Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Six

I woke up feeling like the room was spinning! my body heaved me forward and I just made it to the bathroom to throw up in the toilet...

It taste vile and acidic. I don’t remember having anything to eat for dinner last night. My stomach grumbled, confirming I hadn’t.

The clock on the wall said it was 8.15am... the mess room would just be filling with people. I quickly showered and got ready, throwing my hair into a ponytail, shoving on a t-shirt dress and plain black sandals. I was out the door by 8.30.

I practically ran to the mess room.. “Whoa girl, no one is going to eat all the food” Daisy laughed, she was standing outside the mess hall. She wore a simple yellow sundress with a brown satchel bag over her shoulder...I nodded my heads towards her.

I still kept my distance with Daisy. I couldn’t put my finger on what I was missing. “Funny, See ya later” I tried to pass her quickly but she gently grabbed my arm and I instinctively pulled back.

“Sorry, Sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you...I was actually hoping we could have a chat...you know somewhere without ears” she nodded her head towards the mess hall....she wasn’t kidding everyone had either their ears or eyes concentrated on me, people had their head slightly tilted in my direction to look inconspicuous.

“Aiya....we do owe her a thank you for helping save us, her more than the others. She came into the compound, planning to move us from the inside. Hamilton or not, Daisy risked her life for us...for you.”

As per usual Cleo was right...I was going to say thank you to all of them...eventually. “Yeah sure, let me grab some takeaway...you want anything?” she nodded her head “Awesome, theirs some picnic tables near the lake”.

Daisy led me through a narrow path down right side of the lake, it was a neglected and secluded area...the stepping stones were covered in moss and the small trees had started to lean inward creating a small archway along the path.

The sun was blazing hot today but the cold sweat beading down my back gave me shivers. I held on tight to my tray of food, something didn’t feel right and if needed I was going to snap this damn tray over her head.

“Sorry...don’t freak out. I’m not trying to hurt you or anything....its peaceful out here and not many people know about this path...I like to come out here and draw.” she turned left and waited for me to pass but I shook my head, she got the hint and kept walking.

The path opened up to a boat deck with a wooden pergola with mix-matched table and chairs....the view was captivating! it was truly beautiful out here but the shining feature was the quiet nature. The birds, the small animals scurry, the wind blowing...

No wonder Daisy kept this to herself.

I sat on the opposite of Daisy with the view of the lake, I started eating one of the three burgers that was on my tray. I watched her while she emptied her satchel, taking out drawing supplies, while eating her fruit salad.

“Hey...ah before you start. I would like to officially thank you for saving my life and for risking your own in the process. It takes a lot of courage to do what you did and not a lot of people would have done that..so thank you Dixie” I winked at her, she laughed softly putting down her pencil.

“If I’m being honest...I was absolutely terrified! I tried my best to play the dippy optimistic nurse but I was disgusted by everyone that I encountered...especially by the females. They were being used as sex objects to keep the horde happy...none of the girls fought back or tried to leave...nothing. Almost all of them were happy to be there, some revealed in the attention...but when I was searching for you” she took a deep breathe and looked at me, her eyes were devoid of any emotion, and her voice was flat

“I came across some girls being held against their will...those girls were being used to carry your eggs. They tortured, testing, tampered and violated those girls in ways I can’t explain without crying or throwing up....after so many failed attempts they had to find new ways for the embryo to grow in them, all of those girls died and I could of saved them, or at least a few of them. I tried and tried to convince Derek to let me save a couple...some girls were were so young.” Tears were coming down her face, she wiped her nose with a handkerchief she pulled out her pocket.

she took a sip of water, clearly her throat “They begged me and begged me to help them but Derek said if girls mysteriously went missing Seth would get suspicious and it would be harder to save you...don’t get me wrong I’m glad your safe, but I keep thinking about the other girls...girls with families that may not even know they’re dead or being held” she splashed her face with water, drying it with a napkin.

I felt shell-shocked. I could feel the breath leaving my body, the world around me disappearing and a black hole swallowing me.

“The other girls were like us...except no one came for them” Cleo let out a sorrowful howl.

My cell was in a wide room with 10 other cells, but they kept the closest ones to me empty, and filling up the opposite end...they were isolating me on purpose.

I do remember girls being escorted passed my cell, i looked each and everyone in the eye because the girls that came into my block of cells were kept their for a few weeks but every time they were escorted out they never came back...I blocked those thoughts out, not thinking about what happened to them.

“I didn’t block them out....I remember their them. Each cell had two girls, I counted 10 girls... They would cling to one-another too scared to let go of the other. Even when being held for so long they tried to keep hope, they would share their stories, their names, their backgrounds but what I remember most is how they would sing softly together to keep faith that one day they would be saved and they could go home. I remember everyone of their names. We can help their families find closure and we HAVE to save the girls in the compound...if their alive” Cleo was almost shouting, she felt this passionately.

I repeated what Cleo said to Daisy and her face lit up. “YES! I want to help, please let me help” she grabbed my hands and it was in that moment I realized that I may have misjudged Daisy. All this time I thought she had a hidden agenda but it sounds like she genuinely cared for other people.

Shaking my head, I grabbed her hand “No, let us help you Daisy...we can start by recruiting Lila and some other people but this isn’t going to be easy...if anything it’s going to be harder after my escape”

I was going to have to go back to the compound sooner or later, why not now? I could finally confront Seth! save the world and all the victims at the compound...hopefully.

My shoulders felt heavier and my stomach sank a little. I can do this. I can go back...for the girls in the compound and for their families.

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