Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Eighteen

I opened my eyes to find myself in the meadows by the lake with the wind caressing my white fur...fur? I spun around. Yep. Fur. Cleo!? Where the hell was I now! this is fucking ridiculous now.

There was a blood moon highlighting the beautiful array of flowers in the meadow. A twig snapped somewhere and I immediately laid on my stomach, my paws tucked into my sides.

I had didn’t have much experience being in wolf form, but this was something else, usually Cleo and I would be one and I could still talk to her, but I couldn’t feel her through our bond, I don’t understand we were just in the land of lost, she was in front of me. Cleo?! I called into my mind and through our bond but nothing…I got nothing. This can't be happening again.

“Aiya, come to me. Don’t be afraid” A familiar voice spoke into my mind… Mama? my mother's voice spoke into mind.

I stood up, searching for my mother’s figure but I saw nothing. “Mama, I can’t see you!” I shouted. I started moving to the edge searching for her but I couldn’t see anyone.

“Stop searching with your eyes and open your mind” she said softly.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to center myself, breathing the air slowly and smelling the flowers. I felt a whoosh of wind when a hand landed on my shoulder and I spun around to see my mom.

Her long chestnut hair was in her usual side braid, her green eyes mirrored mine and she wore her signature blue lace dress. I looked down and I was back in my human form.

“There she is, look how beautiful you are” she ran her hand over my cheek, I leaned towards her, closing my eyes. She was really standing in front of me. I closed the distanced, hugging my mother as hard as I could. Her scent filled my senses. Flowers, rain and Vanilla.

“Now we don't have a lot of time and I know this is all very confusing but do not be mad at Cleo, she was just following orders. Unspeakable things have happened to you that she has shielded you from, and when the time in right, she will give you back all your memories.”

My world crashed in that moment. “You knew? Your visions…that’s...that's how you knew right? You knew and you didn’t help me? I was strung up with silver, cut open, beat, tortured, defiled, and you knew, and still didn’t help me, or try to save me from this...” I suggested to myself…

“No, baby...never think that. I will always be on your side. My visions of the future were subjective. I never knew which one would become reality. I took measures to make sure you survived the ones I could see.

Everything that happened was for a reason my love. I know you feel like you’re alone, but you’re not. I have always been on your side! Cleo is fine, Tekoha has her soul, she will return her to you soon. Now listen, the key to your survival and the supernatural survival is here” she pointed to my stomach. No, no, no. I was pregnant. I knew it.

I shook my head; my tears were clouding my vision and I felt sick. “I refuse to bring anything into this world that’s half him, I’ll kill myself before that happened” my mother looked shocked at my words, she grabbed my hands. “No, Aiyana. That isn’t Seth’s child…your child belongs to another.”


The wind picked up, and a purple portal opened up behind my mother, she looked at me with scared eyes “No, we have ran out of time” the portal started to suck her in. she gripped both of my hands tighter, half of her body started disappearing into the portal.

I had so much to say to her... I need more time.

“I love you my sweet girl, you are destined for great things…. find him. You must find the father of the child” I grabbed onto her free arm. “I love you to mama, don’t leave me”. I couldn’t care less about the demon growing inside me or its father. “Your Mate” she whispered as she was sucked into the portal. Gone.

I had lost my mother again…. fate was cruel.

I sat down on the damp ground looking at the beautiful blood moon. It was a sign of what was to come, either a blood bath or a new beginning. Or maybe both.

I shook off the melancholy feeling that had started to sink in…I needed to get back, not to the in-between and not the land of the lost but home.

Okay, think…mother said don’t see with me eyes but with my mind. I took a deep breath and thought of my brothers.

A sheet of warmth covered my body, darkness surrounded me like a blanket. I closed my eyes trusting it. Thinking of my brothers and the home I grew up in.

“Aiya?” I opened my eyes to see my brothers, the Hamilton twins, Lila and a stranger.

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