Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Four

Tekoha and the boys have been talking for hours recounting the events up until this very second.

“Hey Aiya, while they are busy. I just want to apologise for being so distant…after our fight in the realm then coming back to see how close you and Lila had become…well I was jealous, but I know I shouldn’t be. We are one and I love you, and everyone that comes into our lives. I hope that we can move forward and become closer than we were” I could feel every emotion Cleo was pouring into her words and I needed that.

“I feel the same way Cleo, no one could replace you btw. We are stuck together…forever. You and me” she laughed at that and withdrew herself to her spot in my mind.

I made a mental note to make time for us to go for a run later tonight in the forest. I might ask Tony to come. We could get to know one another, and if I’m being honest, I wanted to see his wolf again, under a different circumstance of course.

“Look guys I know you all want to know everything that has happened and hear all the stories Tekoha can tell but she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, we have time and we’ve been through everything that involves me, so I was wondering if Tony and I could be excused?” I laid on the sweetness a little too thick because my brothers had a blank look on their face.

Being sweet isn’t exactly in my forte but now that I have a potential mate, I would have to learn how to be new things, including how to be a good friend, sister, mate and mother… that last one still scared me.

I hadn’t had my mother long enough to ask her all the things she went through having kids…and a mother was supposed to a safe place for her kids. I’m not sure I can be that for this baby.

“Aiya? you okay?” I must have spaced out for a while because tony was on his knees in front of me and everyone had worried expressions on their faces.

Note to self: don’t do that in front of others.

“I’m fine” I stood up holding my hand out for Tony, his thousand-watt smile made my belly do a flip. “Only link me if it’s emergency, we’ll stay inside our borders. I won’t go far, and I have Tony beside if anything goes wrong” I said to my brothers walking out of the office.

We walked through the front door of my house…it still felt super weird to be able to say that.

There was a beautiful full moon out tonight, it was just back 9.pm and I could feel the anticipated of this run. Cleo was circling my mind becoming restless. I quickened my pace to the path in the forest. Tony laughed softly beside me.

“Dax is being the same, his howling is really starting to give a headache if I’m honest” He pulled on my hand slightly to slow me down, I gave him a confused look.

“Cleo and Dax will have the next hour to run and get to know each other’s scent. I just want you to myself for a moment” he pulled me gently to him for a soft hug. His scent invading all my senses, it gave me a calming feeling like the world couldn’t reach me.

“Hey…I know this is a lot to take in. Your best friend’s little sister who you’ve only heard terrible stories about, that was just rescued from a psychopathic supernatural terrorist, who was inseminated to have your baby is your fated mate. So, if your having any doubts they would be justified…” Tony tightened his arms around me but didn’t say anything for a while he just laid his head on mine (goddess he was tall and beautiful).

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the comforting feeling when his voice stared rumbling in his chest.

“No second thoughts, No doubts. I am not rejecting you Aiya. It felt like a lifetime waiting for this moment, it’s not traditional the way we met, the way we’re starting off or how our child is coming into the world. But you found me, and under different circumstances, I would have followed all the correct laws of our biding and I’m sorry for every second you had to endure but I have you now and I have my child. I vow on my life that I will stand beside you and our family, and I can’t wait to get to know the real you. I’m here for you Aiyana Santiago, forever” his declaration was a lot to take in

I felt faint, my body was shaking, it was a feeling of love that filled my heart and the feeling of belonging and safety. I hadn’t expected him to be so open and transparent.

“Now enough of the heavy, think you can keep up?” he took off into the forest shedding clothes, transforming as he went. I laughed “That’s cheating!” I pounce into a sprint. I shifted the same time he did and landed on his heels. He looked back surprised, but he dug his heels in to run faster but I kept pace.

A few hours later:

We made it back to the opening of the path and got redressed, he turned his back to give me privacy which I thought was nice. Cleo had retreated to her spot in the back, she gave it her all tonight and she was happily exhausted.

“I knew you would be quick, but I didn’t expect to be out-run. Let’s keep that to ourselves, I have a reputation to keep” he winked at me and laughed.

We spend most of the time running through the forest. We came across a small hidden waterfall to the back of the forest and decided to go for a quick dip, it was nice.We swam under the moon light, the moonlight bouncing off the water onto his handsome face.

We talked for hours, getting know each-other, I was reluctant to get out but my skin was pruning and its been a long time.

I didn’t want to worry my brothers; they were probably waiting by the front door for me.

We reached the front of the house. I laughed to myself, it was true. They were softly talking to each other on the front step.

Diggy pounced onto his feet when he spotted me and yawned “Finally! It is well passed 1.am for goddess sake! I’m off to bed” he skipped a few steps and disappeared in the house.

Raf stood waiting for me, nodding his head to the door “I’ll walk you to your room, I’ll wait inside” he nodded to Tony “See you tomorrow morning Tony, we got things to do and discuss” he said sternly.

I turned to face Tony to say thank you, but he bet me to it “Tonight was magical, thank you. I’m staying on the first floor, second door on the left if you need me. Goodnight Aiya” he kissed my cheek and left.

“Well, today a record was set. I haven’t heard you laugh that much in a very long time.” Cleo said softly.

True to his word my big brother walked me to my room, we didn't say anything but the silence was comforting. He kissed forehead and said goodnight.

I got comfy in my bed, thinking of my unborn baby and the impending danger he or she is in. I vowed there and then that I would lay my life down for the child growing inside me.

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