Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Tony and I were walking hand in hand to my brother’s office. This was it. I was going to tell them. I am having a baby… Tony’s baby.

That I was artificially inseminated by a psychopathic team of doctors whose boss wants to use my kid as a blood bag to fuel his mindless army of murdering mongrels.

Normal. This was my life now... I just need to say the words…out loud and fast, like ripping a band aid off.

“Deep breathe Aiya, we got this” Cleo settled herself under my skin to keep my anxiety levels low.

By the time I reached my brothers office my nerves were frayed, and I was either going to run or throw up. I was just about to change my mind when Diggy came around the corner. His eyes immediately landed on my hand that was locked in Tony’s. Clearly Raf didn’t tell Diggy about Tony and I because he looked pissed off.

I tried to take my hand out of Tony’s hold, but he held on to make a point. “Tony please let go.” Tony looked down at me and said “No” sharply.

I was taken back by his possessiveness and his sharp tone; I instinctively took a step back, ripping my hand out of his grip. I did not need this crap right now.

Diggy seem to click on what was happening, he took a step forward with his fist at his side. I could feel his wolf and his energy wrapping around me and the hallway like cacoon.

I looked at Tony over my shoulder, his face was expressionless, but he was standing tall sticking out his chest, showing off his muscles.

This was about to turn into a shit storm, and I was positioned in the centre of it. I braced myself because I didn’t want to be harm’s way, but I also didn’t want them rushing in a fight and goddess help them if I have to shift to make a point.

Raf must have sensed the change of the atmosphere because his door office swung open, it banged against the wall loudly getting our attention.

“Calm down and come in” he said through clinched teeth. I wanted to say the same to him, but he looked just as pissed as Diggy.

I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy conversation…I just wasn’t expecting it to go sideways so quickly.

I walked into the office first with my head held high. I was officially pissed off! I understand that this was delicate situation but there was no point in taking it out on each other! And for being mad at me, like I had a hand in any of the things that is happening right now.

I took a moment to myself and closed my eyes, I could feel Cleo seeping out slowly, her fur becoming our fur. I pushed back everything I was feeling and putting in on the back shelf of my mind to sort out later.

Right now, I wanted to out of this room and have this be over and done with.

“Okay, okay. Everyone just take a deep fucking breathe” I waited until I heard Diggy scoff and take a minute. I nodded towards Raf, but he shook his head and nodded his head to me.

Looks like I have the reins then, not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Well I guess were about to find out.

“Let’s leave all questions to the end” everyone nodded…. here goes nothing. “Tony and I have been blessed by Selene to be fated together as mates…but its more than that now because…. because I am pregnant” …. It was alarmingly quiet for what felt like hours then all HELL broke loose.

Before I had time to react Diggy had shifted into his wolf and Tony did too. Raffa looked shocked like he wasn’t expecting this outburst.

Diggys wolf Vincent was on full show and he was murderous, going for the neck of Tony’s wolf and he was mighty impressive and beautiful! He had magnificent grey fur and glaring amber eyes.

I felt my body shiver seeing the size of my mates’ wolf, his midnight fur was magical and his bright grey eyes made him look menacing.

Everything was in slow motion and I had to blink a few times to really get a handle on what I was seeing.

“Seems like I came to see you just in time to help” Tekoha was suddenly sitting beside me looking beautiful in a pale shimmering blue dress. I nodded to her.

"Yeah thanks… are you doing this?” she nodded her head towards Diggy “My money is on the scrawny looking brother; he was always scrappy when it came to fighting. Never backed down” I laughed at her statement.

It was true Diggy was a good fighter he always looked a for an angle no matter the odds stacked against him, made him a staggering good match for any fight.

“Tekoha as much as I would love to see a fight…I don’t want either of them hurt, especially not over me. Could you…I don’t know snap them out of this?” I shrugged my shoulders; I was still unsure of Tekoha’s magic and I wasn’t exactly sure how powerful she was or what she could do.

I didn't want to either of them hurt and I didn't want Raffa jumping in making everything worse.

She rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers; a bright white glow stunned my eyes causing me to shut them tight and cover my face.

When I opened them, the boys were sprawled on the office floor looking like lost children, I bit the inside of my cheek to stop from laughing.

“What the actual fuck just happened? Aiya want the hell was that! Why would you do that, huh! You could have blinded us” Diggy shouted at me.

Okay enough of this! “GOOD! Maybe then you’ll be just as blind as your being right now Diego! Calm down and take a step back, all of you!” my brother look taken back by my outburst, he did what he was told, and the rest did too.

“Good, maybe now we can have an adult conversation about my situation” Tony nodded at me.

“Your right… I apologize for my disrespectful behavior. I hope you all can forgive me and hopefully come to terms that for whatever the reason Selene picked us to be mates and as far as I’m concerned she did a wonderful job” he gave me a panty-dropping half smile and honestly I didn’t mind it.

Maybe I could be a romantic and passionate person...with the right motivation. Well who knows.

“Look, I get that you guys are mated. I’m happy for you…. both but from what I saw from out there Tony when my sister says no it means no, if she says let go, you let go, or I’ll break your face before you get the chance to blink.” For a moment I was dumbfounded…

I thought he was pissed off because he didn’t approve of our mateship, but he just didn’t approve of Tony’s possessiveness.

“I second my little brother Tony. Also, if she rejects you before the binding ceremony and wishes to be freed of this mateship then you are to walk away without conflict and without my sister. Or I too will break your face before you blink” Tony looked at me and nodded.

I cleared my throat to get Tekoha’s attention, she was now sitting on the far side of the room listening to the conversation but I wanted her to add to the conversations…if only I could get these guys to see her…

“Tekoha is there anyway to make yourself known to the group?” I asked her out loud because she was a witch I couldn’t just mind-link her.

She shook her head but then stood quickly and rushed towards me “Yes, actually there Is little Luna! Now that you and Cleo are now one! You have untapped potential magic; you would have the power to give me strength to materialize into your realm fully!” I nodded.

“Close your eyes and recite the spell” she was giddy with excitement, but I was nervous…things don’t usually work out well for me. I just hope I don’t turn her in a frog or worse…kill her.

I took a step back from the group, who were looking at me like I was borderline insane. Just you wait morons, you’re all about to look insane, not me. I slightly laughed to myself.

Salui conductus in hoc do realm Spiritus Sancti dux de tribu, push that spell with your mind, send your spirit with it and lay your power into your voice as you speak and I should materialize in seconds” Okay I got this, what’s one tiny little spell that requires untapped magic…easy as pie.

I centred my body, closed my eyes and recited the spell “Salui conductus in hoc do realm Spiritus Sancti dux de tribu” (I give safe passage to this realm for spirit guide of the Santiago lineage).

I could hear the audible gasps from the boys, and I knew that it had worked! I opened my eyes, and she was standing in front of me, she looked normal, no shimmering or glowing.


“There was no doubt in me that you could do it Aiya! You’re amazing” Cleo sang

“Well, little Luna, it has been over 1000 generations since a spirit wolf with enough power do that has been born. I am here! Thank you! Thank you!” Tekoha rushed me and hugged me so hard I had to tap out.

My brother Raff cleared his throat and I had to tell myself not to roll my eyes “Hello there, I am” Tekoha interrupted him and he puffed out his chest.

“Raphael Marcello Santiago, first born and now alpha of the Silver crescent pack, oh honey I have known about you since before you were born and you when were rolling around in amniotic fluid" Diggy laughed, enjoying Raffa being confused.

"I am Tekoha spirit guide and teacher of magic to the Santiago spirit wolf lineage...also I was one of Lilly closet friends” my brother looked taken back be her statement but nodded his head.

“Well Tekoha…sounds like we all have some catching up to do” he held out his hand to shake hers.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone reading my book! and for being incredibly patience while I was experiencing writer's block!
(I am currently unhappy with the way this chapter has progressed, if you have any suggestions please let me know! I may change in the near future)
Thank you lovely readers xox
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