Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Eleven

I woke to a gentle breeze and sunshine streaming through an open window. The sky was a clear magnificent blue, unlike the storm that raged through the night.

*Knock Knock*

I shot out of the bed, even though this is my family home, I have to stay vigilant. My enemies have taken me once from my home..there is nothing stopping them from taking me a second time.

“Hello? Aiyana, breakfast is ready down stairs, would like to join us?” Daisy asked softly through the closed door. “Sure, Give me like 15 minutes”. Keeping the door securely locked, I went into the closet to an outfit among the oddly sized clothing choices, feels a strange having new things.. or things of my own.

I picked out a pair of white skinny jeans, blue chucks paired with a blue and white blouse. I took my time in the shower, leisurely washing my hair with amazing jasmine scented conditioner. I bushed my hair out and left it as is.

My curls will flourish after finally using conditioner. I used to just brush it out with an old broken brush to make sure it wouldn’t go matted.

I looked into the mirror after dressing, I looked pretty.. I wasn't overly under weight but I wasn't your typical curvacious almost eighteen year old either but I looked pretty. My hair had a nice bounce to it and I applied a tiny bit of concealer on the dark circles under my eyes to brighten up my face. After I was happy with what I looked like..not that I usually care but given the choice, I would like to look at least okay, and it might make me feel differently about this place.

Diego said the house still looked almost the same, I couldn’t remember the way to get to the kitchen, which resulted in getting lost a few times.

Daisy came to the rescue after I found myself in an entertaining room? maybe. It had half a dozen gaming tables, with a flat screen and a large couch.

“There you are!” someone shouted behind me. I jumped into a fighting stance ready to take down whoever it was, my hands suddenly lit up into blue flames, panic shot through me but I refused to show it. Wow, that’s never happened before. “Woah girl, it’s just me...Daisy” She said taking several steps back. “Sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you.. its was stupid of me to yell, given you were held captive” Daisy face went bright red the second she realized what she said could be offensive.

“It’s fine, could you help me find the kitchen?” I said shaking my hands, it seemed to work fine, the blue flames disappeared quickly. It looked like I had meant to do that on purpose..I would have to find Tekoha in the spirit realm, now that the silver has completely left my system, my gifts must be back at full strength. I would have to learn how to use and tame them.. but finding Tekoha will be hard and that's if she's alive..

"Aiyana, was that normal.. like did you know, you could light up your fist?" Daisy was staring at my hands like she was a second away from running.

"Lie Aiya, don't give anything away. We don't know these people, the more information we give them the more power they'll have over us. Tell them nothing more than they need to know." Cleo rushed to the front of my conscious, waiting.

"Yeah its normal, not dangerous though or else I would have escaped ages ago" I tried to convince her that this was normal like it wasn't dangerous, like the blue lights were just that. She didn't need to know it was flames.. or at least felt like flames.

My brothers obviously trust the Hamilton’s if they sent them to rescue me. It would take more than them saving me to gain my trust, they could have ulterior motives for helping me.

After Daisy led me through a maze of halls, we arrived a communal dinning area.. several circular wooden dinning tables were neatly positioned around the room, with wooden chairs.

Along the side wall was a massive window looking into a kitchen, you could see the cooks doing their thing, serving plates of food onto several buffet tables that were already covered in food servings from eggs to oatmeal.

The room was already packed with what smelled like wolves, only one scent stood out to me and that was Diego. Who had obviously caught my scent at the same time.

"Little sister! come join me, over here" He shouted across the room, waving his hand for me to hurry. All the faces turned towards me after hearing Diggy shout. Just what I needed, more unwanted fucking attention.

"Don't shy away, they will see that as weakness. We are already smaller than an average wolf in human form, don't let them think we are weak. Straighten your shoulders, keep your head up and nod to the members of this pack as you go, let them know you, acknowledge them"

As per usual Cleo was right, but Diego was not helping. I did as she said, and walked with my shoulders straighten, nodding to serval pack members, a few smiled while others, nodded back. I looked at each face trying to see if I could remember anyone but they all looked like complete strangers

When I finally joined the others at Diego's table, he had a plate of food the size of my head waiting for me, it had eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast and a glass of orange juice. "Overkill? I didn't know what you would want so I got everything I liked" he shrugged his shoulders and continued to eat his food. I ate most of the eggs but my stomach was not used to having all this food.. considering this is what I would see in a year not a day.. "Thanks Diggy, it's fine but I'll never be able to eat it all".

"Diggy? Wow it really is you Aiya.." Said a deep voice behind me. I could all ready tell by the authority in his voice and from the reactions to some of the members around me, that it was my brother, the alpha.

I got up slowly, not wanting to take my eyes of Diggy who looked happier than a kid in a candy store. I wish I could feel that enthusiastic about all of this. But truthfully, I was not only afraid but I was on edge...just waiting for the other shoe to drop, to have my world be pulled from underneath me and I would be back in my cell, back to the smell of mouldy food and stale air.

Raphael had grew tremendously while I was gone, he was easily taller than Diego, by like 3 or 2 inches maybe. He looked exactly what you would envision an alpha would look like, big, muscly and powerful. He had the same brown hair, Olive skin tone and unlike Diggy he had a smooth face. Raffy's eyes were still the shinning feature though, his bluish-hazel eyes always had a shine to them.. but today they looked dull, like the light he once had, was taken from him.

Before I could say Hi to Rafael, Diggy was beside me. "Lets go into your office bro". Instead of waiting for an answer, Rafael turned around and walked out the door I had entered earlier. Diggy took my hand, like it was the most normal gesture in the whole world. Like no time had passed since he last saw me.

We walked for about two minutes, going through windy halls, through different rooms, connecting to more windy halls. I don't rememeber our home being this big or confusing. Rafael, who had been leading us had finally came to a stop at a massive oval double door. He inserted a key and entered a code on a number pad that had popped up after the key was entered.

Rafael entered the room first, sweeping his arms out for us to following than shutting and locking the door behind him. He was serious about security and saftey. Maybe I could be safe here...

The second the door had clicked, Rafael had me in bone crushing hug "Ive counted the seconds you were gone Aiya. I missed you every second of everyday" he said squeezing me. "Same" Diggy chimed in. We were now all standing in a office in a family hug..

"We are home Aiya, home!".

Yeah, maybe we are Cleo.

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