Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Ten: Rewind

“Diego!?” My heart stopped, is this real? am I hallucinating? Surely that isn’t my brother...he looked different. Older. More distinguished.

That stubble beard obviously helped him look older.

He looked so much like dad...he was a lot taller now, like 5 foot 8 maybe, his eyes and skin mirrored mine but he has dad black hair.

He was wearing jeans that looked tailored, and a simple black shirt that made his defined muscles pop out.

“Aiya? Look at you! your even more beautiful” He pulled me into a bone crushing hug. He smelt like freshly mowed grass with morning dew.

Memories of us running through the meadow in the woods behind our home came crashing like a wave, memory after memory of my childhood.

I squirmed until he let go, confusion crossed his face quickly before he realization dawned on him. “Sorry sis, I just thought.. that I would never..” he cleared his throat and shook his head.

” Come in” he moved to the side and gestured with his hands to come in. He put his arm around me to maneuver me carefully into the house.

The Hamilton’s and witch-bitch followed after me. “Guys, go straight into the office.. he’s waiting to speak with you” He spoke to the group collectively, Derek’s face paled but he nodded and guided his family down a left hall was beautifully decorated with plants and.. photos.

I moved closer to a massive portrait that acted as a center piece, it was our family photo that had been taken on dad’s birthday as a gift.

We were arranged nicely in front of a black back drop wearing navy blue outfits.. we looked amazing in a very “privileged but generous” kind of way.

I almost forgot what they had looked like... how though? it hadn’t been that long since I looked at their faces.

“Silver does a lot of things to wolves and we were injected everyday for the last 18 months Aiya, don’t beat yourself up. They loved us.” Her voice was quiet, but as always Cloe was right.

I must of been rubbing my wrist subconsciously, cause Diego pipped and grabbed my arms “Scars? But.. your a wolf...how?...Fucking silver? they used silver! I’m going to skin every fucking person that ever fucking hurt you ” I turned to face him, he looked beyond pissed off. He looked menacing.

I had no doubt he could and would kill for me but if anyone had the honors to hurt them, it would be me.

“Get in line behind me Diggy. Seth and his mongrels will be looking into my eyes as they die” I deadpanned.

He looked shocked but than gave me a curt nod. “Diggy? I haven’t heard that for a while” his face lit up like it was the greatest thing he heard, even though I mentioned murder in the same sentence.

Times have definitely changed, that one sentence would of had me on a shift-ban for months...whole different world now.

“C’mon Aiya, your probably tired. Your room is this way” He turned and started climbing the grand looking stair case that was solid oak? maybe with black/white trim.

It looked like mums beautifully hideous designs, haha that’s nice.

I wonder where is Rafael is...wait Diggy did say he was waiting. “Diggy, where is Rafael?” I ask mid walk. He spun around to face me, and hoped onto the step I was standing on, he had a goofy smile on his face.

“Down in father’s old office.. looks exactly the same, except different. We restored the house the best we could”. I stopped dead in my tracks.

What!? I thought the place had been burnt to the ground or at least that what I was told by Seth and his mongrels...

“You thought the place burnt down? I would have to if I were in your shoes but after you were taken, trackers took off after you with our best warriors, the rest of us tried to save a much of the village as we could and we did but we made some changes here and there. Upped the security features you know” he brushed imaginary dirt off his shirt. I could tell he was uncomfortable talking about that night.

He cleared his throat “but we can go through all of this another day, c’mon your room is almost the same..” He spun around and took off running, taking two steps at time.

I kept following him down winding hallways, none of this feels or looks familiar. Why can’t I just fucking remember.. He came to a halt a white door decorated with butterflies and violet’s.

“I remember the day dad built this door, you demanded it to have mum’s favorite flowers on it with butterflies. I think you were like 5” He laughed and turned to me, the smile vanished from his face when he seen mine.

“What’s wrong Aiya” he put his hand on my shoulder like a calming gesture but it just felt patronizing to me....it probably wasn’t, no it just straight up wasn’t.

But as much as I wanted to feel the love and affection it just didn’t feel.. I don’t know.. right?... It’s been while since....well since anyone has genuinely cared about my wellbeing for good motives.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to be an emotionless robot, it’s just I don’t remember much before the day I was taken.. I mean like memories come back but it’s like in bits and pieces and not like full puzzles? I don’t know...the injections had all sorts of different side affects and some I’m still finding out about..” I rubbed my wrist, remembering the chair I had been strapped in.

Fuck! I can’t wait till I get the chance to rip Davis’s face off along with his goons.

“Injections? like drugs? what happened with your wrists...I know it’s a difficult situation but I want to know everything, if you want to of course..” The expression on Diego’s face meant I couldn’t just lie my way out, he generally wanted to know.

“Aiya, if anyone deserves our trust its our blood family. I feel his wolf Vance reaching out. We can trust our brothers, but only our brothers. No one else.” Cleo’s instincts were mirroring mine.

But I can’t shake the feeling, like bad shit is just a step behind me. “Fine but, full trust has to be earned. We will keep a distance until we know we can fully trust them, I know you want this to be all unicorns and rainbows but its best if we don’t rush into this.

“Done deal girl..” Cleo said returning to her spot in the back of my mind.

“Not drugs...entirely. I would have preferred just that. They injected liquidized silver into my system daily, to keep my abilities at bay and this?” I held up my wrist.

“Silver ropes, to help encourage me to provide information on you, Rafael and the pack. They tied me to a chair with silver ropes every couple of weeks, to break me down overtime but we all learned the hard way...” I Shrugged my shoulders.

“Every time I refused, they came up with a new way to torture me with silver. They got...creative. After while they started to mixed it up and to make sure my system didn’t get used to the silver. They would mix in Methamphetamine, Ketamine. You name it, they did it. After a while affects started to show, I couldn’t heal, weight dropped and I started losing memories. They did enough to hurt me but keep my alive. They may have kept me in a cell, but the real prison was my mind, the more I wanted to remember, the more it seem to slip.” I absentmindedly rubbed my shoulders, remembering the ways they would taunt me and tell me all the heinous drugs they would pump into my system.

"I would scrape the days into a secret spot in the bathroom where some of the tiles could come off..” I had realized how much I had share until I looked up and saw Diego on the verge of crying, tears were close to falling but he still looked mad...I know that feeling all too well.

He took a step towards and surrounded me in a hug that seemed to say “I got you”. We stayed there for seemed like hours. I forgot the feeling a hug could give you.

It felt like being wrapped in a protect layer of sunshine, warm yet safe. He let go, wiped his face with the back of his sleeve and opened the door.

I took a deep breathe it smelled like the rainfall in a meadow, like home. Tears threatened my eyes, it looks exactly the same...I think? my four poster white bed look like it was re-sanded and painted.

I walked into the room for a better look, they upgraded it. It had new gadgets, and windows. The bedspread was different but you get my point. “I’ll leave you to rest, your bathroom is through there” he point to a door near the bed.

“Your closet is stocked as well , we didn’t know what size you would be, so there’s a range you can pick from” He went to close the door but rushed over to me for one last hug. “I’ve missed you so much, it doesn’t feel real yet but your home sis. Goodnight tiny, love you to moon” I cut him off “And stars” He moved, to look me in the eyes and smiled “You remembered”.

Indeed I did, maybe being here with them would help me remember more of my past and my lost memories.

Little did I know though, that while I was enjoying this tiny bit of happiness, my enemies were closer than before.

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