Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Tony’s POV:

I poured two glasses of bourbon and took a seat on the sofa in office. I was waiting for Raphael to say goodnight Aiya.

I wanted to clear the air between us...he was still a little touchy about me being mated to his little sister, as he should be. I would be too if the roles were reversed and he was mated to my baby sister, Savannah...but he had more of a reason to be so protective of her.

Raphael had nothing to worry about, I wasn’t going to reject Aiyana. She’s my mate and the mother of our child. I was more afraid she would reject me! I felt Daxton rumble his chest at that, he felt the same as I did but more; Dax and Cleo bonded more quickly, they were more attached to each-other, while Aiya took her time with me...which I fully understood.

What didn’t understand is what fully happened to her while she was held prisoner.

Daisy only gave us a small insight about what happened to her. I didn’t want to push her and ask her...she looked uncomfortable talking about it but I really wanted to know. I thought about asking Dax to get some of the story off Cleo but I wanted her to tell me.

I wanted her to know that she was safe with me and I would do anything in my power to keep her and our unborn baby safe. Whatever it took.

Seth...I fucking hated Seth, his whole family, his followers and his whole army of mongrel dogs.

They have stolen so much for everyone…If I ever get the chance to get my hands on him…I was going to rip him open slowly, for everything he did to Aiyana, Silver Crescent Pack and the entire supernatural world

His followers were even more psychotic then he was! Its one thing to be insane but it was worse being a devoted follower of the insane...and speaking of his followers, his most devote follower was currently locked beneath us.

Sylvia…she was still currently sitting in the dungeons…Lila gave her one hell of a beating. I know Sylvia deserved it…I can’t help but feel bad for her.

Seth was using her for a means to an end and he’s a cruel bastard. I wouldn’t put it passed him to get rid of her once he finds out the insemination worked and he has no use for her or he could have some weird attachment to her and feels compelled to come save her then Aiya would be in more danger….

Fuck, what happens when Aiya finds out I was romantic with Sylvia…I wouldn’t blame her for wanting to reject me. I was in bed with her enemy…my heart shattered at that realization. She could very well leave me before we even explored our connection.

“Cleo knows about your history with Sylvia…Cleo wanted to know if we were with anyone else…I told her only Sylvia, but she didn’t have a wolf…” Blaze spoke softly in his gruff voice.

No, no, no. “Does Aiya know?” I hoped and hoped that Cleo didn’t tell her, I wanted it to come from me.

“No…Cleo hasn’t told her but she said she will give you until midday tomorrow…Cleo and Aiya have a strained bond. She refused to tell me why…but she is going to tell her if you dont” he cleared his voice.

"I tried to convince her that this news should come from you but they’ve agreed to no secrets between them” His anxiety came off him in waves, he was nervous too.

At least I have until midday to get my mind together and tell her. I will accept any decision she makes and I will make sure she feels safe and comfortable even if she…she rejects me.

“What will happen to us if they reject the bond? An Alpha without a Luna…is forbidden we would have to step down…more importantly we would lose our mate” I could feel the sadness in his voice, and I felt the same way. My heart would shatter into a thousand pieces…

But I would do the gentlemanly thing an accept what is but I would also fight for her, let her know that even if she were to reject us. I would never take another companion and if the goddess presents a second-chance mate I would reject it and leave my position as Alpha.

I would be a protecting father to our child and I will protect her even if that means we were disconnected from out mate-ship. I would respect her space...no matter how much it would hurt me.

I vow myself to Aiyana Santiago.

“Is one of those drinks for me or are you trying to blow it up with your mind?” Raf laughed sitting beside me on the sofa “But honestly Tony, you good?” I nodded handing him the drink.

Yeah, I was fine. It’s Aiya and the baby that had me worried.

“Ahh, pending doom. Fatherhood and Mate-ship was thrusted upon you.... take a moment man. I’ll pour us a cold drink.” He said taking the warm glass out of my hand.

Raphael didn’t say anything while he was pouring us drinks and I didn’t know how to say the things that were on my mind. I felt like a child sitting in my father’s office after I got caught sneaking out again.

Dax’s belly laughed rumbled in the back of mind. I smiled, no matter how shitty things got or how negative the world could seem he always found a reason to smile or laugh. I appreciated that about him the most.

“Raf, I gotta say – “He raised his hand cutting me off “Tony, don’t. I already know what your going to say man… You have my blessing, and Diggy’s. He was upset because Aiya looked uncomfortable. Look this isn’t going to be an easy road but I know you: Your going to stick around even if she rejects you and I wouldn’t expect anything less out of you man and trust me when I say: there isn’t a soul in the entire world that I would trust my baby sister with and this was before…before everything” Raf’s voice cracked a little but he shook it off.

I hadn’t realized until how selfish I was being...I wasn’t the only one being kept in the dark about Aiyana’s time, I guess we would all have to be patient for Aiyana to open up on her own. All we could do was make her feel safe and support her.

“Thanks man but look she doesn’t know about my history with Sylvia yet so don’t get to attached to the idea” a nervous laugh escaped my throat and Raphael joined. “Sorry man...I just sorry for you man, but I also feel a little envious. If my sister accepts you, well you’re an alpha who has it all while I can’t even sleep for more then 4hours a night but let’s not get into the sad shit right now” He shook his head and downed his drink.

Raphael pulled out a map of Lake Vaeko: it shows all the border positions and the surrounding packs, Midnight Moon (My pack) and Blood Moon was closet than it was then Midnight Crescent on the far end and all the small surrounding packs.

“I want to talk about strengthening our borders and getting the Alpha summit going, we need more packs for protection. If Seth comes for Aiya and the baby… then we are all trapped. There is only one way in and one way out. I want a plan B for all of us but mainly Aiya.” He started drawing possible exits strategies, battleplans, stronghold positions for the non-fighters and underground supplies.

We had drawn out several battle strategies, escape plans, survival plans you name it. We had everything mapped out, we just needed to bring these to the Alpha summit and pray to the goddess that no one in any of the packs would argue that Aiya wasn’t worth saving.

If anyone in any of the packs disagreed and argued that we’d all be better off if we killed her, the unborn baby and burnt their bodies so the bloodline of the spirit wolf dies with them because the entire supernatural world relied on her being safe...or we would all doomed.

Fear brings out the worst of people and we would have to bring fool-proof plans to drive out on the doubts and negatives.

I needed to get in front of an of the naysayers and get as many of the alphas on this side of the fight before doubts arise.

“We should bind the bond before the summit…before whispers circulate about the Aiyana and the baby. It would only bring more threats if not…” Raphael’s face went a shade lighter, but he nodded

“I was just about to say the same thing…I was going to mention it to Aiya tonight, but she looked…. Happy and content. I couldn’t bring myself to pop that bubble at least for now but yes, I agree” I stood holding out my forearm to the Alpha of Silver Crescent Pack, Raphael stood mimicking my position and grabbed my forearm.

I closed my eyes and sent Selene a silent prayer, hoping with all of my heart that Aiya would accept me and we were bound by love, spirit and mind.

Hey Guys! I have updated and fixed this chapter.

I got Tony’s wolf mixed up!

I hope you are all enjoying my story!

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