Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twelve

After the loving moment I had shared with my brother’s in my father’s office… Rafael’s office. That’s going to take some time getting used to.

I headed out of the house that was once my childhood home, now the new pack-house. Most of the wolves that live in the house are the high ranking wolves, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Usually with their respected mates and pups, only moving out if they outgrow the space. Extended family of the high ranked wolves lived close to the pack house. The way housing works is in order of pack rank, the closer you are to the alpha the higher up you are. After our Delta is our warriors, trackers, hunters and healers. Warriors tend live on the outskirts, near the border of our territory, acting as security. Wolves are known for their brute strength, our warriors train almost 24/7 with our Gamma and Delta who lead the warriors under the Alpha’s orders.

Pups of the warriors are put to training the second they begin walking, a friend of mine who I had grew up with, was the daughter of one of the best warriors in our pack. Silver Crescent Pack have never been accustomed to being treated differently according to our gender. Which made our pack one of the worlds greatest, everyone of our members were fighters.

I wonder what happened to…my friend I had grew up with. I can’t remember her name. Kelly? Allie? Sally? I would have to talk to Diggy, he would know. Surely.

I took a seat on the high step, looking out into the grass court, pups were scurrying about in wolf and human form playing. Some females were sitting at the edge with a picnic blanket, laughing and chatting among themselves…everything here seems so normal.

“Feels nice, being home…being here. Smells like home” Cleo sighed.

“Sure does, I just hope this is a lasting feeling not a fleeting one” I took a whiff of the air, with closed eyes. I could smell the fresh water from the lake, damp earth from the forest beyond the outskirts of the houses, the smell of flowers from the meadow surrounding the left side of the lake and the mixture of scents from the pack wolves. Yeah, it does smell like home.

I have been so wrapped into my surroundings, that I had let my worries drift away. Felt nice not having to worry, even if it were for a small moment. Than her scent hit my nose like a brick wall that sent memories tumbling forward, ones I thought were buried beneath the silver and drugs. But she smelt exactly like I remembered, Jasmine, sandalwood and Honey.

“Tekoha?” I breathed. “Welcome back little Luna” her voice was soft and musical. Tekoha looked ethereal, her long legs, tanned skin, her oval face, long black wispy hair that reached her knees and eyes the color of silver. “I know you have many questions and I promise to answer the ones I can, but for now…go mingle. Let them know your home” She said moving to the side, looking towards the wolves mingling on the grass court. “I don’t know…maybe tomorrow” I said moving to stand beside her.

“Plus, I need to speak to you…just not here. The she wolves over there are giving me strange looks” I say motioning my head towards them. “That’s because they cannot see me...” she drops her head and smiles. “Sorry, it’s been awhile since I could speak to someone from your realm, I had forgotten. Come join me” she extended her hand to reach mine.

The second Tekoha had taken my hand the world had shifted. Wow, the Jet had sparkled when I spirited onto this realm the last time but now, it looked magical like the world was brighter, like the color had intensified a thousand times over. Beautiful.

“How? I didn’t shift” I turned to Tekoha, who was studying me, still holding my hand. “Have you forgotten our lessons? I am your guide. I can bring you here with a touch…Come with me.” She spun around quickly, taking long purposeful strides. Still holding my hand, I speed up to match her. “Where are we going?” She tightens her grasp on my hand, and smiles. “My home, little Luna”.

As we reached the start of the forest, she turned to me and dropped her hold of my hand. “Follow me, but quietly and for now step where I step”. She turns around, taking one look at me than takes off, moving quicker this time into the woods, her steps were fast and soft. Not a sound came from her, I tried my best to stay as quiet. I had mis-stepped and my foot landed on a twig, the snapped echoed into the forest like it was hollow and empty.

Tekoha leaped to me and lifted me into a bridal carry and took off at the speed of light, the forest around us was now a blur. She ran with me in her arms for 5 minutes, before stopping at the edge of a garden that surrounded a beautiful two-story cottage.

Hoc est ille, qui habitat in tectis hospes petit ingressum tutum” Tekoha magical whispers lit up the border around her house. It shown a bright white. She re-took my hand after setting me on my feet. “Come, we are now safe”. She begins to untie her Navy-blue cloak from her body. She was wearing a blue long-sleeved dress, that clung to her body perfectly with black boots. “What did you say to invoke that magical light?”.

“I asked for our safe entry” she said opening the front door. “Come on in” Tekoha walks into the door. “You asked for safe entry? Who did you ask? Isn’t this your house? Why wouldn’t you be allowed in and why wouldn’t it be safe?”. Tekoha disappears into a joining room and flitters back in hold a tray of tea.

“Breathe little one, we have time. This realms regulations and rules are different, we are in the in-between. I am not dead and not living, I just simply am and like you, I am gifted but everything has a catch. While I may have lived here for thousands of years, this is not mine entirely. I was born a very gifted soul-witch in the 1700’s, after I died at the age of 19 during child birth. I was brought here, by Gaia. Granted to help those who were in need and doomed to spend centuries alone, only speaking to a handful of souls with gifts themselves…while our gifts could be seen as curses form our personal experiences. They are the greatest gifts known. I have watched my bloodline grow for centuries, waiting for one stronger and more gifted than myself, to ascend and take my position but it is not one I would merely give away so loosely you must have a strong soul to speak with Gaia and Selene…But little Luna, I have already shared all this with you, which brings me to my next task.” She stood over a pot of tea and several herbs.

Tekoha takes a bundle of sage sitting on the table, lights it and begins to walk around the small room slowly, all while whispering soft magical words. She does a full loop before sitting down, resting the burning sage upward on a wooden stand. Turning her attention to put different herbs I haven’t seen before or think I hadn’t seen before into the tea pot.

“Little Luna you must trust me, what's going to happen next will not be easy but you must trust yourself and work together with the magic”. Tekoha moves to sit next to me. “Why wouldn’t I trust you? Tekoha”.

“There aren’t many people in this world or across the realms I trust freely but she is different…Aiya”

Cleo comes to the surfaces and settles herself against me as a precaution. No longer feeling uncomfortable, I pick up the tea.

“Drink little Luna”. I take three calming breaths and throw the tea back…Immediately darkness consumes me.

"We are one being Aiyana, and yet I betrayed you...I am sorry"

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