Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Seventeen

The rage I felt was all consuming. I could feel myself falling into an abyss numbness, one I could never return from.

I fought Seth and his pack of fuckwits for a year and half, no matter how scared I was! And I didn’t escape one prison to be locked in another one! I knew that the only way to go home was to become one with Cleo…

Cleo… My wolf. My half. My sister. My friend. My betrayer.

How were we ever going to become one being after this, she…she heard me and did nothing? Fucking nothing.

I looked around; the damage was extensive reaching across the entire grove of now broken trees. Shit, Selene and Cleo were right, whatever power I had was lying dormant deep within myself. There was no way I could have unlocked this magic without all the pain and sorrow…

Cleo was still laying in front of a broken tree, bleeding from her head. Fuck it looked like a bad cut. I ran over to her. I had to push the overwhelming feelings of betrayal to the side and think about all the sacrifices that were made for me to be alive by my caring mother who wanted to sacrifice herself for the good of the whole pack, my brave father who fought every second of his life to keep us all safe, my brothers courage to carry the weight of responsibly of a pack at such young ages, for Freda…who was selfless, who sacrifice a life with her daughter to keep me safe so the world could be safe and for the countless lives lost in the battle that changed everyone’s lives.

I was being a selfish person only thinking of my own trauma. Only thinking of myself, the torture I went through, being kidnapped, being orphaned and displaced from my home but I wasn’t the only one who went through that.

Many people lost their family members, their homes and weren’t playing a victim…I needed to grow up and quickly for the safety of everyone.

I walked over to Cleo and knelt in front of her, I lifted her head slowly inspecting the wound…it wasn’t healing. Why wasn’t it healing? Was it because of my magic?

“Cleo…are you okay?” She looked up from where she was awkwardly lying and looked me directly into my eyes. “I’m fine, it’s a tiny cut…not sure why it hasn’t healed though”.

I laid her head on my lap and pushed her stained white fur back to see how deep the cut really was: it was shallow. It should have healed by now.

The sound of a branch snapping in the distance grabbed my attention. I looked around the grove but I couldn’t see anyone or…anything. It was just broken trees and us.

“Aiya, I’m sorry I was a coward and hid when you were hurting. It was selfish and I should have been there for you. I love you” She shifted her head to look me in to eyes. The emotions coming from her eyes was enough for me… “I’m sorry to Cleo, I was being selfish too. I love you too”. I rested to my head on hers.

“Cleo we need to get out of here, were being watched and you’re not healing” Cleo moved to stand but her collapsed. “Dammit Cleo don’t move.” Okay, okay. Don’t panic. Think Aiya think.

“Tekoha! Tekoha I need you! Please” I waited a minute but there was no reply and no movement. Fuck, well it was worth a try.

“Aiya, do you forgive me?” I paused my panic to look at Cleo, she was slightly sweating and her breathe became laboured. “Yes, of course I forgive you Cleo”. She looked at me and smiled “Then let go of the negative feelings you’re feeling. We can only leave when you’re feeling euphoric and positive. Only the negative live here”

In that moment I knew exactly what to do. I closed my eyes.

I thought of Seth, I thought of all the things he put me through, my family through and the whole world through.



The air sparkled, the ground shook and Cleo disappeared from my eyes.

"Cleo! No Cleo!" I tried to reach for her but I couldn't move my hand. Fuck no this isn't good.

"Relax young Luna, stop fighting the magic" Tekoha voice behind me startled me and I turned to find her standing in front of Cleo wearing a long navy blue lace dress with intricate patterns along the sleeves. I must of looked murderous because she took a step back and lifted her arms. "Stop fighting the magic, let it flow through you".

I stopped fighting the magic but then it started to slightly burn my skin. I looked at Cleo unconscious at Tekoha's feet, she was slightly see-through. Fuck! I tried to move my feet but I was rooted in the spot. My skin was alive now, it felt like I was being burnt from the inside.

My vision wavered, and I felt woozy, I stretched my arm out for Cleo.

Darkness consumed me.

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