Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-One

Lila walked me to my room after the interrogation with Sylvia. I ignored my brothers and everyone else. I needed a moment to myself so I kept walking until we reached my room.

“I know you don’t want to talk about it and I’m sure your first day home was an exhausting one, but I have Erin the packs healer coming to see us”

I know she was trying to be there for me and help me, but I didn’t know this girl. “Lila! I don’t know her, and I already don’t trust her. If word gets out that there's even a small possibility I’m pregnant, everyone is going to assume its Seth’s kid, and everyone will be out for my blood. Raphael will do everything he can to protect me, the pack will be in danger and everyone willing to help will be in danger…I just can’t deal with this” I plopped myself on the bed sighing, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and I just wanted one night of peaceful sleep.

“Firstly: that isn’t Seth’s kid, so no one panics. Secondly: Everyone in the pack knows the risk and everyone in the pack is willing to sacrifice their lives for you. This is their home to remember, they will fight with all they have to protect it. Thirdly: Erin is the most trustworthy, loyal and kindest woman you’ll ever meet. If I didn't trust her Aiya than I wouldn't push this.” she was pleading me now.

I really wanted to tell Lila no but if I was being honest…I really wanted to know if I was having a baby and I wanted to know who that guy was, a destined mate was hard to find for a normal wolf…

“Okay Lila, I trust you” Lila looked shocked for a second before she covered it with a smile, she nodded as a small knock came from my door.

Lila open the door and a small slightly tanned petite girl walked in, her dark hair was styled in an intricate braided updo, she smiled softly, extending her hand.

“Hi Aiyana, I’m Erin James” I shook her hand. “James…that sounds familiar. Sorry, my memories are a little jumbled right now” she nodded her head

"That’s okay I understand, my father was your father’s Omega Leon James…Raphael said Seth had you on some heavy stuff mixed silver the whole time you were…held prisoner. I’m impressed you know anything, if it were anyone else…well they would have died.” she shook her head and started emptying her bag.

“We can catch up another day, do you mind if we start? I have Mrs Andrews waiting.” she dumped her bag at the door.

She didn’t wait for me to answer, she started taking out her equipment, setting it up on the right side of my bed.

“Lie down when your ready and lift your top up…halfway please” I walked over to the bed and did what she asked.

Lila came to sit beside me and held my hand “This will feel cold” Erin flicked the lights off and rubbed blue jelly on stomach. I held my breath and closed my eyes. I’m not pregnant. No baby. No reason to nervous.

“Whatever happens Aiya, we’re in this together. Always” Cleo said softly. “Damn Cleo perfect timing, I missed you!” Her voice was the courage I needed to open my eyes.

Thump, thump, thump, the little heart beats were strong and fast.

It took me a second to register what I was looking at…but there it was, clear as day on the screen.

A little baby. It was real, he or she was real. How is this real. I had no idea how to look after a baby. I've never got to finish school, I've never a part-time job, where would we live. How could I provide for a baby…especially in my state? How could I…

“By the looks of it darling your about 7/8 weeks along, you won’t be able to find out the sex of the baby for another few weeks unfortunately” she clicked a few buttons, measuring the baby, writing stuff down on a notepad.

She was done a few minutes later and gave me an ultrasound photo, wiped the blue jelly off my stomach and started packing her equipment.

7/8 weeks but I was only...Inseminated almost a few weeks ago this makes no sense. How could I be so far along?! I wasn't going to them know....there was magic behind this and I needed to see tekoha asap.

“Is it okay if I take some blood test and a few other tests to make sure you and the baby are okay?” I nodded my head. “That’s fine” I offered my arm.

“You know Aiyana, if you want, we could do a few therapy sessions, I could prescribe you some vitamins and prenatal meds to help the baby” I shook my head.

“I appreciate it, I do but no thank you. I only just got off a bunch of heavy drugs and my head still feels fuzzy…. Wait! do you know if all the drugs affect my baby!?” could the baby die? Would it be deformed? Would it have a disease? what if I lose the baby.

Lila stood up “Erin? Do you? Is there anyway to tell?” Erin held her hands up

“Hold on, I don’t know for sure. All I can do is take all the necessary tests, the fetus is still in its early development stages so it’ll take some time before we can know for sure but for now lets all take a deep breath and stay calm. Your baby can feel everything you feel, so I urge you to stay as calm as you can…” I stayed quite for the rest of the check-up, she didn’t take long and she spoke in short, polite sentences.

"I know your concerned about the baby, right now all we can do is hope the baby wasn't affected while we wait for the results..." she stopped packing equipment and looked at me. Lila looked like she was mind-linking so she hadn't been paying attention

I hope Lila wasn't blabbing my business to the Hamilton's but I couldn't start doubting the one person I had started to trust... right?

I had a feeling like Erin wanted to talk to me but not while Lila was here. I was going to try search her mind but to be honest I didn’t want to know and I’m exhausted. I just want this day to be over.

She put the last of her equipment away "Okay we’re all done here; I’ll be in touch. Hopefully the results won’t take long, but Aiyana I urge you to start taking some prenatal's, some iron and some vitamins…if not for you than for the baby” I didn’t want to seem uncaring about the baby so I nodded and she handed me a script.

What was I suppose to do with a script...I didn't have any money or any identification. Life outside of my cell was going to take some time getting used too.

My family has money...but that doesn't leave me much of a choice about my situation, I would have to fully open and honest with my brothers...

“When you’re ready come down to my office passed the training Centre, just before the dojo. Its the only white building, you can't miss it. I’m almost always there.” She held her hand out, I thanked her, and she left.

Lila stood walked to the door “I’m going to go home, but if you need me just link me. At any time. I mean it. Goodnight” I said goodnight and she left, I locked the door behind her and had a quick shower.

“So…when did that happen? You and Lila being friends. I suppose after all the stuff we’ve been through that doesn’t scratch the surface of crazy. At least you have someone you can trust now…” I felt how numb and sad she felt saying that.

“I trust you too Cleo, we just need time to get past what happened. Okay?” she retreated to the back of my mind. I hope she was okay; I knew it would take time to get back to how we were but I didn't expect her to be so...disconnected.

We didn’t get to talk about what happened, actually we only spoke a few sentences to one another. I don't want Cleo to think that I've replaced her with Lila and I didn't want her to think she wasn't important to me...

“I missed you Cleo” I felt her Aura cover me in a warm comforting blanket. She didn’t want to talk but she told me in her own way that she had missed me too.

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