Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Sixteen

My heart was palpitating in my chest, I knew exactly how to get out of here. It was going to cost me Cleo.

I knew it couldn't of been a coincidence that I was dropped into the lost completely alone…Cleo’s soul was apart of mine. It would make no sense for us to be apart like that, but now I knew why. To find our way home was to find a way to become one again.

How do you become one soul with two halves? You must re-break it into a thousand pieces to mould it back into its original form.

“Cleo, what if this isn’t worth it. You’re like my sister…what if this changes us and we’re never the same again” I look into her eyes. She gave me a short nod but didn’t speak. She was feeling the exact same way.

I took three deep breathes. No matter how much this would hurt we needed to get home.

“When you would disappear after the long torture sessions with Davis, I would go into a sort of psychosis break. I would have out of body experiences” I laughed softly.

“I thought I was going crazy until I realized, I could slightly move objects with my mind. I took Davis keys by accident after our last torture session. I was in pain from the silver and high on the drugs, he walked past, and the keys levitated in the air for a second before landing in my lap…the keys to my damn cell, the keys to a car and the keys to freedom were sitting in my fucking lap! And I couldn’t do a fucking thing about it because you were gone! I only needed a little bit of your strength, but you disappeared, I called you a thousand times in the 20 minutes I held those keys. I prayed. I screamed at you internally. I wanted to rip out of my fucking skin, I wanted to make you pay for leaving me. You left because you wanted “preserve our energy” no you left because you were a coward, you couldn’t handle the pain and you left our one opportunity on the damn floor like stale bread! After that I hated the sound of your voice, your presence in my head, I wanted to kill the both of us because we were better off dead…. but I locked that in a tiny box in the corner of my mind I knew you couldn’t fucking reach!”?

The words started pouring out like lava, burning hot and slow. It left a massive ache in my throat and it burnt my chest. The pain I held in for so long was free and exploding like a volcano from my mouth. The look on Cleo’s face killed me and I felt like I wanted to die in that field. How could I, no matter what I went through, she went through too. I was selfish and ungrateful, the guilty feeling settled into the base of my stomach making a comfy bed to live forever. We would never be the same.

Cleo shifted a little closer and look me in the eyes.

“I know Aiya…I heard you.”

I felt the volcano in my heart erupt in that very second.


“You-you heard me?” No-no, no no no.

I could hear my heart shatter into a thousand tiny pieces.

My body went numb, Goosebumps appeared on my arm. My eyes went black, my body jolted off the ground throwing me into the air and I exploded.

A massive electricity pulse wave shot from my body, knocking Cleo backwards sending her into a tree, breaking it in half. Blood spilling from her head.

The trees in the forest now laid flat and the sun that was once hidden behind them was now shinging down on the destruction.

She knew. She fucking knew.

I fell to my knees sobbing my heart out. Everything I went through. The physical, verbal, mental and emotion assault. The violating and disgusting things they did to my fucking body… and she fucking knew and left me there to rot. She fucking knew.

“Aiya, I never meant to hurt you. I was doing what I was told by her majesty Selene…she said to let you become who you were meant to be. You had to get yourself out of the darkness and into the light to awaken your magic…that is why I left you all those times. I knew that if I stayed, I would have ripped everyone apart and die before I would let any of them hurt you…but your magic was buried after all the injections…we could never be at our full strength and save the world without it. You and I to become us.”

Her majesty? The goddess herself! Herself did this. My blood was pure fire in my veins, I could feel the heat on my skin, and I could feel the winds caressing my back.

Burn them. I was going to lay my enemies in the flames of my revenge. To Seth. To Tekoha. To Selene. To Cleo. To everyone who ever lied to me.

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