Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Fourteen

Raphael POV:

My parents portrait sits proudly behind my desk high upon the wall, before I used to avoid looking at it. I couldn’t bring myself to look at it. I felt like a failure of a son, alpha and big brother...all those days I spent looking for Aiya. Coming up empty handed, feeling worse every single time one of our plans would blow up in our faces.

After all that she’s home, but she isn’t safe. Not while Seth and his sick lackeys still out there planning and fucking scheming.

Which is why I had setup a meeting with the neighboring pack alpha’s. I need solidified alliances and more security along the borders between the packs.

My best friend Tony, Antonio Matthews was the alpha of Midnight Crescent.

We shared a border, which is how we met, plus his mother Elena was born into our pack before she found her mate: former alpha Jackson Mathews.

“Raf, you listening man?” Tony interrupted. I shook my head “Sorry man, what did you say?” I sighed.

“Look I know you have a lot going on man, but you need to listen remember my girlfriend Sylvia.. I found out s-she was uh stealing from me” his voice was low and he was shifting uncomfortably on the chair.

“You okay? man, what did she steal?” His face was red “It’s really weird and embarrassing but she was stealing my uh sperm..” his voice was quiet, and I was sure I had heard him wrong. “S-sperm? what the hell? dude are you sure?“.

Tony stood quickly “Yeah I’m fucking sure, it’s messed up man and worse of all, I-I heard her on the phone to a unknown number...she mentioned Seth a few times and jobs she’s done for him...

When I caught her she had her vials of sperm and her stuff packed into a suitcase ready to take off somewhere man, I brought her here with me. I’ve tried to interrogate her man but she refuses...I didn't want everyone to know right now, just people I trust and I thought we could do this together or maybe Daisy would know something about her since she went undercover or maybe your si..".

No! he was going to drag my sister into this shit, not right now, anything could set her mental state off right now.

“NO, we leave Aiyana out of this. Give me a second to think. She was stealing your sperm? I mean like how? how is that possible? and she’s talking to Seth.."

Suddenly something in my mind clicked. "Tony.. how did you meet her again?"

Tony’s eyes went wide “Fuck! it was at the alpha summit here in Vaeko on Blood Moon pack land, she was a damn waitress...said she was half-wolf, her human mother died in childbirth and she never met her father, she was searching for him. What a fucking convenient lie! I am so damn stupid! I knew we could never really be together we weren’t mates but I had feelings all the same” He slumped into the chair looking defeated, looking lost.

“Tony, bro I’m sorry but think about it.. she knew you could never be together, never have kids.. so why was she stealing sperm, it would be useless to her and anyone that isn’t you mate..what if and hear me out...what if she found her..your mate and she trying to impregnate her..and-and uh fuck I don’t know”.

I slumped into the chair next to Tony throwing my hands in the air. This was getting more complicated by the second, I need to up the security for Aiya’s safety, fast.

“Look, I’ve been going over this since yesterday man, I thought of every logical and illogical reason she could have for stealing sperm but nothing I could come up with made any sense... I know you don’t want to bring Aiya in this but she and Daisy would be our best bet...I don’t want to risk your sister, ever. But if this connects to Seth in anyway, she deserves to know. Hell she deserves to get answers...and I have been kind to Sylvia...Aiya and Daisy won’t.“.

He stood walking over to the bar pouring himself a drink, he raised a glass bourbon and I nodded...I’m gonna need a drink if we’re doing this.

“Alright, alright. I hear you man, your right. I’ll call my brother and the twins in...we need to go over a plan before we bring Aiya in here, if we’re doing this than the plan needs to be fool-proof”

“We need to trust our sister, she isn’t a child anymore. She’s changed and she will be able to handle this...probably better than all of us”

My wolf Leon made a lot of sense, as always. Aiya has changed but not knowing what fully happened to her is weighing on me...I can’t imagine what she feels.

2 Minutes later...

Antonio had half a plan by the time Diego and the twins came into my office. Derek raised his eyebrows towards Antonio, they don’t get along too well because Lila and Tony had a brief fling before they were mated...Jealousy was notorious among wolves but Derek being my Beta had to show respect.

Derek Pulled his hands out of his pockets, shaking Jackson’s hand and welcoming him onto pack land. He nodded a “sup” to me and sat beside Tony. I raised a hand signalling to wait.

Daisy and Diego breezed in after Derek, wearing the same work-out gear. Right its 3.pm, around the time fight training starts, I forgot...with everything going on right now, I haven’t had much time to myself.

“Sup’ Tony, what are you doing here? the alpha meeting is still a couple of days away man” Tony stood up giving Diego a half hug. They got on fine, better than most people actually. Diggy had a certain affect on people, he got along with almost everyone..

Daisy greeted Tony with the same reservation Derek had but with more respect, she took the seat by the wall and faced me.

After the pleasantries went around, everyone was seated...an uncomfortable tense vibe was now feeling the room...no use putting this off..

“Are you okay Raf, is Aiya okay...omg did something happen?” Daisy was mind-linking me...I turned to her shaking my head,

“Alright, so I gather you guys here because we have a new unsuspected development involving Sylvia...Tony.” I nod.

Everyone’s faces looked confused, we all had met Sylvia. We weren’t the best of friends considering she was his girlfriend, not his mate. That and Tony didn’t exactly show her off or was seen publicly with her much.

“Right, so...I have Sylvia in your cells below. She has been stealing from me, communicating to unknown numbers mentioning jobs she’s done for Seth...and she’s been stealing my uh sperm” The look on Derek face gave me a small amount of pleasure.

“What the fuck? get out Tony! are you for real man?” Derek leaned forward in his chair looking confused. Daisy stood quickly muttering something under breath, she turned on her heels and locked eyes with me than started pacing.

“Raf, take a deep breath” She was wringing her hands nervously. Diego leaned back into his chair looking emotionless and very unlike him, Diggy is the most animated and overly-dramatic person I’ve ever met, him being quite is making me nervous.

I nodded my head, downed my drink in one go..I had a bad feeling about this sitting at the base of my stomach.

“So...when I broke into some of the files rooms, I saw some things...that I’ve been struggling to speak about.. and before you blow up its literally been 12 hours since I’ve been back and I was running through everything before I called a meeting and” Daisy was on the verge of hyperventilating.. Derek got up to comfort her but she shook her head and moved towards the far wall.

“Dais...” she held up a hand, and moved a step further away. It went dead quite for a bit. The twins were obviously mind-linking each other.

“Breathe Daisy, it’s fine. Speak freely” I said and she took a long shaky breathe and sat down, she took about 30 seconds to herself. She motioned to Derek to take a seat, so he sat beside her. He was not budging.

“So, no butting in. I need to say this quickly” Smoothing her pony tail back she continued, “The first few weeks being there was insanely dangerous. Between the males being hopped up on what I thought was drugs, to the females throwing themselves at their feet it was...it was nothing like I’d experience before” she let out another shaky breath “I found files detailing each person at the compound. Seth had scientists, surgeons, doctors, nurses.."

She was now bouncing her leg up and down "I had...WE had no idea how far this thing really ran. He was using Aiya’s blood to make Serum injection’s...his nurses would inject the males with it, experimenting. Some died, others went insane. He is trying to make a super-serum to make them strong, invincible...he’s creating an army of them to takeover the entire population on the planet, not just wolves or witches...humans too but that’s not all. I was disguised as a nurse...so medical files were easy to steal and read. Some of the things they did to her...should come from her but they were using Aiya's eggs to fertilize them to make...babies but the eggs deteriorated too quickly, they tried countless times to transfer her eggs in to other females and to put in artificial containers the scientist created. They tried to impregnate her...impossible yeah but...”

Daisy got a bottle of water from the mini fridge that I keep in here. She paced back and forth for a bit before facing me directly.

“The scientist figured that because of Aiya being special, her eggs would be too, they figured they would have to find her mate and being the daughter of one of the greatest Alphas of wolf-kind, they figured only a powerful alpha would her mate...they would artificially inseminate her on regular periods, trying different specimens each time. I could never work out how they would get alpha sperm...but this” she nodded her head towards tony. “Fits and this makes sense, Seth was searching for sperm and this is how is doing it".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. No wonder Daisy was so upset, I don't blame her and Aiya? no wonder she's been so distant, she has been through hell and back because of the Ruvolo's. Losing our parents was hard on us, but this...wow.

"Raffy, I can't reach Aiya..." Diego mind-linked me. I snapped my heads towards my brother, everyone around us stood.

She said she was going to set on the porch to enjoy the sun...I turned my head towards the clock. 4.15.pm...Hmm it's been at least 2 hours. Why hasn't she checked in and why wasn't anyone been with her.

"Link everyone. Find Aiya Now!" I boomed, and took off with everyone in tow. Fuck, this can't be happening right now.

*Knock Knock*

Just as we were about to ripped the door down and rush into a search party, Lila walks in. If the tension was high before...now it was through the roof.

Derek barged his way through the crowd and stood beside his mate but Lila ignored him.

"Alpha Jackson" Lila nodded respectfully towards Tony, he returned the gesture. "Lila, I didn't say you could enter..".

"Sorry Alpha, but Daisy linked me and said you were looking for Aiyana...if you can't reach her than you wont' find her in this realm..." This realm? I am so confused.

"I felt soul-magic, as I was coming to find Derek..meaning she spirit-shifted.." Lila mind-linked me. I raised my eyebrow, why didn't she just say that out loud. It was no secret Aiya was special, people outside my pack just thinks she's rare because she's an all-white wolf. She must of read my mind because she flicked her eyes to Tony.

"It's fine Lila, no-one outside this very room knows about Aiya's gift, Tony knows and he swore his life upon keeping it" everyone turned towards Lila, waiting for an explanation but Diego bet everyone to it.

"She spirit-shifted, all of the toxins must of left her system now..."He spun around walking around the desk facing our parents portrait "It's been hours Raf, something has to be wrong. She wouldn't stay there too long, she'd know we would freak out". he said softly.

He made alot of sense, but what I can't figure out is, if she is in trouble how do we reach her?

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