Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Nineteen

My brothers smothered me in a hug, but I pushed them off softly. Stepping back to give myself some space. I was about to start replaying the events when my system was shocked.

Cedar tree and Cinnamon overloaded my senses.

Mate! my soul screamed for me to get closer to the stranger standing across the room. I shook off the impulse. “Say fucking nothing. Don’t react! Do nothing” I screamed into the mind of the stranger.

The stranger looked completely shocked, his face paled but he listened, slightly nodding his head so no one knew we were communicating.

I’ve been through too much bullshit. Now this? I didn’t even have to search for the bastard, he was standing in my brother’s office. One normal day! I just want one normal day without Seth, without magic, realm travel, mystic babies or mates.

I DESERVE a damn break.

“Aiya, where have you been? It’s been 5-hours. We were worried” Diggy’s said softly, resting his hand on my shoulder. Raphael moved closer to my side and motioned everyone to leave but I needed to speak to Lila, who was giving me daggers. Understandable…we did try to kill each other the second we met.

“Hold on, can I have moment alone with Lila?” I said nodding my head towards her, she looked stunned for a moment and shrugged “Why?” I contemplated taking out the necklace and just giving it to her…but I don’t think she would appreciate a public display or an audience.

Derek raised his eyebrows at me and went to open his mouth when Lila whacked him upside the head, I wonder what the bastard said.

“Sure princess, what would you like to talk about?” Lila aside smiled. Raphael looked at me than to Lila “No, I’m not letting you out of my site and please for just today no more magic” he turned to me pleading. I smiled softly my brother has been worried like I thought.

I feel bad but I needed to do this. “I promise I am NOT doing that for a looong time, but I just want to talk to Lila alone, Girl to Girl kind of chat” Daisy looked slightly hurt by that, but she looked away quickly.

Raphael nodded his head “Right, okay. You two can chat in here, its soundproof…. I’ll switch the camera and audio recording off too. C’mon guys, let’s give them a moment...Aiya I’ll wait out front, we can get some food together when you’re done.” I nodded, I really appreciated that he thought of me, I was starving…I mean I usually am.

Everybody filed out slowly not wanting to leave, Raphael nodded to me and closed the door. Lila turned to me raising an eyebrow “So?”. I rounded the desk to stand in front of her, but she took a step back. “Lila I’m not going to hurt you and I don’t want to fight…we have more in common than everyone here…” I put my heads up in a surrendering motion, so she knows that I mean it.

I took the necklace off, holding the Jade wolf pendent in my fist.

“What is that?” she said taking a step closer. I put my hand out for hers and she rested the back of her palm in my hand. I looked her in the eyes “Your mum gave me this to give you”.

I laid the chain in her hand slowly, my heart stopping. Tears misted my eyes, she took the necklace, looking at it in shocked, she closed her fist bringing it to heart “Mum took this with her” she looked up to me “after she hid me, she ran with you before they caught up. I searched for this; it wasn’t with her when they found her…. You had it all this time?”. I shook my head. “No, I wasn’t allowed to have anything personal…Your mum gave me this when we met in the Land of the Lost” Her green eyes snapped up, she looked worried.

“The land of the lost?! I’ve read about that place books, that’s where lost souls wander aimlessly trying to find the things, they lost…she was there this whole time? Is she okay? Did she find her lost thing? Did she move on? Why were you there? How could she take the necklace into another realm?”

Lila was firing off a lot of questions… I put my hand up “Lila relax please, one question at a time. I was there to find some lost memories…but your mum was there for a long time, I didn’t recognize her due to my memory lost but also because she looked….different” I took a step closer and grabbed Lila’s hand before she could back off “Your mum said: she loves you like the flowers love the sun, she thinks about you every day and she asks you to forgive us” I let go of her arm. She looks at me with soft eyes.

“US? Why did I need to forgive you or her?” It took me a long time to figure out that…but “The day of my kidnapping and the murders, your mum had to make a hard decision one that cost her life, one that resulted in her ending up in the land of the lost” I took a step back, breathing deeply. “she had to choose whether to save you or to save me, the rogues and Seth were gaining on the three of us and your mother…. she chose me. I stole your chance to grow up with your mum and I don’t expect you to forgive me” Lila was quiet for a moment; she slowly clasped the necklace around her neck and tucking it into her top and she looked at me.

She took a deep breath and came closer; she wrapped her arms around me in a soft hug. Lila smelled of mild lilacs and honey. “I forgive you.”. I sagged into the hug; I didn’t realize how tense I had been during the short hug. She stepped back a side smiled “I don’t feel like you guys had to apologize…especially not mum. I know why she chose you. If she had picked me, we would have all died that day. My mum saved us both, even though we suffered, we got to live”.

What Lila said made absolute sense, Freda saved us. I may have suffered unspeakable things. At lease we got to live. I knew what I needed to do in that moment.

Lila stopped me before I opened the door. “Hold on, I just wanted to say thank you for my necklace and for giving me a message from my mother. We started off…well rough. I’m sorry for being defensive from the start…Daisy told me the things they did to you, but when I saw you. I had terrible thoughts: What if he had brainwashed her, what if he was on her side and what if she killed the only family I had left….Hamilton’s and this pack are all I have but my thoughts were unfair, here you are standing strong and helping me, even after all the things you’ve been through and after we wanted to murder each-other….so thank you Aiyana” she hugged me softly.

I was dumbfounded, I wasn’t sure what to say so I nodded "Call me Aiya" I smiled.

Raphael was standing directly in front of the door when I opened it. "Lunch was just served, you hungry?".

"Thats my cue...I'm going to find Derek. thanks again Aiya" she slips past us, walking to the front door. Raphael raised his eyebrows but didn't ask.

"C'mon on big bro, lets get going. I'm staving" I laughed...this was a crazy day and I'm hoping that was the crazy for the rest of the day...but as usual my life liked to be predictably insane, more trouble was stirring.

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