Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Fifteen

I was left alone in the middle of a clearing at the edge of the woods, the sun has almost set, and Freda has now moved on. Great for her, crap for me. What do I do? How do I get home?

I hope my brothers aren’t freaking out…fuck! That hadn’t crossed my mind until now, hopefully they don’t think I ran away or that I was taken. They know my gift…or curse.

Freda said I had to find my peace…peace? How can I find peace in the next 1-hour, when I’ve been searching for this since…since the night our whole lives were torn apart.

Think. Freda…what would Freda do? Fuck I don’t know. I don’t even know her, or I don’t remember if I do…or if I don’t.

Her daughter’s locket was around my neck underneath my top, I could feel the cold metal against my chest. That was a little comforting, at least I didn’t imagine any of that. I am not crazy…

The had pain subsided a little, but I could feel it thumping just under my skin. Like one move and the pain would just resurface in full force.

Okay, Freda said don’t fight the magic in the tea… but when has magic ever helped me, all of this is because of magic but if I wanted out…I needed to trust the magic and Tekoha? But where the hell was Cleo! I needed her. I felt empty, like a piece of myself was missing…how am I ever going to get home.

“Maybe I could help you?” a soft voice called from behind me, I spun around fast. Too fast, my stomach heaved, I leaned over just as I threw up the little bits that were left in there.

In front of me was my wolf, my Cleo! Wow. No wonder people got shocked when I world transform, Cleo is so beautiful. Her white fur sparkled like a thousand snowflakes in the sun. Her bright mossy green eyes mirrored my own and her height was astounding! She was huge.

“Cleo! What? Who? Where? “My breath was coming out in gasps now, I was going to hyperventilate. How is it possible that Cleo is standing in front of me? We were one. Right? That’s what we taught as kids…I don’t understand.

“Deep breathe, it is okay Aiya. In the land of the lost we are considered two souls instead of one, but I am here…we can get out of here together”

“But why weren’t you here with me, when I woke up? Where were you?” her voice sounded a little different, she still wasn’t speaking through her mouth but still mentally… why? I could tell she wasn’t telling me something.

“Aiyana, there are things I have done. Things that I am not proud of…and after I tell you, you may hate me but we cannot leave without the other and we cannot exist without the other and I have been planning to tell you, just when you were in a better place mentally and when we were safe…”

She was rambling, Cleo has never been a rambler. She is the type to get straight to the point, no ifs and no buts. No dancing around the sombrero. Wait…Hate her? I mean I am mad she didn’t come find me but hate her? Never.

She was purposefully deflecting my questions…why?

“Cleo, you’re deflecting. What happened in the cottage and where were you when we got here?” I took a step close to her, I needed to be closer. I needed to feel her. Being without her was a strange feeling, one I didn’t want to feel again but she took a step back and lowered her head shamefully.

“Tekoha gave you a truth-seeking herb, to help you...us reveal what I have been hiding…from you and what we have been hiding from each other” I

She lifted her head, took several steps back and laid down. “Hiding? How are we hiding from each other? We share everything…including parts of our mind”. I tried to keep my voice even but I have never had to lie to her directly and I have never had to look her in the eye doing it because I knew exactly what she was talking about, the little parts of me that were just me and not us hid dark secrets and whether I wanted them unlocked or not, they were going to be. No matter how much I fought.

“Aiya, don’t lie to me…please”

Her voice wavered, she was finding this just as hard as I was. We were about to break each other’s heart and we were both procrastinating. Not wanting to be the first to unleash the first round of pure heart ache.

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