than I have ever done back at home.

She huffed, and my attention flew back to her just as she jogged down the small slope in the woods heading my way. I stepped into the shadow and waited. She took a slow inhale, feeling her longs and closed her eyes briefly. Half of me thinks she might stumble over a branch or root of a tree and fall flat on her face but her eyes flew open again just as she exhaled.

She wore sweats and a loose t-shirt. Her strawberry blonde hair tied up into a ponytail. Sweat dripped down her chin. She's exhausted but she doesn't give up.

Suddenly, she stopped right in front of me but I'm pretty sure she isn't aware of me yet. Bending over, she fought to catch her breath. A second later, her face broke into a smile and she started giggling to herself. I'm thinking she has gone mad.

She pulled herself back up and used the back of her hand to wipe the sweat off her face. She huffed and puffed before her laughter slowly died down. Looking at her right now, drenched in sweat and exhausted, the only thing that I can think of is she's stunning when she's unaware of people looking at her and her guard is down.

She turned to face the water, and something caught her eye. I turned to see what she was staring. She walked closer to me and I took a sharp inhale, holding my breath, waiting for her to notice me but she doesn't.

Instead, she walked past me and stopped just right before stepping into the water. I'm still surprised she hasn't smelt me yet I have a feeling it's because she is extremely distracted from her run and the scenery in front of her.

Lifting her face, she looked at the moon. I turned and looked at the moon along with her. It was a full moon tonight. High in the sky with barely a star out to keep it company. We stood that way, staring at the moon together for a long time.

A soft humming pulled me away from staring at the moon. I looked down and see her eyes are closed, her face is lifted to the moon and she's humming a soft tune, swaying on her feet. A smile touching her lips as if she's imagining herself being loved and wrapped in a silk blanket.

One corner of my lips lifted because again, she seems to surprise me. She's not as cold as I thought she was. She's quite funny. Reminds me a little of a fuzzy little wolf puppy.

After she finished her song, she took another deep inhale before her shoulders sagged and she opened her eyes, the smile still on her face but something must have bothered her because her smile slipped and in its place was a pout.

"Don't think because you won the competition, I forgive you," she growled to the lake.

My smile widened the second she mentioned winning the competition. She's talking about me.

"Yeah, I'm talking about you. You aren't all that badass, Mr. Gamma," she retorted but then she stopped and pondered for a second before adding, "but thank you."

I broke out into a full-blown smile at the last part. Then she began doing a weird dance in front of me. Shuffling her feet and cocking her hips back and forth. For a second, I'm rendered speechless.

"You think you are the boss of me but, you can't stop me. You can't stop me. You can't stop me, Mr. Gamma. Yeahhh." She kept singing and stopped her dance with spirit fingers in the air.

At this point, I'm biting my lips and trying to contain my own laughter. She took another big huff and a smile appeared on her face. She waved goodbye to the moon and started back on her jog back home.

When she was well out of range and I can no longer hear her footsteps, I chuckled and then burst out laughing. I laughed and that is something I do not do. Hunter and Ace only heard me laugh this hard once or twice.

Tears brimmed my eyes and when I finally stopped, I felt-good. I wasn't irritated in her presence like how I was before. Instead, I kind of liked it.

I continued with my shift, working well into the morning before I walked back to my room. Putting the card key in and slowly opening the door because it was still very early in the morning even if it is morning, I caught sight of her asleep in bed, still bundled up in her blanket. Soft snoring reached my ears but at this point, I was too exhausted to even find humor in her little snoring.

Walking to the bathroom with a clean pair of sleeping pants, I showered quickly and brushed my teeth before collapsing into bed. Groaning, I rolled over and underneath my blanket, pulling it up and over me.

~ ~ ~

I woke up when I heard laughter just outside my doors. People were walking back to their rooms. Groaning, I shielded my eyes and looked at the clock sitting on the nightstand. It was a little after one in the afternoon. I have completely skipped breakfast and lunch.

Rubbing my eyes, I glanced over to Rosemary's bed and saw it empty. Frowning, I reached for my phone to call or text her but was alarmingly surprised to see a yellow sticky note stuck to my phone.

If you are looking for me, I have run away and am now living a caveman life in a faraway cave-kidding. I am with Beta Ace today.


Smirking, I tossed the note back onto the nightstand before tossing back the bed covers and getting out of bed. I'm guessing she's getting used to me asking her where she's going. How else can I explain her sarcastic remark within the note?

I quickly got dressed, changing into a plain dark navy t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of white shoes, I made my way out of the bedroom. My stomach grumbled in protest for fasting for so long.

Absentmindedly, I placed a hand over it before walking over to the elevators. Just as the doors opened, I looked up from my grumbling stomach to find Rosemary standing alone. Today, she wore a nice little yellow sundress that in my opinion was way too short for her because it showed her long legs. Her strawberry blonde hair is down and waves around her shoulders. She even bothered to put on lip gloss.

All that and she went out with Beta Ace.

My eyes narrowed in on her. She looked me over before stepping out of the elevator without even a simple greeting.

Before she could get past me, I grabbed onto her elbow and yanked her back inside the elevator with me. She stumbled back on her heels, her hands grasping my shoulders for support.

"Hey!" she protested.

The doors just in time before she could escape. Upset, she turned to face me and gave me an accusing glare.

"What was that for?" she growled.

I didn't answer her. Her face transformed into an incredulous expression before she moved to stand before me.

"I'm speaking to you, Gamma Judah. It is your duty to respond," she demanded.

"Is it?" I asked.

"It is."

I didn't say anything else.

"So?" she asked.

"I responded," I told her.

Her eyes grew big and she pursed her lips in anger. Propping her hands on her waist, she looked me right in the eyes. I looked down at her and am surprised to find that she's actually pretty tall. Only a few inches shorter than me.

"Where did you go with Beta Ace?" I asked.

"He took me out on a date." She lifted her chin into the air and gave me a smug look.

"Date?" She caught my interest. I turned to look at her.

"That's right. On a date. Who knows, I might just end up switching rooms and sleeping with him. He might just be my mate," she said still smiling smugly.

I smirked and took a step forward. Caught off-guard, she stumbled back and hit the elevator doors.

"Is that so?" I asked.

"It is," she responded but a little less confident now.

I laughed and broke away, taking a step back. I looked and saw that the numbers on the elevators have stopped working. Frowning, I moved forward to press the button for the main level.

"What? You don't believe it?" she asked.

"I don't," I replied, still pressing the floor number.

"Well, it's true. I think we may have a connection," she interjected.

One corner of my lips lifted, "Ok."

She doesn't know it, but I know it. Ace is gay and there is no way that man will feel a connection with her. She's too fucking funny but I'll let her stew on it. It makes me feel happier to know that she's trying to get a reaction out of me.

"Shit," I muttered the second I realized we are stuck.

"What?" she turned to look at what I was looking at, "Oh no! Don't tell me we are stuck?"

"I think we are," I replied, "Fuck, this is not good timing."

"Definitely not. Oh no. Oh no," she muttered and pressed her forehead against the door.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," I told her.

"What? Why?" she turned to look at me.

"The doors might open and you might fall three floors down," I told her.

She backed away and settled next to me.

"What are we going to do?" she asked.

I shrugged, "We wait until someone figures out that the elevators are stuck. It shouldn't take long."

It shouldn't. There are too many people in this resort for this to go unnoticed. People will start working on it as soon as they realize it's not working. My stomach grumbled loudly and I sighed before covering my stomach once more.

I catch Rosemary eyeing my stomach before she turned to her side. She shuffled through her purse and pulled out a granola bar.

"Here," she said.

"I'm fine," I grumbled.

"Ok, die of starvation." She turned to stuff her granola bar back into the purse but I grabbed it out of her hands before she could.

She gave me a smug smile before digging into her purse and pulling out an apple and a muffin wrapped in saran wrap. I cocked an eyebrow at her.

"What? I get hungry sometimes," she muttered.

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