Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Two

I woke up to the familiar smells of my cell. Stale air and Moldy food. Yes.. definitely my cell.

"Are you okay Aiya?" My wolf Cleo sounded guilty.
"Ohhh look who wants to fucking talk now! where the fuck have you been! two weeks, you were gone two god damn weeks"
She shrank back at the tone of my voice. I knew I shouldn't be speaking to her like this. It wasn't her fault she disappeared, actually if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have survived the latest torture Davis and his pal did. Silver was not my friend.. I ran a hand over the back of my arm where the scars were still red. They routinely injected me with silver, to keep my gifts at bay, I never fully heal and when I do.. scars are left behind.

Remembering being strapped to the chair with silver coated ropes. "WHERE'S YOUR BROTHER" Davis's pal screamed, I could never remember his name, ever. Why they wanted my brother was beyond me, my brother may be the alpha in line, but that was it. Plus even if I did know, they would never find out.
"I'm sorry Cleo, I just missed you. You were gone for a long time, thought you were really gone this time" I sighed, and re-positioning myself on the hard spring bed. I immediately regretted it. My stomach felt like a million razors were trying to come out of my belly, I lifted my shirt carefully to see stitches coming from my left hip to my right. WHAT THE FUCK.
"You passed out, just as I came back.. t-they um" This was not like Cleo at all, she never stuttered. Ever, even when frighten. It only made her angry. That could only mean that whatever they did to me was beyond, horrible. Evil.

"Cleo it's okay, don't tell me.. I'm too scared to know" I said. I stood up gingerly, walking over to door connected to my cell.

My closet size bathroom, was the only privacy I get but its time sensitive. I clicked the button that lets me into the bathroom for 5 minutes. I was only allowed in here three times a day.

I quickly turned on the shower, cold as ever.. peed and soaped myself up and got out the water in 2 minutes. Figured I would need more time to dry and dress myself. Taking the black towel from the hanger, I dried as quickly and softly as possible, changed my into my old track pants and loose blue tee. I have very little clothes, and the ones I do have are old and tatty. But they are still clothes nonetheless.

"Aiya t-they put something inside you.. from a small silver can"

I did not want to hear this, I stood quickly. Too quickly "no" I said barely above a whisper. "Please Cleo, as long as I don't know! I will be okay".

"I know.. but they were talking about the possibly of you being.. you know.. pregnant after..you know"

Cleo voice alone screamed uncomfortable, I knew she hated telling me. But clearly I needed to hear this.

"Who" I said calmer than I felt. I just hope to the goddess it wasn't Seth. I would kill myself before that happened.. but he wasn't my mate none of them were.. I would know wouldn't I? My mother said you don't find out until your 18. I never heard of anyone getting pregnant by someone who wasn't their mate. But than again, I'm not your regular wolf. I just had to be born fucking special. No offence mom..
"Aiya, someone's coming.. be careful" she warned.
I stood quietly knowing it would be Seth, he probably wanted to make sure I was breathing.. or whatever. He comes. He looks. He leaves. Weird.
"Daaarling, you're okay? Huh. Good. I have some food with me. Medium rare steak sandwich, fruit and a bottle water" Seth smiles at me like him being here with food was an everyday thing, Seth doesn't hang around, or bring food.. OMG NO. PLEASE NO.
"I'm so sorry, I should of been here. We could have fought them all off the night we were taken.. now you.. no. WE might have his children.."
I felt light headed like, I might just might..

Darkness came quickly.

I woke up in a comfy bed.. comfy? No that's not right.
"Leah, she's waking" Seth boomed. Wow. Did he need to talk so fucking loud. A-hole.

"Darling? Aiyana are you okay?" Gross.. He actually sounds concern. What the hell is going on.

"She'll be fine, just very dehydrated. I will put her on a drip" I open my eyes to see a very tiny curvaceous blond nurse with a very tight clearly not appropriate nurses outfit on. Gross.

"Great, do that immediately Leah and come get me when it's finished, and get her some God damn food" he practically shakes the room when he talks. Goddess help me.
The nurse Leah clearly does not like me, please not that it matters. Locked up with no chance in hell to escape.

"No, we would have more luck escaping hell" Cleo states. Chuckling to herself.
Wow. Thanks Cleo. You just brighten my day.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.. I meant to be funny".

Nurse big tits and no brain couldn't put the drip in properly and I'm waiting for another nurse to do her job for her.. A lovely looking small petite lady comes in, her hair as bright as fire flames, sun-kissed skin, freckles across her heart shaped face and eyes blue as the sky itself walks in. "Hi Ahniaya.. I'm Dixie" she struggled pronouncing my name in a very southern accent.. of course her name is Dixie. For fucks sake.
"Ai-Yah-Na" I correct her, shutting my eyes. I am so fucking tired.

"Sorry sweetheart, I'll try better next time. Ah ah no sleeping, I have food here for you to eat first"

She shoves a massive tray containing more food than I've seen in the last year! Clearly these fuckers are trying to make me healthier baby carrier.. well they got another thing coming.

"Look Dixie?.. I'm not hungry. So shove it. Put the drip in and fuck off. So I can go back to my cell. Ba-da-bing-ba-da-bom, easy peasy. Get on with it" I'm tried as fuck, and you got this sickly sweet bitch trying to be nice. Pfft. No. One. Is nice to me. I'm not fucking pregnant. I won't be fucking pregnant. And I will make sure of it. I will end my life before people use me as a personal incubator!
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