Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty

Raphael Pov:

I was waiting for my sister outside my office, Diggy went back to training with Daisy and I sent Derek with Tony to check on Sylvia.

I wanted to keep an eye on my sister. It's only been 24hrs since she’s been here and already she went missing for 5hrs. I felt like a failure as a big brother and as a protector.

But how was I supposed to watch her and keep her safe when she can go places I can’t…?

I should get Reese to train her, he’s best trainer we had. She would be able to fight for herself and if I get Daisy and Lila to join her maybe she would have a better chance of making friends…

“Raffa, your foods getting cold” Aiya spoke between chewing on a medium-rare cheeseburger, her plate was full of random sides of food “Aiya I don’t think eating strawberries, burgers and tuna are a good mix” she shrugs her shoulders “Eh, food is food. They’re going to end up in the same place anyway” she chuckled and wiped the mustard from her lip.

“So you gon’ tell me?” she lifted eyebrows pushing her plate away “You’re staring at me and not eating, even though you said you were hungry…Raf what’s up?” I wanted to let her know that I knew what happened to her and that I had Sylvia tied up in the dungeons…

Aiyana stood up quickly running out of the mess room, she turned left and was gone before I stood up.

“AIYA! Where are you going!” I ran after her. I tried to mind-link her multiple times, but she wasn’t responding. Fuck. She had to be heading to the damn dungeons! She read my mind…fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Of course she can fucking mind read. This wasn't happening!

“Heads up guys Aiya is on her way to you! Get Diggy and Daisy with you now ASAP!” I mind-linked Tony and Derek. I hope she isn’t pissed at me...please don't be pissed at me sis.


Sylvia, Seth’s right hand woman. Fucking bitch was sitting in the dungeons and my brother was contemplating whether to fucking tell me. I just wanted to know what he thought of me…but instead I find secrets. It’s already hard enough to trust anyone, and my own brother was hiding this from me.

Sylvia deserved to die but if I was truly pregnant, well she would know and I wanted to know who, how and why!

I reached the dungeon using my hazy memory and directions from a pack member Ziora, she was carrying books and was nice enough to tell me where to go when I got lost.

I wasn’t quick enough, the gang was already here… Derek, Daisy, Lila, Diggy, Raffa and the stranger were already waiting at the door.

Here we go… I wish Tekoha would bring Cleo back, I could use some backup. Plus, my head felt dangerously lonely. I might have to contact her soon. I missed her.

“Really, you’re going to stand in my way?” I looked directly at Raphael, I wanted him to know that I was taking his dishonestly personally. I understood why he did it...but that doesn't mean I wasn't upset.

They were all standing in front of Sylvia’s cell, there was no way I was getting into that damn cell without permission, I was about to put up a fight when Diggy forced everyone to the side, creating a path. “she refuses to talk…want to get it a go? Sis” I looked at Raphael he fist were tensed up in fist at his sides, he shook his head tightly.

Daisy stepped forward slightly “Do you mind if join you? She refused to answer any of my questions” I was about to say no when Raphael stepped forward “I wont stand in your way…but please let her go with you…for my peace of mind” I knew Raffa was worried about me, but he should be worried for Sylvia. Not me.

I shook my head “Hell no, I don’t trust Daisy...yet. Lila you can come and ask her questions for her…” Daisy shrunk back at my harsh words…but I just don’t trust these people yet, they saved me to prove a point to my brother until they prove to me that they don't have their own agenda, this is where I stand with the Hamilton's.

Lila nodded her head and squeezed Daisy hand. I’m not stupid enough to fully trust Lila but right now she was my best bet.

Derek looked at me with a cold stare, and grabbed Lila's hand, kissed it softly before opening the cell door. "Knock three times, leaving 2 seconds between each knock"

The door clicked behind us and the bolt clanged as it slid across.

Sylvia was tied to the chair in the middle of the room, it was dimly lit by the sun shining into the cell from a very small window at the very top of the wall.

The ground was littered with leaves and dirt…it was clear that they hadn’t used the dungeons in a while. That, or they just didn’t care about the conditions they were in.

“If it isn’t the special little blood whore, I was wondering when you were going to come see me” she laughed, the bitch still had a mouth on her, and I wanted to bash it in with a wrench… I took a second to calm down. She was trying to rile me up on purpose. I wish Cleo was here for this.

“Lila, can they hear us” I mind linked Lila, I had forgotten to ask if the cell was soundproof and I needed to know if I could speak freely…After our touching moment I was hoping I could trust Lila, I don’t think I have much of choice right now but to trust her.

Lila nodded “Raphael made sure all the cells were soundproof, so you can’t hear screams and so prisoners couldn’t contact the outside… whatever you need, I’m here. I’ll take whatever secrets you want kept, to the grave, even from Derek…. We can call it even. I swear it on Selene herself” She held her hand out and made a cut along her palm with a small dagger from her boot, I took it and made an identical cut along my palm and I shook her hand. Securing the pledge in blood.

I wasn’t expecting Lila to make a celestial pledge to me, it was the closest thing wolves had to making unbreakable bonds…cause even destined mates could reject each-other.

Going back on a celestial pledge could lead to death depending on circumstances, it could even have you banished from your pack and Selene’s after world for wolves…It hasn’t happened in centuries, but I wouldn’t want to be the first one of my era to find out.

Lila and I were now tied to the other until one of us ascended to the celestial woods. If I didn’t fully trust her then well, I do now…it felt nice. I had to admit sharing a connection with someone other then my brothers or Cleo felt nice, it was air freshening.

I looked at Sylvia she was a dirty red dress with black heels, her suitcase was sitting in the corner of the far wall beside a chair. Her blonde has was messed up and her makeup looked cracked like she'd been here a while.

I slapped Sylvia with the back of my hand as hard as I could manage, her head snapped to the side and she spat out blood.

“Don’t enjoy this too much whore, when Seth comes for you and he will, without a doubt, you’re his. He’ll rip that thing out of you, and you’ll die slowly, bleeding out and I’ll be there watching every fucking second” she spat at me, but I dodged it. She smiled sadistically and laughed.

I wanted to take my time and ease Lila into my situation...but Sylvia threw this interrogation into the deep end.

I looked back at Lila, she looked pale… "You’re pregnant?” she whispered softly, I nodded. She spun around quickly and threw up on the far wall. “That’s how I feel about the little mutt too, disgusting isn't she” Sylvia laughed.

Lila wiped her mouth with the back of her top “Sorry Aiya, I knew Seth was sick…. I just didn’t think he was this sick” Sylvia erupted in giggles and Lila lost it.

She started pummeling Sylvia with both fists. I let her lay at least 20 good hits before I stopped her, her fist were bloody and Sylvia's left eye started to well up, it would turn into a black eye soon and her nose was broken.

Lila was huffing, breathing heavily trying her best to calm down. I ripped the lining of my top and wrapped around her hands as makeshift band aids.

I knew she was a wolf and we heal quickly but I wasn’t sure how she worked being half; her mother was a wolf, but her father wasn’t…I had left a mental note to ask her if she knew.

“Sylvia, you have nothing to lose, and you clearly believe that Seth is going to come get you… so I have a few questions.” I grabbed the extra chain and sat in front of her…she leaned back. “Sure mutt, why not” Sylvia spat.

A talkative prisoner how nice.

"How long were you here? and who's kid am I carrying" She leaned forward, straining to open her swollen eye that was now swollen shut.

"I don't know a while, few months. I needed to collect sperm from powerful alphas, your potential mates and Seth thought we should start closer to home with Antonio Matthews, he had ties to your pack through his mother so that made sense...Seth was right, and now he has his want he needs to finish his plan" she leaned back and laughed. "Like I said you're nothing but blood whore and once he has the demon he won't need you...and I'm counting down the seconds he gives me the knife to slit your throat"

Lila stood up "Why is Seth doing this, what is he end goal here?" Sylvia sneered at Lila but didn't say anything. She hasn't held back until now, either she didn't know or she just didn't want to be speak to Lila...

I laughed condescendingly "He didn't tell you...and here I was thinking you were his right hand. He's using you like he's using me...you're no different honey" Lila joined in laughing and Sylvia lost her fucking shit, swearing and insulting me in every way she could.

I got all information I needed from Sylvia...I could piece together the rest. I knocked on the door three times like Derek said, the slid back with a clang and the door opened.

Raffa was standing in front with his arms over his chest "That was quick" he looked at Lila's hands and laughed softly "Here I was worried about my sister's hands getting bloody" Derek was mind-linking Lila but her face was expressionless. "Lila?" Derek put her arm around her but she pushed off..."I'm fine, Aiya mind coming to the healer with me?" I nodded...

"I'm worried about the baby...I mean are you really sure?" I shook my head...I just assumed without proof...time to find out.

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