Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Aiya, wake up!” Cleo yells echoed throughout my mind. “Dang Cleo relax I’m awake, where’s the fire” I stretch and get out of the bed and open the window for some fresh air.

The sun was high in the sky causing the trees from the forest to cast massive shadows over the colorful flower meadow, the lake looked radiant under the sun light. Children were running around, playing and swimming….

I forgot how beautiful my home was.

I must have been tired, it looked like it was midday. I wonder why no one came to wake me? or came to see if I was okay?

“Sorry, but if you don’t get up now the day will be gone…and I was hoping we could go for a run in the forest?” I nodded “A run actually sounds perfect, we could really stretch our legs” Cleo was leaping around and yipping. It felt like we were on our way back to normal.

I should check to see if that was okay with my brothers or at least let them know I didn’t want to stress them out any more than they already are.

“Diggy? You around?” I waited a moment before trying to link when he replied “Sorry sis, can’t talk. Training.” with that he shut off the link...well he’s obviously busy.

“Raf? you in?” I got no response. Maybe he was attending an important alpha meeting? I didn’t know much about what he did. Just that he was the Alpha.

I jumped into the shower and changed into some cute jeans and a graphic tee with a band I’ve never heard of.

Knock knock

I had just finished putting my hair in a cute ponytail when someone knocked “It’s me and Daisy” Lila called through the door…damn why’d she bring her. I suppose Lila was a Hamilton so it made sense that those two would be close.

I opened the door and Daisy was standing apart from Lila, they were in matching grey workout gear.

Lila threw me an identical pair. “Put those on, you have training with Reese and trust me when I say you don’t want to be late for his sessions. Come on we can grab a quick bite and some water on the way down"

“Sorry Cleo looks like our run is going to have to wait” Cleo huffed and retreated to her reclusive spot in my mind. I shrugged, I quickly changed, and we rushed through the house. We stopped at the kitchen, I grabbed a banana, a bagel and some water.

We walked towards the training center but instead of going in the girls kept walking “Uh, the training center is back there” I pointed behind me, Lila and Daisy shared a look. Clearly, they were keeping me out of the loop “What?” I demanded.

Lila stopped and turned to me. “We’re dropping you off at Reese’s Dojo, you’ll spar with a wolf from a different pack... one who doesn’t know your fighting style. We kind of ruined that on the flight here” Lila laughed, and I joined in.

Reese’s dojo looked like large wooden shed with sliding doors.

“Right, makes sense. So, any idea who I’m fighting?” Daisy shook her head. “No, but Raphael will be there. We got to go but when you’re done come find us in the mess hall for dinner” Lila said jogging back to the training center.

I walked up the small steps and knock the wall beside the door. A tall dark muscly man opened the door and smiled “Uh, you must be Aiyana. I’m Reese Brighton, the current trainer of Silver Crescent, come in the alpha’s are waiting for us” wait did he say Alpha’s? like two? he turned around and walked off before I could say anything else.

I walked into a room filled with workout equipment and a large sparing mat in the middle.

My brother was currently on it sparing with my mystery mate. For some reason I couldn’t catch his scent… was he masking it? it took a powerful alpha to be able to do that.


“Makes sense…we’re an alpha’s daughter.” Cleo was now sitting at the front of my mind now, no longer pouting for not being to go for a run. Our mate had her full attention.

My brother came to a stop once he spotted me, his face was sweaty, his t-shirt clung to his body and his fist had dried up blood. Like that had been fighting and training most of the day.

“I hope you slept well little sister, time to train” I smiled, my brother was always a cocky fighter and he has always underestimated me when it came to fighting, my opponents usually did considering I look small and fragile.

“First Raffa don’t be rude” I walked over to the mystery guy and offered my hand “I’m Aiyana Santiago, sister to the alpha of Silver Crescent Pack” he grabbed my hand gently shaking it, sparks shot through my body like a tidal wave.

“I’m Antonio Mathews, Alpha of Midnight Crescent. It’s nice to finally meet you, I have heard so much about you and Please call me Tony” I nodded my head trying to keep a straight face.

I’m not sure if Tony felt it he wasn’t giving anything away…but he could be hiding his reaction like I was.

“Okay Tony… you can call me Aiya” he nodded taking a step back. My brother took off his shirt and got on the sparing mat, walking a circle around me.

I followed suit and we circled each-other for a moment. No warm-up then…

My brother took the obviously first move throwing his right fist out, he faked it and swiped his left leg out. I anticipated this. It was his go to move since we were little.

“Yes! You remembered! Now he’ll strike low. Take that opportunity to land a punch” Cleo was excited and the chance to be physical she excelled in this genre.

I took Cleo’s advice and she was right my brother, swung a low kick going for my ankles, trying to knock me down.

I jumped over this leg and threw a right hook and it landed with a smack on his jaw…. he smirked. Raphael took a step back to assess me.

“Is this a staring contest or are we sparing” Reese laughed behind me, and I turned to look at him, forgetting to keep my guard up Raf took the cheap shot and hit me soft enough to knock me on my ass but not enough to hurt me.

“You know Raf, if you’re going to volunteer to spar with me take it seriously. I can take a hit” I said striking back faster than he could think. I landed two hard right hooks, a left-hand body punch and swept his legs out from underneath and I straddled him, lifting my hand up for the next punch.

He looked shocked for a second then tapped the mat I got up offering his hand. “Just because I was held in a drug-induced prison doesn’t mean I’m helpless. I trained every second I could, waiting for the perfect moment” he nodded.

“You’re right. I underestimated you and it won’t happen again. Your strong Aiya. I’m sorry for thinking any different so in saying that, I will leave you with Tony and Reese to train you. No one else is to join. I need you completely focused, I’ve realised that I won’t always be around, and I can’t follow you into the spirit realm. So, training starts at 3pm finishing at 6pm every day from this moment forward, you’ll meet Reese and Tony here.” I nodded.

“I agree with everything your saying…trainer Reese makes sense but why is Alpha tony here? No offence” Tony shrugged “None Taken” he said.

“Because I trust Reese and Tony with you and your gifts….and because as your mate Tony will risk his life for you” he mind linked.

I was left speechless…Raphael knew. “How…I haven’t even spoken to him yet”. Raphael looked at me then at Tony who was too busy talking to Reese.

Aiya, Tony and I have grown up with each-other… he told me the second you and Lila were talking privately in my office. I am on your side, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do you for and if you don’t reject him, he would too. So, whatever you chose to do I’ll be by your side” I was stunned by my brother’s confession, he didn’t mind link me…he said it. Out loud. With actual words.

My brother took a step forward and hugged me softly. “I just want you to be safe and happy”. I nodded, now I knew that I needed to tell him I was pregnant, but I needed to speak to Tony first. Just us.

“Thanks for having my back and I’m sorry for coming off as ungrateful” Raphael shook his head and side smiled. “Hey, come to my office when you’re done” he said walking out. I called out “Maybe, I’ll have to clear my schedule your highness” I laughed.

“You have a beautiful laugh” I spun around to see Tony smiling softly at me. Reese clapped his hands “Okay no mushy stuff in my dojo! Tony, Aiyana on the mat. Time to train”.

Two hours later

My lungs felt like they were burning, my legs felt like jelly and I feel like I could down a 3litres of water in one breath. I was laying on the mat trying to catch my breath while Tony was jogging around the dojo to cool down. I was clearly out of shape.

“First day of training is over Aiya go relax for a bit, you done good girl” Reese gave me a winning smile. I sat up and he handed me a water bottle.

He was a nice guy. I appreciate how he encouraged me. Even when it was obvious how shitty I was, he never made me feel stupid for landing on my ass or losing. He would tell me to get up and try harder.

His mojo was “The only time you truly lose is when you give up, never stop fighting until you stop breathing”. I love how that one sentence made me feel strong and capable.

Tony came over and offered his hand to help me up and I took it. Sparks crawled up my arm, fireworks went off in my head and he smiled like he felt every feeling I did.

“C’mon I’ll walk you to Raf’s office” I nodded not trusting my voice. Tony handed me a towel and wiped his face with his. I did the same, I was sweaty. I need to shower, luckily, I didn’t smell bad.

Tony though…it was like the sweat increased the intensity of his scent and I had really had to force myself not to do anything rash…like kiss him or touch him.

Tony and I were walking side by side…I wouldn’t take much to reach out and grab his hand. I shook my head. Shaking all the thoughts out of my head.

“His wolf Daxton calls to me, like a siren calling in the night and I can’t refuse.” Her voice sounded far away like she was daydreaming.

White fur appeared on the back of my hand, fuck Cleo! No. Relax and get a hold of yourself girl, this is not the right time! For any of this.

I slowed my walking pace to create space between us but Tony pivoted on the spot, his midnight black fur showing on his hand too.

I shook my head; Cleo back off I yelled, and she shrunk back at my voice…Tony looked at me and half smiled “Sorry, looks like our wolves were thinking the same” I nodded “Yeah…it took a bit, but Cleo calmed down. Daxton sounds like a sweet talker”.

Tony laughed “Funny, he said Cleo was sweet talking him. Looks like we’re going to be in some trouble…” he cleared his throat. It was quiet for a moment.

He held his hand out “Can I hold your hand…no pressure. Say no. I won’t ask again”.

I took his hand; sparks shoot up my arm again and butterflies settled in my stomach. His hand was huge, and he had calluses on his hand like he did some sort of manual labor for a living.

The sun was setting, it casted a beautiful fiery orange over the meadow and I was holding my mates’ hand… this moment felt perfect.

Almost Perfect.

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